Today’s Question of the Day is remarkably simple, but it took a reader suggestion to make it appear.

TTAC is not short of opinions about cars. I would like to see each submitted state the car or truck, SUV, etc he or she owns or leases. Here’s a start for me: own a 2010 model Prius V and a 2014 Audi Q5.

We know that some commenters are linked with certain cars (Davefromcalgary and his Verano 2.0T 6MT, CoreyDL and his Audi) but I’d be interested to see a snapshot of what everyone else drives.

I’ll start: 2015 Mazda3 Sport. Previous cars are a 2003 Mazda Miata Shinsen, a 1998 Volvo V70 (5-speed manual) and a 1997 Miata in British Racing Green.

1998 BMW 328i sedan, silver/light grey, 5-speed, 135,000 miles and still looking and driving like the day it was made.

2008 MDX. Seven seats, takes 4×8 sheets, launches standup jetski. Drives way smaller than it feels-Pilot engineers target X5. 2003 330i. The ultimate BMW 6. Smooth. Everyone else is still trying to copy it. 310k and still rockin ‘ No AWD, last one before electronics got out of hand. 2012 TDi. Torque is all. You love torque. 40 mpg at 80 mph Clatter out ! 2 manuals, one autobox.

1977 Triumph 2000TC (307km, first car, still have it, Perpetual Project Car) 1974 Triumph 2500Mk2 (133km, too many problems, sold) 1980 Mercedes 500SEL (300km, awesome cruiser, too thirsty, sold) 1990 Toyota Corona GL (155km, work hack, reliable, too boring, traded for…) 1992 Toyota MR2 (189km, replaced engine, window regulator, frost plugs, alternator, etc etc all within 2 months, most troublesome car so far, getting rid of it very soon!)

I like the British beasts, despite their issues and foibles. Classic car nut since Day One and they are about the only kind of affordable classics you can actually drive on a daily basis here. Won’t have the finances to broaden my automotive horizons for the next few years, but it’s a long enough list for a 22 year old I’m sure!

‘British beasts’ – I like that. I have two Austin-Healeys–aka ‘The Handsome Brute’–a 1967 3000 and a 1956 100M. When I’m slummin’ it I drive a 2008 Mustang Bullitt.

2013 Dodge Charger SRT8 – Daily driver, year round. 12.80’s in the 1/4, runs in 4cyl mode (MDS) 60% of the time, gets around 500km per tank of 91 octane in mixed city/highway driving.

It’s seen as good as 31mpg highway according to the EVIC. Great car, could never drive anything less quick or feature-rich as this. Been 110% flawless too, only had oil changes and it gets regular beatings / track outings.

I want a Hellcat but don’t want to sacrifice mileage, so if I do make the change I’ll need a new driver for work. Right now this car is the perfect balance – I am in a predicament!

Did you buy the 5 because of your love towards the Miata? I just bought my first one, and am in it every chance I get. Today was over 50 degrees when I got off from work. It was dry so I put the top down and spent the next three hours driving around randomly.

My cars starting with the most recent. Current: 2013 Miata Club, 6-speed manual 2011 Subaru Impreza 2.5i, 5-speed manual Former: 2000 Nissan Sentra GXE, 5-speed manual 1995 Ford Ranger Regular Cab, 5-speed manual 2007 Subaru Impreza 2.5i, 5-speed manual 1993 Volkswagen Passat GLX, 5-speed manual 1988 Volkswagen Fox GL, 4-speed manual

2012 VW CC 6-speed is my daily, but I’m thinking about replacing it with the 2015 Chevy SS 6-speed or possibly a 335i 6-speed.

The wife has a 2014 Honda Pilot, kept it nice and simple after some problems with her 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel unicorn.

Daily: 2005 BMW 330Ci ZHP (6MT) Fun & Games: 2007 BMW Z4 M Coupe (6MT, the only way they roll) Wife: 2015 VW Golf TDI (6MT, her first manual ever, fantastic car)

41 years on the road and still haven’t owned anything with an auto transmission. And don’t plan to deviate from the plan.

2006 Citroen C4 1.6 Diesel. A common ish sight on uk roads here. I have owned it 5 years and not had a problem. 65 miles to the gallon is enough reason to go diesel!

2007 Subaru Legacy 2.5 GT with the wrong transmission. Owned for 6 weeks. Bothered by CELs. Bought with 142k on the clock, but it was a steal price.

Admittedly, owned three previous N/A Mr2s, all manual. ’91, ’93, and ’01. Wished the ’93 drove like the ’01.

That 2.0-liter engine was a lot more acceptable ten years ago, but it’s not acceptable now, and I can’t believe that it carried forward into 2015.

I can’t believe how many current-gen Jettas I see running around with that 2.slow. I’d have to estimate that 1/4 to 1/3 of the Jettas in my area have that ancient engine. I can only hope they aren’t selling near MSRP

Is it really just the old Jetta/Golf inline 4 from the 80s? Like my mom’s boyfriend’s ’92 Jetta had?

Yes. The base “S” has the 2.0-liter. Most of the ones I see are the “SE” w/o Convenience, which is the next step up from the S. Upgrades over the S include (of course) the 1.8-liter TSI engine, body-colored mirrors with integrated indicators, leatherette, maybe a partial power seat, and some other things I’m forgetting. But with the bare SE, you still lack alloys, Bluetooth and steering wheel audio controls.

Pretty much all iRacing. I’m on a team (KRT motorsports) participating in the Master of Endurance 1000km at Suzuka race tomorrow and I’ll be streaming at twitch.

How do you like the SC430? It strikes me as a car that reviewers condemn but owners, probably with good reason, like.

Me neither. The styling often gets put down, but I’ve always thought they look quite nice in person.

It has certainly aged better than several European cars from that were highly-praised. In fact, the styling has aged quite well.

And the criteria they said were basically a) expensive and b) from a company that should have known better.

There are plenty of expensive, poorly designed, and UNRELIABLE things from companies that should have known better. Some Italian cars spring to mind. Some 80s Ferrari that was terrible to drive, not pretty, unreliable, and ludicrously expensive would have been a better choice. Ferrari knows better, and did not care.

2004 BMW 545i sport. 6mt, rwd, black and yes, I drive like an entitled a-hole. Of course, I did the same thing in a Maxima, but now I have the car to match the bad attitude. It’s my first v8 and I don’t know how I lived life before this point.

1995 Lincoln Town Car signature Dark Green with green leather interior 183,000 miles finally showing rust after almost 20 years in Chicago photos available upon request

First Panther in this list, if I’m getting this right? Lots Volvo history, too, and an overwhelming majority of “sane” Japanese machinery. Colour me surprised.

I once got a green-on-green TC of about that vintage as a cab in Washington DC. It was in much better shape than the usual cab, but with all the green was a vaguely hallucinogenic experience.

Another Panther owner here – 2001 Crown Victoria police auction special. Also a 1995 F150 with the 4.9 L inline 6. Previously owned a 1978 Ranchero GT too. In my book, those early 90’s Town Cars are still the best ones you can get.

I almost bought one of those (a ’06, but same thing) not once but twice. It’s really the only car I regret NOT buying, especially seeing how they’ve reworked it into a not-quite-as-attractive PT Cruiser and left it on the vine to wither.

It’s a nice car yes , I have one too , with simple mods it makes a good Road Rally Car too but is fairly pedestrian , no ? .

Currently: 2002 Nissan XTerra 4×4 Supercharged 5speed 2013 Toyota RAV4 XLE AWD (wife) 1985 Pontiac Fiero GT (Don’t judge me)

Past… get comfy. From first car to current- 1988 Toyota Celica GT-S 1986 Pontiac Fiero GT 1989 Toyota Celica GT 1997 Dodge Avenger ES 1994 Plymouth Laser (1.8L FWD) 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4×4 4.0 1991 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX 1993 Eagle Talon TSi FWD 1999 Honda Accord EX 1996 Volvo 850 GLT Sedan 1985 Volvo 760 Turbo Sedan (337k miles!!) 1998 Volvo S70 GLT-SE (scored it for $45.00) 1995 Eagle Talon (base) 1998 Chrysler Sebring LXi coupe 2005 Ford F150 Lariat 1992 Dodge Stealth RT/TT 2002 Ford F150 XLT Supercrew 4×4 2006 Chevy Equinox LT (worst car ever) 2007 Mazda 6i Sport 2008 Mazda CX7 GT FWD 2013 Ford Fusion SE 2.5

I prefer Ford trucks to any other brand just because of heratige. As for all the Volvo’s, they’re all pre-Ford and I worked at a dealer. Between all three, I’d say I spent $5500 combined… including repairs.

I get bored with cars quickly. I learned long ago that driving is a priviledge and should be an emotionally connected experience. I forget where I read it, but I saw a quote once that said “If you get out of your car and don’t turn around to look at it, it’s time for a new car.” I understand the financial implications of that statement, but if the means are there…

No. $45 because it belonged to a rich trust-fund kid who let the timing belt break at 220k miles. I spent $2000 replacing all 20 valves and resealing the head.

It was a model that I’d never seen before. It had suede inserts in the seats and dark brown suede piping on its light tan seats and door panels (very S90-esque). It was also a metallic blue that I’d not seen, so I had to have it. I expressed interest in it after we told him the bad news- that it could need an engine but we wouldn’t know until we tore it apart, so he told me that I could have it if I paid the diag bill on it thus far. As an empolyee, that was $45. He didn’t know that obviously.

I actually REALLY liked the 1985 760 Turbo sedan. It had 337k miles on it when I bought it for $250 needing a new fuel computer, but original driveline, turbocharger, etc. The guy I bought it from was a long-time customer of mine that purhcased the car new from the dealership I worked at. He had it serviced every 5k miles as it was called for in the owners manual and had every reciept for everything done. I got a folder that was over 3″ thick and totalled over $11,000 in maintenance and repairs. I put a new fuel computer in it ($50 from one of my technicians) and drove it for another 50k miles. I sold it to a college kid for $2000.

Runner up? The 1996 Volvo 850 sedan. Why? I don’t know. Just something about the comfort and that exhaust note. It needed a LOT of work. I paid $895 for it as a trade in. It was roached out and dirty inside, the check engine light was on, the tires were shit, etc. I spent 6 hours cleaning out the interior. All of the liquified smegma that was in the spare tire well was like molasses. The interior smelled like wet dog and rotting food. Once I replaced the “Park/Neutral safety switch” on the transmission, the car ran great with no error lights. The car was a diamond in the rough.

My ultimately missed car? The 2005 F150 Lariat. It was a gem. It was a low mileage truck (36k, sold with 61k) but I sold it as a knee jerk reaction to purchasing a home. I didn’t think I could swing a truck payment with a mortgage even though the numbers said I’d be well more than ok. I kick myself for selling that every day. Seriously.

The ’85 760 Turbo sedan. Purchased for $250 from its original owner in 2006. Needed a new fuel computer ($50 from one of my technician buddies). It was purchased from the dealer I worked at brand new and had been serviced there every 5k miles as the manual called for. He handed me every reciept when I got the title from him. A 3″ high stack that totalled over $11,000. Had 337k miles on it when I bought it, drove it for nearly 50k more. Sold it to a college kid for $2500.

The 1996 850 Sedan. Why? No real reason. Purchased for $895 as a trade in in 2007, needed a little work. Check engine light was on, transmission service arrow flashing. I replaced the “Park Neutral safety switch” and everything was dandy. Interior was absolutely trashed. I spent 6 hours detailing just the interior. It smelled of wet dog and rotting food but cleaned right up with enough chemicals and elbow grease. I was a detailer before I worked the service drive so I was used to that. Oh, and that exhaust note…..

Mainly missed vehicle? The 2005 F150 Lariat. Gem of a truck. Purchased with 36k miles on it in 2008, sold it with 61k as a knee jerk reaction to buying my first home. I didnt think I could reasonably afford a payment and a mortgage even though all of the numbers said I’d be more than fine. The numbers were right. I kick myself every day for selling that truck. Seriously. I can’t get over that one.

I’d be totally like that except that the process of buying and selling cars is too painful. So instead I actually buy a car about every four or five years and then waste a lot of time “buying” cars on the internet.

Agreed. I feel my car buying skills are vindicated by me not having to spend the value of the car 2 times over, like it happens in a lot of befriended families. I also even earned 1200$ on a two week flip once.

But…it takes money to gamble. If one botched sale would tighten family economy to “blue balls level”, it’s just not a feasible hobby.

I’d like to hear the story about scoring an S70 for $45.00. Considering that thing is worth $200 just as scrap metal, that’s an awfully good trade.

Full disclosure: I once scored an ’85 240 wagon for $350 and still feel like that was one of the best cars I’ve ever owned.

As I mentioned above, it was a deal that I got while working at a Volvo dealer from a rich college kid who let the timing belt break on his (inhereted from mommy and daddy) 1998 S70 GLT-SE. It was a total of $215 diagnosis and towing bill to him. Facing the possibility of needing a replacement engine, I asked the kid if I could buy it from him and he said that if I paid the bill thus far, he’d bring me the title. I knew the owner of the tow company so he made the bill disappear and then my employee labor rate brought the shop bill down to $45.00, thus netting me a 1998 S70 SE for $45. It did have 227k miles on it at the time though.

He couldn’t have too rich of a college kid if all he had was a hand me down Volvo with 227k miles on it.

Sweet! I drive an RX8, but it was my Uncle Kent who drove an 80’s RX7 when I was growing up that influenced me. Love the rotary, but sure do wish they’d manufacture a new version, but that doesn’t seem to be in the cards for now.

I come by my Prius hatred honestly – from highway commuting experience. If I ever have children, the two pieces of life experience I will be sure to pass on are:

There is a very frequent poster here who wrote a reply to a post of mine that was basically a fictitious, wrong story line, and an assumption about my driving style in my Prius. It was condescending, it reflected pre judgment, and stereotyping.

If people have not experienced aggressive (active, not passive) prius drivers, they are not paying attention.

The last car I found that I really wanted to avoid following was Volvos back in the 80’s. Now the Volvo drivers drive like everyone else.

2014 Impala LT 4cyl daily driver 2008 Mustang convertible, premium model 6 cyl Auto, April – October.

Thanks guys….I went through a “mid life crisis /crazy phase” with vehicles. Today… I’m very happy with my “fleet”

@ David..I’d move south tomorrow. However the Canadian government won’t let me take the Health Plan with me.

Other than a faulty dealer installed cruise control (with homicidal tendencies) it has been a great car.

Is your 2 a Sport? I was playing with Mazda’s online configurator a year or two ago and came to the conclusion that I didn’t want or need any of the Touring-only extras except cruise control. Will dealers install it on a Sport?

There are a few minor things the base model (Sport) does not have (like map lights) but overall it has everything I needed in a car.

P.S. Most Mazda dealerships should offer an aftermarket speed control but apparently there is a glitch with the most common one (Rostra). On my car it is interfering with the traction control system.

I love the vehicle; it’s a modern reincarnation of the late 80’s Accord 3-door. It’s such a goldilocks-car: A functional back seat without four doors. Hatch with lots of cargo space and a fold-flat seat. Peppy engine that doesn’t drink premium. No turbos, touchscreens, or DCTs to fail. Handles well, comfortable, and has absolutely superb ergonomics for a long-limbed Ichabod-Crane frame (so much legroom!).

The advertising is cringey, and I had to redo the seats in leather for myself, but you can’t have everything.

The tC seems like a too-maligned car; its nowadays-relatively-large 2.5 liter engine puts out decent power for its naturally-aspirated displacement, but people complain about its (to be expected) fuel economy. As a 4-seat hatchback, it is also inappropriately compared to the FR-S, which is basically a 2-seat sports car. And its simplicity – lacking the problems associated with turbos, DCTs, and direct injection – I see as an advantage for long-term ownership. As a matter of fact, I think I’ll buy one, before it’s “modernized.”

It’s quick enough to be fun and the stiff suspension and wide tires do an admirable job of pointing it in the right direction. The biggest downside is the steering – it doesn’t feel slack and overassisted (hello Fusion), but it also doesn’t provide a lot of feedback. The best comparison is to Honda: It splits the difference between a Civic EX and an SI coupe. My want list was two doors, fairly cheap, functional back seat, stick shift, sunroof. That’s a mighty short list these days! Even if I could manage the Mustang’s useless backseat, I can’t believe they won’t put a sunroof in it! I love the new Focus, but it wasn’t out at the time, and I don’t like small cars with four doors.

The too-maligned bit – there’s definitely an element of high-school-cool on car forums. The tC is a bit like Nickelback, Dave Matthews Band, and M. Night Shyamalan: people poke fun at them to show that they fit in with the cool kids. Meanwhile, you don’t insult the Miata (a car that is the butt of many jokes outside of car forums). The diversity of preferences in cars on here is pretty astounding – look at the Panther-love! When someone goes on a weird “The tC is a poser-car for losers” rant, it’s a fair bet that it’s a teen or 20-something making an adolescent effort to fit in, so it’s easy to ignore.

Wife has one (sitting with friends in the US while we are assigned to Saudi Arabia). She had no idea what it was until she saw one on the interstate. We test drove it, and she loved it. Cement gray. I am a little disappointed in the overall quality of the interior, which seems much cheaper than my son’s 1997 Tercel. But on a nice day, with the sunroof back, it really is a nice ride. Misunderstood, unappreciated…but a nice ride. And since the wife loves it, nothing else really matters!

2012 Avenger R/T 1990 Turbo 2.5 Caravan 1992 Dodge Diesel 3/4 t pickup 1990 CONSULIER GTP Targa LX (one of 8 made)

2010 Volvo XC70 T6. Wife has a 2007 Subaru Outback 3.0 We just bought a 2010 Mercedes E350 4Matic from my in-laws to replace her Subaru.

Has the Volvo been reliable? Thinking of getting one before it’s too late although they are getting long in the tooth.

other cars: 2007 W203 Benz C280 52K miles – nice car and surprisingly reliable 1989 Jeep Comanche 150K miles – unkillable and the most reliable car I have ever owned.

99 Chevy S-10 Ext Cab with 5 speed manual 2.2 I4; 08 Isuzu I-370 CrwCab4x4 with heated leather seats tow pkg 3.7 I5; 13 CRV AWD with heated leather seats & Nav.

Wow, don’t see many of those isuzus, especially optioned as so. I’ve only seen one around town and it’s a base model

@anti121hero–I bought my Isuzu new when Isuzu was closing them out. I saw it on the lot and even though I swore I would never own a black vehicle I test drove it and made an offer. The dealer was anxious to deal so after some back and forth negotiations I got a truck that MSRP at 31k for 21k. I never have seen another one like it even in Colorado/Canyon forms. Black leather interior, heated seats, power driver and passenger seats, tow package with hitch and plug in for trailer lights, auto dim rear view mirror, digital outside temperature and compass display on rear view mirror, 4 wheel drive, and a few other things. I added chrome running boards bed liner, tonneau cover, tinted window visors above all four doors, and front and rear mud flaps. It is a nice truck and resembles a Hummer H-3 truck except the bed is longer. The 3.7 I-5 has 242 hp and is fairly quick except it could use a 6 speed auto instead of the 4 speed it came with. The engine has surprising power but the transmission does hold it back. It is a very smooth rider for being a midsize. I kept my S-10 because at the time I bought the Isuzu they offered me 3k for it even though it had 82k miles with new tires, new clutch, tune up, new brakes. I use the S-10 a lot especially for picking things up and hauling things off. I have spent very little on the S-10 over 6 years since I had all the repairs and maintenance done on it before.

2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid 2010 Lincoln MkT Ecoboost AWD 2013 Little Tikes Cozy Coupe (30th Anniversary Edition) Hybrid child feet/Dad powered

My C-Max just hit 34K miles. It has been a great car so far. I find it to be the perfect urban/suburban small family car. It is safe, has an open feeling cabin (because of the windows and roof height), is easy to get kids in and out of, has the cargo capacity of a small CUV, is fuel efficient, and has great NVH for a small car.

Currently, I am averaging 41.1 MPG. That number will drop a bit as it gets colder. The hybrid system loses some efficiency in the cold, plus I have winter tires on it now.

I’ve found it to be most livable and flexible vehicle I’ve ever owned. While it’s a fun drive compared to CUVs and other hybrids, I do find it boring compared to the GTI and Focus ST we owned before our C-Max and MkT.

More importantly, tell us about the Cozy Coupe! I’m not convinced by the crash test ratings or interior use of plastics, but that greenhouse space is amazing! It’s like 60 percent of the car’s volume. And flat tires seem like a thing of the past.

There are definetely no soft touch plastics. The dashboard is a step above the Mitsubishi Mirage though. I like the two tone paint and white rims, but I am not sure about the new grille with eyes on it, or steering system. It has enough storage for a few bags of Cheerios, but lacks a cupholder for juice/water. I also don’t think it did well in that small overlap crash test (still did better than the Nissan Quest). For $40, its still a good deal.

I love the C-Max. Although MyFordTouch gets knocked, it’s fun to play with. I enjoy driving for MPG at night, and my lifetime MPG is 44.1. Last winter it went down 2 mpg and worked its way back up during the warm months. (80% light city driving) I just read about Bert Reynolds selling his 1977 Firebird Trans Am. At 0-60 in 8.6 seconds, believe it or not, the C-Max is exactly as quick as the 1977 Trans Am. That’s about a second quicker than the Prius hatchback and two seconds quicker than the Prius V. If you buy a C-Max, make sure you get the winter package (heated seats). Using the cabin heat cuts the MPG far more than summer air-conditioning. The seat heaters are enough most of the time.

2000 Mazda Miata (what a surprise!) 1977 Triumph Spitfire 2008 Subaru Forester (my wife’s, but she lets me drive it when it snows)

I also have a 1961 Rover P5 sedan, but I don’t drive it as it’s in the process of being restored.

Rover P5, eh! Triple smileys. Those beasts with the F-head 3 litre six always struck me as a real motor car, properly built. And the proportions are just right. Good luck in the restoration.

Thanks much – not many folks have any idea what a P5 is, at least here in the USA. It’s a very British car, sort of a gentleman’s club on wheels.

I never thought I’d experience a true barn find, but it had sat in a dry heated garage since 1975 due to engine problems. The interior looks like new, and the paint is original and has polished up nicely. I’m going through the mechanical bits gradually and hope to have it on the road soon.

Aside from being glacially slow (I can see they they later upgraded to a V8), it’s a pretty cool car, and with only a few hundred sold here, I’m unlikely to ever see another one on the road coming towards me.

1985 Toyota Landcruiser FJ60 – 126K 1988 Mercedes Benz 560SL – 155K 1994 Mercedes Benz E320 Wagon – 96K 2014 Nissan LEAF – 6K

If I still had my 80/series Land Cruiser I’d probably ba e a leaf too. The only thing I’ve driven wi th comparable mileage was an Abrams Tank

I currently live in Germany, where I have no need/financial ability for a car. But in the States I own…

–2003 Saturn L200 (inherited; used as family back-up/replacement car) –2006 Mercedes SL500 (dad’s car; it’s starting to hurts his back so he often takes my car long distances) –2014 Audi Q5 (my mom’s car; I don’t drive it much except when chauffeuring her)

Before buying the Q5, my mom had a 1999 Dodge Durango since new. I drove that truck quite often because she started hating the size around the time I got my license.

My favorite SL was the fat @ass one, 91-02. Especially the later model with the xenons and slightly revised fenders and wheels. Last night I was watching a Sopranos episode, and Tony went to buy an 02 SL600 black/black (to sleep with the saleswoman).

Me too. I remember being really excited when my dad bought his a few years ago, but the Chrysler-era pleather interior was a huge let down.

The 89-02 models were much better. Those were also before Chrysler parts started to trickle up the stream into Mercedes. The following generation (03-08) though…jeez.

The seats in my dads 06 are fine, but everything else covered in “leather” is not convincing. It could be some sort of sun damage, but usually sun-damaged leather gets dry and flaky, not smooth, shiny, and rubbery.

Right now, main car 2011 Jetta TDI wagon w DSG,sorry not brown , 2005 Saab 9-3 vert 5 speed summer car, 2005 Honda pilot , wife’s car, 2001 Volvo xc 70 wagon , mile ranges from 85k Saab, 100k VW, 90 k Pilot, 180k Volvo

07 Honda Element 5-speed, just turned 100K 05 Pontiac Grand Am GT, probably trading for an 07 Scion xB soon

Past: 01 Lexus GS430 97 Subaru Impreza L Wagon 00 Audi A8L 97 Daewoo Lanos (S. Korea) 97 Infiniti I30 93 Audi 90 S 87 Audi 5000 S

I had to LOL when Derek gave you the shout out for being synonymous with a car and then brainfarted to an Audi when the Infiniti is even in your avatar. Fellow owner here.

I like my M alright but I don’t exactly love it nor does it inspire passion like my M3 (not fair I realize) or my old Pathfinder. Wonder if that would have been different had I ponied up for the facelifted 08-10 version with the updated interior, iPod integration, and smaller taillights.

The interior and gauges made a big difference to my mind. I feel the smaller lights in the back helped it look more cohesive too.

all are stick. The Tacoma has all that TRD offroad crap on it that I thought was so cool when I was 25.

I’d peg the Tacoma as being ever so slightly higher in reliability than the rest of the pack for the 170k miles on it, but it’s a total leper of rust and recalls (for rust).

Why do you need three small Audis? Do you get your friends together and race them on weekends? Play family car soccer?

I don’t. we have more than one driver in the household. my S4, my wife’s A3, my father in law’s A4, and my pickup.

2012 Jetta Sportwagen (aka Golf wagon) TDI, about 33000 miles with a DSG. Would have preferred a manual but couldn’t because if mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. I’ve become accustomed to the DSG though.

Any minute now somebody is going to ask…if mama has her own car what does it matter what tranny is in yours…so I might as well be the one.

Prior: 2003 Hyundia Tiburon GT 6-speed manual 1993 Cadillac Eldorado Sports Coupe 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix GT 1992 Honda Civic DX 5-speed manual 1977 Monte Carlo 1987 Plymouth Lazer 1986 Honda Prelude Si 5-speed manual

searched for 1987 “Plymouth Laser” That must be like the rarest of rare cars. Chrysler Lasers ran through the 1986 model year, and Plymouth Laser’s first year was 1990. (1990 turbo model mothballed for the winter behind my garage at this time)

2014 Hyundai Elantra GT 6MT 2006 Honda Odyssey EX (wife’s) 2002 Dodge Ram 1500 4×2 V8 5MT 1988 Dodge Ramcharger D100

2007 BMW 328xi. 71k on it. Looking to make a change to an SUV type vehicle to avoid the pounding from these damned potholes.

2007 Audi A4 manual bought used with 17K miles. Four years later: 78K miles, one non-routine problem covered by Audi. Fingers crossed very tightly.

Love my 1998 VTEC Honda Odyssey, within 20k of 200k and still going strong. I don’t know what I’d replace it, with great vehicles, nothing currently in the segment appeals to me, I’m hoping for something great from the new FCA minivans as I want to buy something new after the winter.

Previous/other cars: 1991 Toyota Supra Turbo, 1987 Toyota Supra, 1995 Nissan Pickup, 2005 Subaru Legacy GT wagon, 1995 Subaru Legacy wagon.

At present, I drive a 2010 Volkswagen Golf . Past: 1969 VW Beetle 1989 Toyota Corolla 1997 Mazda Protege 1997 VW Jetta 2003 Mazda Protege 5 2005 Hyundai Elantra Hatchback

2005 Pontiac Grand Prix 1998 Pontiac Trans Sport FWD SWB 2002 Chevy Avalanche 1500 Z-71 1998 Pontiac Trans Sport Montana FWD LWB 1997 Ford Thunderbird LX 4.6L V8 1995 Chevy S-10 Extended Cab 2WD V6 1993 Subaru Legacy L FWD 1989 Ford Probe LX 1989 Porsche 944 S 1987 Merkur xR4Ti 1987 Ford Tempo GL-S two-door coupe 1985 Ford EXP

Learned to drive in a driving school provided 1981 Honda Civic and the family’s 1981 Chevrolet Caprice

2008 Honda Pilot EX-L, 102k miles w/ original transmission 2005 Subaru Outback 5MT, 185k miles w/ original clutch 2014 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Willy’s Wheeler, 6MT 2013 Ford Mustang Boss 302 2001 Polaris Ranger 4×4 w/ plow

2009 Ford F-150 XLT SuperCrew 2WD – 52k miles, 4.6L V8, 6 auto 2008 Toyota 4Runner SR5 4×4 – 64k miles, 4.7L V8, 5 auto 2006 Ford Mustang GT Premium – 62k miles, 4.6L 315-hp V8, 5 manual

2001 Jeep Wrangler SE 4×4 – 2.5L I4, 5 manual (88 mph!) 2007 Nissan Frontier SE Crew Cab 2WD – 4.0L V6, 6 manual (F-150 is better almost every way) 2007 Honda Accord – 2.4L I4, 5 manual (nothing to say here) 2004 Ford Explorer 4×4 – 4.0L V6, 5 automatic (biggest automotive mistake) 1998 Mazda 626 ES – 2.5L V6, 5 manual (still miss this one!) 1990 Honda Accord EX – 2.2L I4, 4 auto (most troublesome car on the list at 100-140k miles) 1989 Jeep Cherokee Laredo 4×4 – 4.0L I6, 5 auto (bought and sold with well over 200k miles) 1991 Mazda 626 – 2.2L I4, 5 manual (wrecked it real good)

(1) 2015 Lincoln MKC (because I like it; really, I do! Must, ’cause I traded a 2012 GTI in on it. The failed high pressure fuel pump at 46K did the GTI in for me, plus a growing 4 year old child helped the decision along, too.)

My favorite past vehicle: 1978 Honda Civic CVCC. Learned to drive a manual as I drove it home after I bought it. Plus it was simple enough I could do most minor repairs myself, and it was small & light enough I could push it out of snow drifts as I visited my girlfriend 20 miles away in the next town in upstate Michigan.

Previous cars: 2002 Ford Focus ZX3 hatchback 1991 Ford Aerostar tow vehicle Van Diemen RF84 Formula Ford 1989 Honda NT650 motorcycle, totaled at 48,862 miles 1987 VW GTI, 8 valve version 1981 Mazda RX-7 1977 Fiat Spyder 1972 Datsun 240Z 1974 Opel Manta 1972 Honda CL175 motorcycle Rupp minibike

Previous: 2006 Honda Odyssey 1999 Lexus RX300 1993 Honda Prelude 1987 Honda Accord Chevy Monza, not sure of the year

I got a Volvo 240 wagon. Kept the interior. Dropped in a VW diesel engine. Added an old Subaru all-wheel drive system and a 6 speed manual transmission. Painted it brown and added some Ford Country Squire ‘wood’ cladding.

Have the coolest car in the neighbourhood. My kids always beg to drive it instead of their mother’s SUV.

You won’t get away without pictures and – hopefully – a proper TTAC-post. This is…the holy grail!

My kids prefer my Honda minivan to my wife’s Toyota because the headrests have holes in it and they can see through them. On the passenger side, anyway.

Me: 2007 Nissan Altima 3.5SE 6MT. Bought with 122,000 miles, just hit 128,000 this week. Will pass this down to my stepdaughter when she gets her license (late 2016 or sometime 2017). Wouldn’t mind getting another at that time, but a better color (this one is light gray, but not quite silver. And I HATE silver). I had a 2010 Kia Forte Koup SX before that.

Fiancee: Burgundy 2005 Chrysler T&C, bought with ~94,000 miles. Been running great so far, but might need a starter soon. She had a 2011 Juke SL 6MT before that.

Right now we’re car payment free and loving the fresh air. But if I was rich, I’d have a dozen cars.

Past: 2009 Chevrolet Cobalt LS Coupe (I will never forget so that I may learn from my mistakes) 2006 Mazda Miata (wrecked in ice storm, I miss it) 1994 Acura Integra LS 1992 Nissan 240SX 1991 Honda Civic DX Sedan. 2005 Kawasaki Ninja 250R

Daily driver: 2005 Scion xB, 1.5 I4, 5 manual, 50k RV and tailgater: 2008 Kia Sedona, 3.6 V-6, 5 auto, 95k Work truck: 2003 Ford Ranger XLT stretch cab(2wd), 4.0 V-6, 4 auto, 71l Play car: 2006 Pontiac Solstice, 2.4 I-4, 5 manual, 47k Fiance’s ricer: 2006 Kia Spectra LX, 2.0 I-4, 5 manual, 83k Motorcycle: 1988 Harley-Davidson FXR Superglide, 14k Scooter: 2003 Honda Metropolitan, 4k

The Solstice is getting sold shortly, as I don’t drive it enough. Given a choice between sports car and motorcycle, two wheels wins out 99% of the time. The fiancee is also considering selling her Kia.

Never heard of it, did an image search and man did it bring back some memories. Knew the cricket was built in England but that was all. Here is the ad introducing the cricket to North America

I love the car. I have no issues with the noise of it, either in volume or quality (of course, going from a 98 Civic might have something to do with that). It is a bit odd, tho: my friends like to say that it sounds like a slipping transmission when the engine is running under acceleration.

Perhaps the weirdest thing about the car is that it transitions back and forth from engine direct drive to electric drive at highway speeds. Engine runs a little while, then disengages and shuts off, car keeps going, engine spins back up and matches speed, reengages. Repeats this cycle maybe once or twice a minute.

Mercedes-Benz C320 wagon. BMW R1100r motorcycle Piaggio Fly 150 scooter Mazda Miata NA because the answer is always Miata.

2000 Chevy S-10 extended cab pickup 2013 Jeep Wrangler 4 door to replace a wrecked ’06 Chevy Malibu Maxx SS

2008 Infiniti G37S (good weather only), 2013 Ford Focus SE, 1998 Subaru Legacy GT wagon (winter beater), all with manual transmissions.

Previous cars were 2 air cooled VW beetles, 2 Corvairs, bugeye Sprite, Volvo 145 wagon, BMW 2002, Datsun Maxima, Isuzu Opel, Plymouth Champ, Honda Civic, Toyota Tercel SR5 wagon, all with manual transmissions.

Past: 2005 Ford Focus Wagon 2003 VW Passat Wagon 1998 Jeep WJ Grand Cherokee 1994 Ford Taurus 1988 Isuzu Trooper 1985 VW Golf 1976 Saab 99 1965 Buick Skylark

2010 Toyota Highlander V6 AWD, three row. I’ve really been loving the headed mirrors and wiper channel the past few mornings. We’ve only been getting rain but the vehicles have been icing over. Truly appliance like until you drive 8/10ths and beyond, then the chassis and the abilities shine.

2005 Pontiac Vibe (wife’s) occasionally I drive, biggest plus is the manual transmission that makes it engaging.

2004 Ford F150 Heritage, 4.6 V8, automatic, flatbed and subject of a Piston Slap article. I’ll keep it as long as possible.

1967 Ford Mustang convertible, 289 V8, 2 barrel carb, automatic. Family heirloom that I’m restoring as I go.

When I was married and all, wifey and me almost bought an ’09 Highlander. Triple black, fully loaded. ‘Twas a beauty- nice, buttoned-down presence (which I love), but decided against that.

Oh yea, Classic Mustang for the win!!! Had me a 72, one of the “big ones”. Standard coupe (recessed back window) with 302 bored over to 306. Rust was a killer on that. Had to chuck it, had it hauled away. Damned leaky cowls. Bad rust. Bad.

Kudos on the ‘Stang. Very nice that you’re preserving some important automotive history. Same year as Newt Gingrich and Pres Clinton had (Clinton’s is in a museum, I don’t know whether Gingrich still has his.

Yes I have one child now (4 month old/daughter) but my wife and I would like to have 3 or 4 total. I am a car nut but I don’t enjoy the process of buying, I’d rather buy and keep. As much as the B-body/Panther fanbois don’t want to admit it the Highlander is very much in the vein of those old wagons. Soft riding? Check. Good passenger room in the first and second rows? Check. Roof rack? Check. Great combo of power/fuel economy for the era? Check. Car based? Check. Great road trip car? Check.

I’m very lucky to have my wife, she is very supportive of the Mustang. She knew I would own a classic, she’s just glad I own one that I know the history of.

Congrats, PD! My twins are almost 5 now and I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything in the world.

Several other cars that were transportation although the 2000 Altima 5spd was a very good car and I still wish I had my 1987 Tercel wagon 4wd 5spd + extra low. Red. Black and white houndstooth int. 347000kms. RIP my friend.

2005 Honda Civic LX (stick) – daily for now, soon to be sold and replaced with my in-laws 2009 Accord EX. I’ll miss the stick :( 1993 GMC Sonoma – hauler and backup ride 2005 Honda Accord LX – the wife’s

Previously: 1983 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme 1985 Dodge Power Ram 1992 GMC Sonoma (was single cab, replaced with the extended cab I have now) 1993 Nissan 240SX 2004 Chevy Impala SS

2011 Mazda3 iTouring 5MT 2009 Highlander 2.7Base + Winter Just sold 1998 Protege ES 5MT 195K miles Just bought 2010 Mazda3 iTouring 5MT 2005 Suzuki Burgman 400

2006 Cadillac STS V8 (CPO car) 2003 Cadillac CTS (CPO car) 2000 Taurus Wagon (Brown!) 1993 Mercury Sable Wagon 1990 Mercury Sable Wagon (bought at auction in Brooklyn, best $1200 I ever spent on a car!) 1998 Ford Ranger (2.3/5-speed) (leased) 1998 Maxima SE 5-speed (leased, left to ex-wife in settlement) 1996 Ford Ranger (3.0/5-speed) (leased) 1996 Maxima SE 5-speed (leased) 1993 Maxima SE 5-speed (leased) 1989 Maxima SE 5-speed (bought new after first child) 1985 Mustang GT 5-speed (bought new) 1970 AMC Hornet Wagon, 3-on-the-tree 1980 Mazda RX-7 (bought as first new car) 1970 Triumph GT-6+ 1971 Dodge Challenger 440 4-speed 1969 Ford Mach One Mustang 351W/4-speed 1969 Dodge Charger 318 / A-904 automatic

Daily driver: 2005 Scion xB, 5 manual, 50k Hauler: 2003 Ford Ranger XLT (2wd), 4.0 V-6, 4 auto, 71k RV: 2008 Kia Sedona, 3.6 V-6, 5 auto, 95k Toy: 2006 Pontiac Solstice, 2.4 I-4, 5 manual, 47k Toy: 1988 Harley Davidson FXR Superglide, 14k Toy: 2003 Honda Metropolitan, 4k Fiancee’s ricer: 2006 Kia Spectra LX, 2.0 I-4, 5 manual, 83k

The Solstice is going up for sale, as I use the motorcycle(s) way more. Fiancee is also considering dumping her Kia.

Wait until your fiance becomes wife. The toys are out and the furniture and new kitchen/bathtub/curtains/paint will replace them. Don’t do it!

Nope. Maggie loves the motorcycles and sports cars. The reason the Solstice is going is because it had the misfortune to be preceded by a Porsche 924S. There is absolutely no comparison between the two cars. While the Solstice is fun, has a retracting top, and handles very nicely, it’s a buckboard with no storage space whatsoever. In comparison, the Porsche handles at least as well, is much more comfortable, refined, and practical. Once I replace my late, lamented Triumph (new motorcycle, probably Honda or Yamaha this time around), I’m going to be looking for another 924/944/968. I love front engined Porsches.

currently i have: 1992 ram d150 318 bored to 328 with 82,000 miles, 1992 ram d150 with almost 550,000 miles on origninal non rebuilt engine and tranny both bought at the same time for $800 for both at actuion.

Previous cars: 1991 chevy cavalier coupe 1994 dodge dakota ext cab slt 1993 plymouth acclaim 1998 f150 ex cab long bed 1993 chevy cavalier z24 turbo 1993 isuzu amigo 1978 mercury monarch 1994 mercury sable 2001 dodge ram base model 2002 ford ranger 52,000 miles

the chrysler products have been the most reliable for me imo. btw all these cars and im 17, good hobby though ;)

Yeah that had to be the best riding and most fun car I have had. Someone had taken a picture of themselves while driving and posted it on Facebook, and in the background I saw the front of the car sticking out of a barn, so I tracked down where they took the picture, it was about an hour out of town, so I went there with a battery and fresh gas prepared to buy it. Talked to the property owner for a while and it turned out that the original owner of the car was his dad who only lived a few blocks from where I currently live, once the owner died in 1981 the car got ran out of gas and put in the barn and sat there and never moved till I went to see it. I asked how much he would sell it for and he just said, “well it’s gonna need tires. So put a good set on to roll her on the trailer and she’s yours.” I went and spent $70 on four used tires, put them on, and for shits and giggles poured the 5 gallons of gas i brought in the tank, hooked the battery up, and she fired right up! Ended up driving her all the way home and didn’t do any other work to her the whole time I owned it. Then sadly a couple of months and 16,000 miles later the rear main seal went out in a time when I just couldn’t afford to fix her, so I sold her for $1500 to a man who wanted the engine for a v8 geo tracker swap. It had the 302, fully loaded car but had manual choke, and 61,000 miles when I sold it. Wish I still had it.

Previous vehicles: 2005 Ford Crown Victoria 1985 Ford F-250 1994 GMC TopKick C6500/22 foot box and liftgate (miss it, but the laws in my neighborhood prohibit parking it on the road and I have no back yard access from the road)

2007 Pontiac Grand Prix GT 2004 Subaru Forester XT 2007 Mini Cooper S convertible 6 speed 2006 Toyota Tundra

past: 2012 Subaru legacy 2.5i 2011 jeep liberty limited jet package 1999 chrysler 300 m 1998 bmw 528i 1995 bmw 525i 2004 toyota corolla 1994 honda accord 1999 jeep cherokee sport 4.0 1995 plymouth neon

2002 Mazda Tribute ES, 3.0 Duratec V6 AWD. Every option on the sheet except heated seats. Can (apparently) get 26+ MPG even in the winter if I keep it in overdrive. Enough ground clearance to get through a hay field without worry. Old enough that I don’t mind getting it dirty. 137K miles with no major problems, plan on keeping it until the wheels fall off because hail damage apparently=damaged title.

1. 2014 Chevrolet Corvette convertible Z51 manual 2. 2009 Nissan Altima hybrid 3. 2002 Buick Century 4. 1995 Ford Probe GT manual 5. 1992 Mercury Stable 6. 1972 Plymouth Fury

06 Accord Coupe v6 6speed (6…6…6… ooooooo scary) 03 Silverado extended cab. Vortec v8, poverty spec’d!!!!

86 Pontiac Sunbird GT hatchback. Non-turbo (doh!). 72 Mustang Standard Coupe. 89 Lincoln Town Car 02 Ford Escort 4door. Auto. Escort Escort. Not ZX-2 Escort. 00 Jeep Cherokee 4.0L 4X4. 99 Chrysler 300M. 02 Mitsubishi Galant (don’t ask). 94 VW Jetta 5MT. <– Unkillable 2011 Mercedes GLK350 4MATIC

2007 335i, owned since Jan 09. Paid $29k with 28k miles, CPO. Almost bought a corvette until I drove this. What a combination of speed, planted handling, comfort, efficiency, and subdued good looks. Very confidence inspiring, and the turbos make up for my high altitude. Easy to modify, too.

1995 Jeep Cherokee, owned since 2000. 215k miles and as primitive but reliable as an anvil. OK…in its old age, the AC makes a weird sound at idle on a hot day, it has a few leaks, and for some reason, when warm, the right rear wheel has brake-force spikes under the lightest pressure. It makes that wheel lock up super easy, so it’s dangerous. I’ve replaced ALL of the brake hardware, but nothing helps. I’m stumped- any ideas? When it’s cold, it’s less of a problem. When it’s hot, you can almost feel it at low speeds without even touching the brakes.

Other than that, the things still regularly pulls down 20-22 mpg, whether it’s commuting in town or going 80 down the freeway. Not very powerful up here though.

Yeah- I’ve replaced the drum and shoes three times, and also replaced all the hadware in there, so there shouldn’t be a leak. It happens once per revolution. Could it be a tweaked wheel flange?

2008 Subaru Impreza 2.5i auto 2003 Toyota Matrix XRS 6-speed 1982 Volvo 240 DL 4-speed + OD 1986 Volvo 240 GL auto 2002 VW Beetle 2.0 auto 1995 Toyota Camry Base auto 1994 Toyota Camry XLE auto 1995 Nissan Altima XE 5-speed 1981 Honda Civic Wagon 5-speed 1983 Honda Civic DX hatch 5-speed 1987 Honda Accord LX-i 5-speed 1986 Nissan PU 5-speed 1995 Honda Civic VX 5-speed 1996 Saturn SL2 5-speed 1995 Nissan 200SX SE-R 5-speed 1995 Plymouth Neon 5-speed 1986 Nissan Sentra Auto 1973? Ford Ranchero Auto 1987 Dodge Omni Auto

Suppose the incredible fit and finish and overall build quality of the Ranchero and (*GASP*) Omni chased you away from the domestics, eh?

2014 Dodge Grand Caravan Blacktop Wifey drives a 2008 Mercedes ML550 which we’re trading in tomorrow on a new Jeep Grand Cherokee.

past : 1997 Volvo V90 Wagon (AT) 1998 Subaru Impreza Wagon (MT) 1993 Nissan NX2000 (MT) 1989 Suzuki Swift GTi (MT) 1983 Volvo 245 Turbo Wagon (MT) 1988 Chevy Cavalier Z24 (AT – first car)

Grew up in a Chevy family… Grandpa had a 200k mi ’78 Monte Carlo, Dad a 250k mi ’82 Camaro, and mom a 350k mi ’78 G20 Nomad… all had obliterated malaise expectations, but I still felt the need to go exploring. The ’88 Z24 was a very good car, but that stickshift Volvo Turbo was a revelation that started me on the path to import hatchback utopia.

Past (hope you like to laugh): 1993 Honda Accord EX 5MT (worst car purchase ever. Car was in bad shape) 1999 Nissan Maxima 5MT (sold after a road bike accident, needed cash) 1992 Honda Accord LX 5MT (2nd worst car purchase ever. No PS or AC in NYC. Fun car though. H22A, Quaife LSD, Neuspeed/Koni suspension. Gave my friend’s S2000 stoplight scares) 1993 Honda Accord EX 5MT (still my favorite car to this day. Stock motor, Neuspeed/Koni suspension… this was the car that I used to learn how to wrench on. Very personal. Hit a deep NYC pothole and about a month later oil pump just died. Cried when I sold it, used the money to move out of my parents’ house) 1995 Nissan Maxima SE 5MT (didn’t get to enjoy much. Hand me down from dad, beautiful car- black on black leather. Crashed it one summer, didn’t have the money or know how to fix it. Saw it fixed up looking good and lowered in my parents’ neighborhood every now and then)

I’m hoping to get a 4 dr GTI and some kind of mid 00s 1000cc Japanese V twin sportbike to replace the current rides next spring/summer.

1995 Nissan Maxima SE 5MT — I wanted one of these in the worse way when I was in my early 20’s, couldn’t find one on a sales lot to save my life.

Was a really good car when I was 20. The engine is still awesome, the interior is awesome, and it eats up highway miles like nothing. But the suspension and transmission were absolutely awful, even with mods. That motor though…

My sister just retired my 93 Maxima SE 5MT at 250K, overall probably my favorite car I’ve ever owned.

Hoping to keep all of them for another 6-7 years, at which time I’m looking to switch to PHEV or EV SUV’s. Home renovations and kids will absorb my discretionary income for the next little while.

Current Mine – 2013 Chevrolet Volt (Blue) – I love the quiet, instant torque and forgetting the last time I put gas in it. Wife’s – 2010 Toyota RAV4 Sport (Silver, AWD, 4cyl) (AWD system kinda sucks in the winter, but she likes it so I shut up)

Previous 2012 Ford Focus SE Hatchback (Black, auto) – Started falling apart after 20K, traded in for the Volt 2004 Mazda RX-8 (Yellow, and damn right it was a manual) – Hilarious, but the $400/month for gas was NOT) 2004 Mazda3 S Hatchback (Silver, auto) – Great little car, but rusting badly after 9 years in the Midwest. 2000 Audi A6 3.6 (Green, auto) – Solid German engineering that failed catastrophically, repeatedly 1996 Jeep Cherokee Sport (white, auto, 4.0L) – Makes driving in deep snow fun! 2002 Nissan Altima SL (red, auto, 4 cyl) – Comfortable, but kinda boring 1998 Acura CL 3.0 (white, auto) – The first car I bought myself! 1986 Honda Accord EX (Gold, auto) – All the AC button did was turn on a little green light. Stereo install doubled the value.

’92 Nissan Sentra SE (not a SE-R, just looks like one) ’93 Kawasaki Concours is the summer whip ’52 Ford F-3 stored at my parents house, and driven when I’m in town. ’83 Toyota pickup thats parked and slowing growing moss

current: 2011 Ford F-250 Crew Cab 4WD King Ranch Diesel with camper shell 2005 Toyota Tacoma Crew Cab TRD package 2WD

past: 2007 BMW X5 I6 2003 Dodge Ram 1500 Crew 4.7 4WD SLT 2001 Toyota Tundra single cab v6 manual long bed base model 1987 Ford Taurus 1986 Ford LTD Wagon v8 1986 Nissan 300ZX 1980 Datsun 280ZX 1978 Chrysler Lebaron Wagon v8 1972 Chevelle v8 4 door

I drive a 2007 Kia Spectra… and I use it for work! Not a common choice, I know, but I bought it due to the cheap, cheap price (7,750 CAD with 28,000 KILOMETERS and two years of factory warranty left) and it’s been nothing short of an amazing car. The drivetrain is shared with many other vehicles and is solid. The 141hp 2.0l engine isn’t gutless with the 5 speed, dare I say peppy, I average about 28-30 US mpg with mostly urban driving and lots of idling, the interior has some surprisingly nice touches such as a full soft-touch dash and richer materials on the door panels and interior than most other compacts from the late 2000’s era. It now has 152,000 kilometers and I put the 124,000 kilometers on it in the last two-ish years and I have enjoyed every second of it. I am only 22 and coming from a 1992 Mazda Protege with 330,000 kilometers it was definitely an upgrade. I love my delivery vehicle!

Maggie will agree with you, she loves hers. Now, you do a few minor ricer modifications to it, and things get really interesting.

Something silver.. I think it’s a Taurus. It’s my neighbor’s but she hardly ever uses it since her legs swelled up so bad.

2008 Mustang Premium (6 cyl) w/Pony Package 1994 Mazda Miata M 1973 SAAB Sonett III 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix GT (wife)

Past: 1999 Crown Victoria 1985 SAAB 900 (base) 1985 Chevy C10 1994 Bonneville SSEi 1987 Bonneville SE 1990 Chevy Lumina 1983 SAAB 900 Turbo 1987 Taurus GL 1974 SAAB Sonett III 1982 SAAB 900S 1984 Pontiac 6000 1979 VW Rabbit Diesel 1978 Oldsmobile Firenza 1976 VW Scirocco 1974 Volvo 144 GL 1974 Volvo 144 DL 1972 Mercury Montego 1973 VW Thing

OMG, I’ve always wanted to drive a Saab Sonett…please let us know what it’s like. BTW, love your choices.

My favorite and least favorite thing, simultaneously, with the Malibu Maxx is that it’s one x away from being a bad porn name.

2011 BMW 135i manual – bought new 2010 Ford Mustang GT manual – bought new and sold back to Ford as lemon 2008 VW GTI DSG – bought new 2005 Subaru Legacy wagon auto – bought used 2004 Nissan Titan auto -bought new 2002 Mazda 6 V6 manual – bought new 1998 VW Jetta GT manual – bought new 1991 Honda CRX Si manual – bought used 1992 Honda Civic CX manual – inherited used

2001 H-D Sportster 1200 Custom – bought new 2003 H-D Dynaglide – bought new 2005 Kawasaki Z750S – bught new 2004 Suzuki V-Strom 1000 – bought used

Past: 2005 Subaru Outback Sport SE M/T 2008 Honda Fit Sport M/T (I/H/E, adjustable struts, lowering springs, rear sway bar, C-Pillar bar) It was incredibly fun to drive. 2003 Saturn Ion M/T (wife’s) 1995 Subaru Legacy

I learned to drive stick on my dad’s 1986 Dodge Ram extended panel van with a three speed and overdrive.

Previous cars this century: 2012 Scion IIQ (it not my fault – better half wanted it) 2007 Toyota Solara XLE convert. 2007 Acura TSX – best car ever but needed a cruiser, hence the Avalon 2005 Prius 2003 Honda Accord EX 2001 Lexus RX300 2000 Honda Accord EX 2000 Honda CRV

Long history of ancient Volvos (145, 242, 245), and in sorrow need to return back to it when financial and time needs for house and small kids are met. Eventually.

No, I think it is to tight for “people”, as it sits on a Civic platform. The third row is a Turkish prison. But I’ve loaded up with four kids or three grownups and two kids.

Apart from space, the engine is also pretty torque-free. Very willing to rev and stuff happens then, but one has to be willing to row the gears.

Happy with the car in general. Only 141 were ever sold in Norway, rarity drives used car prices down for minivans.

I’d really prefer a Volvo V70R* with seven seats, but the Honda is cheap, reliable, and small kids can be lifted in and out of it rather easily because of the upright, high seats. I guess that’s what makes MPVs a great choice…

Past: 1994 Mercury Sable Wagon – 2 boys, hockey, Carpools and the thing disentigrated 1990 Nissan Maxima 1983 Honda Accord Hatchback, 5 spd. My first new car 1973 Toyota Celica 1966 Ford Mustang Learned many life lessons about money with this car.

2009 VW Routan Comfortline, 2012 Mazda 5 GT manual. Previous included virtually every water-cooled VW built since 1984.

1987 Chevrolet Celebrity 2.8 V6 1986 VW Jetta GL TD 1984 VW Rabbit GL gasser 1997 VW Passat TDI 1997 VW Golf TD 1996 VW Passat TDI Wagon 1992 VW Eurovan CL 5-speed 2002 VW Cabrio GLX 2005 VW Jetta TDI Wagon 1985 VW Jetta diesel 2-door 1989 VW Jetta Flair gas 2-door 1997 VW Jetta TD 1987 VW Jetta gas 1990 VW Jetta TD 2006 VW Jetta TDI black 2006 VW Jetta TDI graphite blue 2001 VW Cabrio 2004 VW Passat 1.8T 4Motion 5MT Wagon 2009 VW Eos 6MT 2006 Mazda MPV GT 2010 VW Passat 2.0T Wagon DSG 2012 Mazda 5 GT 6MT 2010 VW Routan Comfortline

1984 Yamaha Riva 180 Scooter 2007 Suzuki GS500F 2009 Suzuki GSA 1250 Bandit with hard cases 2003 BMW R-1150 RT

Past: Like CoastieLenn, I have a debilitating case of Automotive ADD. A full list would number over 30 cars – too much typing, but there were some oddballs and beauties that I dearly miss.

Past – 1973 Plymouth Barracuda 1977 Dodge Van 1979 Ford Mustang Turbo 1985 Plymouth Colt Turbo 1985 Honda CRX 1990 Ford Ranger XLT 1996 Nissan 200SX SE-R

Interesting to look this list over and to understand your preferences in the past. I’m up for another as my son will soon take my “The Best Slow Car To Drive Fast” SX4.

Mazda CX9 2009 Grand Touring. A pass me down from my wife while waiting for better days… Before: Audi Q5, 2010 (best car I have ever owned) Audi A4 3.2 2007 (hit a deer with it) Audi S4 2.7 2000 (modded to 300HP) Audi 80 TDI 1996 (went over my asking price when I sold it) Audi Cabriolet 1994 (a fun but expensive ride) Maserati Biturbo Spyder 1986 (swapped a 1984 engine for the better carburators) Ford Sierra 1989 Honda Civic 1988 Fiat 127 1979 (my first car)

Kinda curious what are the Q5 attributes that make you declare it the best one you’ve owned. The Maserati biturbo is an interesting one!

me current: 2004 BMW 330i sedan, sport pkg and 6MT. 156k. past: 1997 Acura CL 2.2 5MT. Sold at ~225k. 1993 Honda del Sol Si 1.6 5MT. Brother wrecked it at ~133k.

wife current: 2011 Hyundai Santa Fe 3.5 Limited 6AT. 60k. past: 2004 VW Passat GLS 1.8T 5AT. Sold at 166k. 2001 Nissan Altima. Sold at ~100k due to leaking head gasket.

The 2IS was the best compromise at the time since I could only afford one car. Reliable, comfortable, quiet, just sporty enough. Now my commute is much more traffic heavy, requiring me to get a carpool lane eligible Volt. I like to tell people I bought the HOV lane sticker and they threw in the car for free. The only upside is that now if I replace the Lexus I can get something a bit more focused on fun. Those F-types seem to be depreciating quickly…..

2014 Honda Accord Hybrid Touring 7K 2013 Toyota Land Cruiser 39K Soon to have mothers 2002 Toyota Camry 59K

2009 Cadillac CTV V 2009 Lexus LS460 AWD 2007 Mercedes R320 CDI 2013 T&C 2004 Audi A8L 2003 Toyota 4 Runner 2003 Lexus LS430 2007 Evo X 1996 Lexus LS400 1999 BMW 328i 1990 Mercedes 560SEL also known as the Coming to America Benz 1994 Jetta 1986 Honda CRX 1990 Nissan Altima

2015 Challenger R/T Track Pack 2003 F-150 Crew FX4 2001 Intrepid R/T 1976 Charger SE – warmed up street/strip car 1963 Thunderbird Hardtop – slammed cruiser

I won’t bother going into the past because the comment system is broke enough as it is without having to process all of that. Lets just say in the hundreds of cars from assorted makes.

Those “bullet” ‘Birds are the best looking T-Bird IMHO. That and the ’63 Riviera are on my short list of cars to own.

I agree, they really nailed the jet-age look. I never really sought out to buy one, though. I was trolling Craigslist one day, saw it, and imagined it slammed with some traditional kustom modifications. I called and met the guy that day and bought it after it wouldn’t restart at the gas station (points LOL).

So far I’ve been putting on about 4000 miles a year for the last 2 years I’ve owned it. It’s just a nice carefree ride that I can pile the wife and kids into and go to car shows, cruises and all kinds of other summer events.

Recently sold a Elva Courier project that wasn’t going anywhere and traded my 2007 A3 for a 2014 Acura TSX Sport Wagon. Still have a 1999 Silverado but I’ll be selling it soon. For fun a 1965 Lotus Elan. Girl friend drives a boring a 2013 Camry SE, but I think she has “stolen” the Lotus on occaision.

Requisite demographic info: 30 year-old male, living in a mountainous part of Montana (grew up in Ohio near Baruth-land).

Current ride: 2006 Subaru Impreza 2.5i Wagon. 2.5 n/a, 5-speed manual, 113k miles, silver (aren’t they all?). Owned since new. Sadly wasn’t available in brown or diesel or I probably would have ordered it that way.

Pros: Cargo room, engine note, fun on unpaved USFS roads, otherworldly snow performance with Blizzaks.

Cons: Rattles, rust, poor reliability post-100k. I’m finding that Subaru’s reputation for bulletproof-ness is mostly fictional. It also drinks fuel like a midsized CUV. I’ve had fun with this car but I’m not certain I would get another Subaru. Especially since the new ones have had all of the character sucked out of them.

2001.5 VW Passat 1.8T wagon: Didn’t have this one very long. Great to drive but expensive to run. Still kicking around the family at 170k, racking up annual four-figure repair bills at the specialist shop in Ohio.

1991 VW Vanagon GL Westfalia, 2.1 Wasserboxer, 4 speed manual: A terrible car by every objective measure, but I miss it every day. Sold it to a friend for peanuts in 2005 before late model T3 prices skyrocketed. He still has it and refuses to sell it back.

1995 Ford Taurus SHO: In hindsight, this was a terrible choice for a 16 year-old’s first car. Dad was my partner in crime and passed it off to mom as “just a practical used Taurus”. It probably saved my life by being broken most of the time I had it.

I drive a 1998 Ford Contour SVT in silvermist. Body has 240K, and engine has a little over 100K. It has a BAT suspension kit and custom wheels, but is stock other than that.

I’ve had over 40 cars over the years, so no point in boring everyone with that… notable favorites are a ’89 Nissan 240SX, a ’81 Toyota Corolla SR-5 coupe, and a ’72 Camaro…. oh, and one 1964 Chevrolet Impala 283ci 4 speed.

1977 Plymouth Volare wagon (hand-me-down from Mom and Dad between having the Reliant wrecked and buying the Spirit)

1980s Chevrolet Celebrity wagon (another hand-me-down from Mom and Dad that did double-duty with my newlywed’s Celebrity sedan)

Not a car, but it has 4 wheels and a motor… 2008 Arctic Cat Prowler 650 XT (for fun on the weekends and evenings) :)

Past: 2012 Hyundai Veloster 2007 Ford Ranger 4×4 4.0L 2007 Saturn Vue V6 2007 Saturn Ion 2.4 2002 Mazda MPV 1999 Dodge Caravan 1998 Saturn SL2 1998 Hyundai Accent GT 1997 Chrysler Cirrus 1992 Saturn SL1

Past: 2005 Mazda3s hatch, auto, bought used at 52k, sold at 105k 1997 Infiniti QX4, hand-me-down with 180k miles, sold at 200k

Wife: 2012 Honda Accord EXL I4 sitting on Michelin X-Ice right now (may be replaced with 2016 Pilot or Explorer…expanding family)

Work: 2014 Ford F-150 STX V8 4WD (take home but with company logos and zonar, prefer to not drive it too much)

Play Toy #1: 2001 T/A Convertible 6-speed manual (Hurst Short Shifter, UMI Strut Brace, UMI 3-Point Subframe Connectors, Bilsteins, Strano Springs, Strano Hollow Sway Bars, SLP Intake, Longtubes, Magnaflow Cat-Back)

Play Toy #2: 1963 Dodge Polara 2 dr Hardtop (383/4brl, Torqflite Pushbutton Tranny, 742 Sur-Grip, TTI Exhaust) See Avitar …….

That makes two of us … but the better half says “leave my ride alone ….. you’ve got the Trans Am and the Dodge to play with.” Oh, well, maybe when she gets tired of the Rainier!!!! LS2 and airbags to drop the ride height a bit ……

Truthfully, I’d probably just stick with a Gen III block, like the LS6 I’m building at the moment.

Previous: 2012 Acura TL (SH-AWD) 2001 Toyota Solara (hardtop with the I4) 1989 Toyota Corolla (I kinda want this one back…with an LS1, of course)

I love my slab side Legacy and the wife’s Malibu as well, think they are both great cars, but my perception may be limited due my past cars.

2002 Ford Taurus (with hill hating Vulcan, but hey it made it to 260,000 miles) 2000 Chevy Malibu (Never ran right ended up trading it for the 02 Taurus that was my loaner car when it was in the shop the majority of the month I owned it) 2000 Chevy Cavalier (base, base model not even a tape or cd player in it) 1988 Pontiac Sunbird (inherited after my mom lost her vision)

1975 MGB (British Racing Green, with the Laycock overdrive) 2006 Subaru Outback Sport (Blue, 5-speed)

I wouldn’t have many answers. I’ve had it for about 6 months – impulse eBay buy over the summer – and it’s been parked for about 4 of them. It’s currently been at the mechanics for a couple weeks (friend of a coworker). Evidently LaForza electrics are on par with Jaguar.

Mine: 2013 Ford C-Max SE My wife’s: 2006 Acura TSX (also “wrong” transmission) My teens: 2007 Honda Odyssey EX-L

I love my 2008 Mercury Grand Marquis LS, in Dark Toreador Red with pale grey leather. With only 73,000 miles on it, I may never need another car! It’s quick, spacious and beautiful, and does everything I ask of it with aplomb. And yes, I always turn and look at it when I leave it.

’99 Miata -Silver -Aftermarket 15″ wheels with Ultra High Performance tires -Moderately upgraded suspension: 90% stiffer springs, lowered 1″, adjustable shocks and sway bars -Underbody chassis bracing -Still no horsepower

I love it, but I think I’d be tired of commuting in it within about 2 weeks if I had a job which required me to do that.

Me – 2012 Volkswagen GTI 4-door with 6-spd manual. Great driving car -horrible reliability (when compared to Honda). Outrageously priced spare parts. Very prissy to maintain.

Wifey – 2013 Kia Optima with 2-liter turbo motor. Very fast, comfortable touring car. As well built and reliable as any Honda I ever drove (I drove Honda’s exclusively for 23 years). Would highly recommend Hyundai/Kia products to anyone.

2006 Pontiac Vibe, 320,000 mi. 1987 Ford F-150 longbed, 140,000 mi. 1995 Honda CB750 Nighthawk 1955 Chevy BelAir 4dr.

Yep. 100 mi daily round-trip commute that is 95% highway = under-stressed. Fluids, tires, belts/hoses, brakes, & ECM replaced under recall is all I’ve had to do to it. It’s the very definition of “appliance” but for all the money I haven’t had to spend on it, I can put up with a little boredom.

2003 Merc C230 Coupe :-( 2003 Honda Pilot :-|zzzzzzz 2007 Mazda RX8 :-D 2007 Mitsubishi Outlander XLS :-)

Past UK 2001 Soda Octavia TDi :-D 1.9 – 110hp :-D 1998 Rover 200 Td 2.0 105 hp :-) 1991 Toyota Corolla 1.3 no horsepower :-|

1991 Mazda Miata, near-mint condition, same blue as a Bugatti Type 35, autocrossed regularly, and daily driven whenever the weather’s nice.

2001 Saturn SL2, daily driven whenever the weather’s not nice enough for the Miata. Bought this new for my wife and it refuses to die. It is the most reliable vehicle I’ve ever owned.

I’m with you on the Saturn. I have owned three S-series cars, and sold them all in good working order. SO cheap to maintain!

A6 3.0 here as wel, a 2014. Has 19k 10 of which put on by myself. What a machine. My wife’s 2014 Ford Fusion Hybrid is hardly 10% of the car for half the price, not surprisingly it’s currently being returned under lemon law.

The wife’s daily driver (she drops me off at the train) is a 2012 Centennial Edition Corvette “narrowbody” Coupe.

The extreme foul weather/carting the parents around car is a 2014 Chevrolet Impala LTZ (with the V6).

2006 Subaru Legacy SE Wagon 2007 BMW 328i 2002 SEAT Ibiza Sport TDi 1999 VW Golf S 1995 Peugeot 306 XS 1989 Austin Metro 1.3L

Past: -1968 Olds Cutlass S fastback coupe -1973 VW Thing -1990 VW Fox -1991 Chrysler LeBaron Convertible -1994 VW Golf -1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS-T -1996 Honda Accord LX -1990 Buick Century Limited -2004 Hyundai Sonata -1997 Infiniti I30 -1999 Nissan Pathfinder -1997 Olds Cutlass Supreme

1998 Honda Civic DX Hatchback 1991 Honda Accord LX 1987 Honda Accord LX 1996 Saturn SL1 1995 Chevy Caprice Classic Wagon

2010 BMWi xDrive Touring 2006 Porsche 9114S (MT) – 128,000km and counting 1996 RYCA CS-1 (aka Lucky Strike) 1974 Honda CB550

2008 Chevy 2500HD Crew Cab sporting some Hankook iPike Snow Tires for the winter…loving the winter gas mileage. 2012 Chrysler Town & Country…also sporting some snowies to get the family around right now.

Previously: 2008 Saturn Aura…back in the 3 car days when I didn’t daily drive the truck. 2008 Chrysler Town & Country…when the wife first came around to the fact that we needed a minivan when we had twins. 2006 Nissan Altima…first new car bought with my wife. 2002 Chevy Malibu…wife brought this into our marriage. 2006 Silverado z71 2001 S10 Blazer 1997 S10 Blazer…met a bitter end. 1992 Chevy Caviler…my first car in 1996…as basic as the came…previous owner put on aftermarket cruise…the passenger rear view mirror was not an included “option”…cranking them windows for the 45-65 AC.

Current: – 2003 Audi A4 1.8T quattro manual (CPO) – 316,xxx km (mine) – 2008 Chrysler Town and Country (bought new) – 140,xxx km (wife’s)

Previous: – 2003 Accord SE (wife’s, replaced by the T&C when we found the 2nd child was twins..) – 19?? Chevrolet Caviler 2Dr (wife’s) – 1993 Honda Civic Si Hatch (mine, sold with 350,xxx plus km when 1st child dictated a 4dr)

Current: 2012 Nissan Leaf 1-spd auto (now in the body shop, hangs head low) 2013 Kia Optima Hybrid 6-spd auto (no CVTs here!) 2009 Kia Sedona 5-spd auto (shout out for Kia’s great minivan) 2011 Hyundai Sonata 6-spd auto (son’s car & money, in my name).

Past: 2001 Hyundai Elantra 4-spd auto (201k miles) 1999 Dodge Grand Caravan 4-spd auto 2005 Scion xB 5-spd stick (reliable as the day is long) 2005 Honda Odyssey 5-spd auto (my oft-mentioned lemon) 2002 VW Passat V6 5-spd auto (troublesome) 1996 Plymouth Grand Voyager 4-spd auto 1995 Dodge Stratus V6 4-spd auto 1985 Chrysler LeBaron GTS 5-spd stick (non-turbo) (owned 12 of its 15 years, 206k miles) 1982 Ford LTD 302 4-spd auto 1980 Mercury Bobcat 3-spd auto (really horrid) 1976 Ford Pinto 4-spd stick 1974 Fiat 128 SL 4-spd stick 1971 Ford Pinto 4-spd stick

Future: Possibilities include the mythical Tesla Model 3, the new Jeep Renegade, a hybrid, or another Leaf.

I learned to drive on a 1978 Ford Fiesta and 1974 Ford Maverick V8 – loved them both. My 05 xB1 drove just like the 78 Fiesta.

All of my cars have had some good qualities I’d like to meld into one vehicle, except maybe that Bobcat.

Six of these cars (including 2 current ones) are white. Other colors include orange, blue, black, purple, green, silver, and red. I won’t do silver again.

Summer: 2008 Mustang Bullitt, 2013 Fiat 500 Abarth Winter: 2000 Roush Cougar V6, 2003 SVT Focus #2370

’01 Ford Ranger S ’10 BMW 335i Sport ’07 Toyota Yaris ’11 BMW M3 (garaged and about to be sold)

2014 Hyundai Genesis 5.0 R-spec – daily driver 2008 BMW 528i – wife’s car 2000 F250 4×4 crew cab short bed 7.3 diesel – toy truck/heavy hauler 1998 Porsche 911 C2 cabriolet manual transmission – the toy 2003 Honda Civic coupe manual transmission – needs to be sold.

Current: 2012 Ford Galaxy diesel 6spd manual 2008 Mini Cooper Clubman S 6 spd manual 2001 Smart Pulse auto clutch 6 spd manual

Past: 2002 Ford Focus Wagon diesel 5 spd manual 1965 Chevrolet Corvette 327/300 4 spd 1964 Austin Healey 3000 MkIII 4 spd O/D 1996 Renault Clio 5 spd 1989 BMW 318is 5 spd 1976 BMW 2002 4 spd 1987 Honda CRX SI 5 spd 1974 BMW 2002tii 4 spd 1978 BMW 320i 4 spd 1971 BMW Bavaria 4spd

Look at you with your forbidden European fruit. How awesome is it? I looks like it is awesome. Which diesel is it? I covet the Galaxy and S-Max.

Nice sized with a footprint slightly smaller than a BMW 5 Series, yet comfortable seating for 7 and still some decent space for luggage. Best handling MPV on the market other than the S-Max sister, and with 140 HP turbo-diesel I average about 40 mpg in daily mixed driving, but can do up to mid-40s on highway stretches if kept below about 70 mph. It is far nicer in every way that any of the US market MPVs, but I think Americans would find it a bit small in size for the money, which I suspect is why Ford has no chosen to sell it stateside.

2012 GT500 2011 Outback (wife’s DD) 2001 F250 7.3 diesel 1996 Saturn SC2 (winter beater) 1960 Cadillac Coupe Deville (work in progress, only auto trans in the bunch)

Agreed and about half the price to pick one up in the same condition, with almost all the non-trim parts carryover from the 59.

2000 Lexus ES300, 155K – just bought in Oct. as a daily driver all year round. Clean, solid, comfortable. First Toyota product I’ve driven in the past twenty years.

2006 Mazda MPV, 102K – the family van. Great maneuverability and space for the four of us. Had it since new. Pretty reliable overall. Getting ready to think about replacement – we are moving out of minivan stage

1982 Honda Prelude, 143K – my summer fun car. Bought used in 2012. Mint and pristine. Runs like a champ (with some carb work). Very rare on the roads in the north country. Even with an automatic, it scoots. Love the big sunroof.

Past: 1996 Volvo 850 R wagon – total sleeper car. Very fast. Nickle and dimed me to death on repairs, even if it was well engineered overall.

1990 Volvo 240 Wagon – only had for about 10 months. Bought used from a little old lady. Was immaculate. Got totaled by a student who thought a stop sign was just a suggestion

1983 Mercedes 240D – bought used and had for a year. Built like a tank and about as slow. Driving it in the MN winter was challenging. Well built, but repairs were PRICEY!

2000 Volkswagen Passat 1.8 wagon – had a stick. First new car I ever bought. Loved it — never had major problems in over 90K miles. Would love it today, if it hadn’t gotten totaled as well. I still miss it.

1998 Honda Civic – first and only leased car. Even with a stick, it was not that peppy. Reliable. Pretty boring. Not sorry to see it go when I turned it back in.

1993 Mazda Protege – first stick shift car. A lot of fun to drive. Very eager. Choppy ride. Had the annoying automatic shoulder belts. Sold it once we had a kid.

1983 Nissan Stanza – got it from my folks as the former family car. Learned to drive on it. Decent car overall. Never quite as reliable as you’d think it should be as a Japanese car from that era.

1976 Old Cutlass 4 door – bought for cheap from my uncle. The yellow sub. Drank gas like there was no tomorrow and had the most wimpy V8 I had ever seen. Rusted out in the trunk. Still, it was the perfect car for NYC — big, fit lots of folks, didn’t care about dents.

2011 Chevy Cruze Eco (manual, the beater) 2008 Pontiac Grand Prix (wife’s) 2005 Pontiac Bonneville GXP 2002 Pontiac/SLP Firehawk Formula 1973 Pontiac Firebird Esprit (Rockford Files car look-a-like)

Don’t want to take up too much band with writing on past cars, lets just say I have 99 problems and they all revolve around buying cars too often. It’s been 3.5 years since my last purchase and I’m seriously jonesing!

2012 Ram 1500 4X4 Laramie Crew cab 2011 Mustang convertible 6 speed manual 1973 Dart 340 1972 El Camino 350, 700R4

I presently drive: 1967 Chevy Impala (the Land Ark) 2007 Subaru Legacy GT wagon 2006 Pontiac GTO 2009 Toyota Tacoma

I think both the Z4 Coupe and GTO are some of the best sports car values out there and was considering one of them in the next couple of years. My next choice was a 2009 or newer RX8

I haven’t had a lot of seat time in the Z4, but I have to admit, it is a lot of fun. If you’re looking for a true sports car, it’s the way to go. The GTO power is intoxicating. I sometimes think I want something that handles better, but the effortlessness with which it accelerates keeps it in my driveway. The GTO interior is nicer, the Z4 seems super cheap. But she has M seats in it which are great for someone with a smaller frame. The GTO seats are probably great for a fat guy. If I had to replace the GTO, I’d either get a Focus ST or FR-Z.

Ok, where do I start… Previous cars (I’m 35) ; ’68 Ford Taunus 20M, 2.3 v6 project(rusted to death) ’83 Honda Quintet, shared with my brother ’80 Audi 100 1.6, DD totalled after 3 days ’80 Honda Prelude, bought and sold her back after a week ’78 Volvo 242L B19 DD , my first Daily Driver, after actually getting a license. ’78 Buick Century wagon with a 76 Chevy 350 ’78 Opel Ascona,project only car I’ve ever made money on ’69 Ford Taunus 17M, 2.3 v6, lacking paperwork, long story… ’85 Peugeot 505 Gti, wouldn’t run, scrapped it. After these, and in between the rest I’ve owned roughly 12 Ford Sierras of different years and models, including two rusted out Xr4i’s, one of which had more than 300K miles on it when it was scrapped. About half of these were DD’s, the other half projects or just bought for parts. Still own a baby blue metallic ’84 5 door, and enough parts to build a reasonably fast 2.9 V6 for it. ’89 Ford Scorpio 2.4, DD traded back after 3 days, wouldn’t run properly ’80 (EU) Ford Granada 2.3 wagon DD , free car :) ’90 Accord 2.2 DD ’87 Audi 100 2.2 Quattro DD ’97 Renault Laguna 1.8 DD, beatiful ,comfortable excruiatingly slow… ’85 Ford Scorpio 2.0i DD, lovely car, but rusty. Only had 250K (miles) on it. ’93 BMW 525iX wagon DD, piece of ****, broke my hand, saved me lots of gas money, but cost too much in parts. ’03 Honda CR-V,DD with the third kid on the way I wanted something large and reliable, having owned a BMW for 9 months made me hate working on cars…sadly totalled the the same night Paul Walker died. Apparently a very safe car :) .

And then finally the two running cars I own now. ’07 Honda CR-V, DD, automatic…needed a new car after we totalled the other…boring…currently for sale. ’94 Audi 100 2.6 fwd, the ‘toy’ car. Painted flames on it, drive it when we don’t need the space in the CR-V. Also for sale, but may keep it as a DD for a while if I can sell the CR-V. (only 170K on it yet though) I may have forgotten a couple of cars, possibly just cars bought for parts anyway, but I’ve never owned a VW or Toyota. Yet… And so far only 2 of my DD’s have been auto’s.

Current: 2000 Saab 9-5 Wagon 1996 Miata (for sale when it comes out of winter storage) 1991 Saab 900SE Turbo convertible

A few of the pasts: 02 Mazda Protege5 00 Mazda Protege Sedan 89 Saab SPG 92 Saab 9000S 00 Saab 9-3 Base 94 Saab 9000 Aero

It was a great 30ft car, but too rusty to consider preserving. If it makes you feel better, I’m confident I’ll have a nicer one some day, and my dad still drives that one in the winter.

The SPG had one serious flaw: Rust But I’ll have another someday, and my dad still uses it as a beater in the winter.

As for the ol’ obligatory “Saab Story/Sob Story” commenter: I actually as recently as this year owned 0 Saabs and 2 Mazdas. I couldn’t bring myself to leave that situation alone, so I sold my reliable Protege5 that was an excellent driver for my 9-5. I’ve spent more on repairs for the wagon since buying it than I paid for the P5, and I really don’t care.

You’d be amazed at the reliability and economy of owning a Hyundai, for example. But something tells me you don’t really want that.

You’d be amazed at the thrill of driving a turbo Saab with its gobs of character and tank-like durability, but something tells me you don’t really want that.

SCE – no offense taken whatsoever. This is a fun thread. And anyway, this “dedicated” Saab guy now drives an Audi (out of warranty too – the horror). Always on the lookout for an old Saab though- just can’t quit ’em.

Daily drivers: 2014 Chevy Volt 8,000 miles (90% electric) 2003 Toyota Tacoma PreRunner XtraCab V6 115K

Classics: 1941 Lincoln Continental Cabriolet 1964 1/2 Ford Mustang Convetible 260V8 1965 Lincoln Continental Convertible sedan.

Current 04 BMW 325IX Touring 77k bought used 01 Jeep Grand Cherokee V8 (Brown)82k bought used 13 Hyundai Sonata GLS (wife)38k bought new

Past 10 Honda Odyssey (wife) new 06 Jeep Liberty (wife) new 91 Acua Integra used 02 Jeep Wrangler used 91 Jeep Wrangler used 95 Mazda Protoge (wife) new 93 Ford Probe GT new 84 VW Quantum Hand me down

Past: 2006 Honda Civic EX (manual) 2004 Acura TSX (manual) 1989 Ford Taurus SHO 1988 Honda Accord LX (auto) 1987 Ford Taurus GL (Vulcan V6)

Other cars I’ve been deeply connected to: 1992 Audi V8 (Euro-spec 4.2, dad’s car for many years) 1989 Subaru Justy (1.2, manual, pushbutton 4WD) 1989 Land Rover Discovery (3.5 V8, 3-door, manual) 1982 BMW 525i (Euro-spec, manual) 1981 Chevy Chevette (four on the floor, top uphill speed 35 mph, somehow went past 150,000 miles in my mom’s care) 1979 Honda Civic CVCC Hondamatic (don’t ask)

92 Nissan Sentra SE-R (#2 cylinder stopped firing 2 weeks ago) 91 Nissan 240SX (broke a bolt for the idle control valve, leaks like a drunk who can’t find a toilet) 66 GMC 3/4T (transmission has no neutral, but I did find the correct rear axle at the junkyard last month)

Ah, but mine is the wacky close-ratio GM version of the NP435- 1st is a 4.55 or so. I’m going to take the top cover off to see what’s up, then go look for another cover with provision for a backup light switch.

2013 Kawasaki Concours 2011 Nissan Titan Pro 4X for those rare days I don’t ride 2011 Kawasaki KLR as a backup bike

Lots of previous vehicles, but the most interesting of them was an 81 F-100 with a straight 6, a three-on-the-tree manual transmission, and no options at all (it didn’t even have panel vents).

Sold: 2008 USDM Mitsubishi Evo X MR (6-speed DCT) 1997 Mitsu Evo IV GSR (5-speed manual) 1995? USDM Mitsu 3000GT SL

Wow never heard of this one before! I love the Mark IIs, wish the US got these classy looking cars. 1st gen GS300 may be related though?

GS300 = Toyota Aristo. Much larger and heavier car, but at least it’s still JZ-powered. I think the Lexus GS family in general is more closely related to the Toyota Crown.

And I agree Toyota definitely missed out on a great opportunity by not importing their entry-level luxury RWD sedans to the States. The Mark II has been bulletproof so far (mine has ~115,000 km), only needed an alignment (beyond tires and regular oil changes) and I drive it pretty hard.

That iR-V has got the front of an 04 Corolla, the s!des of an 08 Camry, and the rear of an 01 C-Class. Ain’t nothin original on it!

Past: 1975 Volkswagen Beetle 1984 Ford Mustang notchback V6 (I traded the bug for this thing) 1969 Volkswagen Fastback (Traded the Mustang for this, it was basically a Bug but with the engine space of a Subaru)

1990 Plymouth Horizon (Rusty and ugly but trusty, a shift into park at 40mph killed the transmission)

1989 Toyota Tercel (Crappy car that got my license) 1992 Volvo 240 (Great car, good profit) 1984 Mercury Grand Marquis (Electric issues that no one could sort out) 1992 Honda Accord (Very overrated cars these are, felt like my Tercel) 1996 Volvo 850 (Countless emission faults that were robbing me)

Current: 1990 Volvo 240DL wagon (Would’ve picked a 945, but this ones low mileage and was dirt cheap)

Future?: Saab 900, “last of the real Saabs” BMW E30 or earlier Mercedes 190E MAYBE a Lexus or Acura of some sort, depends on how they fair against rust.

I currently own: 1969 AMC Rambler station wagon 105k 1969 Dodge Dart Custom sedan 64k 2001 Pontiac Aztek GT WITH tent! 240k

And as a sales manager at an auto dealership, many varied drivers. I usually lean toward driving: Camaros/Challengers Sierra/Silverado/Ram trucks.

Some past cars: 1993 Isuzu Stylus 2004 Isuzu Axiom 1959 Chevy Biscayne 2 door sedan 1966 Pontiac Catalina 2 door hardtop 1972-1977 Chevy Vegas (6 of them, plus 2 Pontiac Astres) 1973 Plymouth ‘Cuda 340 4 speed 1972 Buick Skylark 2 door hardtop 1971 Chevrolet Bel Air Townsman Wagon and about 40 more!

2018 Audi SQ5 2017 Something by Honda which like the current one is very tax efficient put through my business. Sexy, I know.

1997 Lincoln Town Car, triple black 1999 Buick Riviera Silver Arrow 2008 Chrysler Pacifica with the 4,0-l engine and 6-speed B-W trans

Current: 2013 Chevrolet Suburban…I live in the Philippines now and have a driver. I do miss drivng.

1967 Mustang given to me by my grandfather In 1988 as a 16 year old….I was a lucky guy. 1990 Ford Probe bought brand new after the above Mustang was sold after being difficult..I like the car business..I don’t like fixing cars. 1995 Chevy Cavalier….bought new…simple good car. Stripped version. 1995 BMW 318…bought used,..,best car I’ve ever owned. Never should have traded it. 2002 BMW 328…bought new. Got to know my BWM dealer well under warranty….cost me an arm and a leg out of warranty until… 2002 Ford Focus SVT…bought used….fun to drive but had issues that made me buy… 2010 GMC Terrain new…sold it recently..was a good car while I owned it.

’09 Chevy HHR SS Turbo, Stick Fast, fun, economical, practical, it’s my “have my cake and eat it too” car. Of course, GM stopped making it. If I had to replicate this car today, the closest would probably be a Focus ST.

2004 MINI cooper S ordered with almost all options and delivered in March 2004 the best car I have ever owned all around and I am 6’3″ and 260 lbs. pure fun to drive. the only car I have ever ordered just how I wanted it. 1948 jeep CJ 2A bought new by my father the month I was born and mine since 1964

Previous 1989 Range Rover … Sold privately in 2004 for 6000 ( yes I take very good care of my cars) it was amazingly problem free except for the window switches used hard on very soft sand beaches for over a third of its miles. 1985 VW rabbit convertible this was a problem car from about 2 years old 1980 jeep Cherokee bought used in 1982 after the Saab was totalled 1976 Saab 99ems a great car I would have kept longer except it was rear ended by a drunk in a wagoneer while it was parked and driven into the three cars in front of it… The drunk backed away from the 4 of us and drove off leaking all fluids police found car in the the street 4 blocks away with the drunk passed out on his front porch unable to unlock his front door… He had a broken back too 1968 mbenz 250SL bought used in 1973 became a maintenance hog in 1976 sold privately to get the Saab 1969 Chevy blazer bought new an early build vin showed it was the 75th built lots of problems with the fibreglass top (tops it went through 3 courtesy of GM I put a larger fuel tank in it as well as a pair of saddle tanks from Hickey For a total of almost 60 gal useable lots of off road mods but sold on 1973 due to the fibreglass top problems and early tin worm signs.

All of these cars were owned by me or in my family. The last five cars are currently owned by me and in service. As you can see, I’ve been having fun.

1950 Buick Super 2-dr. Sedanet 1951 Ford Victoria 2-dr. sedan 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air 2-dr. sedan 1947 Buick Roadmaster Convertible 1959 VW Beetle (36 hp) 2-dr. sedan 1961 Morgan Plus 4 Coupe, drop-head 1965 Saab 96 GT850 2-dr. sedan 1963 VW Microbus Van 1968 Lancia Fulvia 1.3 Coupe 1968 VW Microbus Van Camper 1970 Citroen DS19 4-dr. sedan 1972 Citroen DS21 Wagon 1967 Pontiac Firebird Coupe 1966 Dodge Polara Wagon 1973 Chevrolet Caprice Wagon 1983 Nissan Stanza 4-dr. sedan 1985 Honda CRX Coupe 1986 Honda Accord 4-dr. sedan 1990 Honda Civic Wagon 1992 Mitsubishi Galant VR4 4-dr. sedan 1995 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4 Spyder Convertible, Hard-top 1999 Honda Odyssey Van 2002 Audi S6 Avant Wagon

2005 Morgan Aero 8 Roadster 2006 Honda Element SUV, small 2011 Mercedes C63 AMG 4-dr. sedan 2014 Jaguar F-Type Roadster 1975 Lancia Fulvia 1.3 Monte Carlo Coupe

@DMoulton — you have had (and still have!) quite an interesting fleet of cars! You should write some guest columns on them. Two Fulvias and two Morgans??

I do owe Derek a couple of stories though…just gotta get around to putting pen to paper (virtually speaking)!

Lots of other stuff in the garage, but none would qualify as DDs (ie, 87 911 that only goes out on sunny days…)

This thread certainly brought all the lurkers out of the shadows. Nice to see so many unfamiliar handles.

History: 2000 Toyota Camry 1997 Saturn SL1 1991 Oldsmobile Calais 1984 Ford Tempo 1971 Mercury Comet 1972 Plymouth Duster

2014 MINI COOPER F56, Moonwalk Grey, with manual transmission, and LOADED! Love it! Beat out the Mazda3 and VW Golf for me. (No offense, Derek)

2003 S2000, currently in storage 2011 Acura TSX, boring DD 2008 VW Jetta, Wife’s car she just slammed into a deer and totaled

Previous Cars in order of ownership: 1989 Saab 900 1989 Saab 9000 Turbo 1991 VW Jetta GL 1991 Nissan Hardbody 1998 Subaru Legacy GT 1991 Acura Integra LS 4dr 1998 Subaru Forester L (Wife’s Car) 2008 Subaru Impreza 2.5i 2002 Dodge Stratus 2003 Ford Focus SVT

Three cars at present (two drivers plus two with permits): 2003 Subaru Legacy SE wagon, 5-speed, purchased new 2006 Subaru Forester Premium, 5-speed, purchased in 2010 from a sibling 2007 Subaru Forester LL Bean, automatic, inherited

Previously: 1966 Pontiac Bonneville convertible, 389, with factory a/c, power windows/locks/bench seat, etc. (the car of my protracted adolescence, 1974-1991) 1983 Honda Civic base 1300 three-door, 4-speed, 12-inch wheels, no armrests (hand-me-down from sibling) 1986 Subaru GL wagon, 5-speed, manual steering (spouse’s car when I met her) 1990 Subaru Legacy LS AWD wagon, automatic, air suspension (those air shocks were costly when they went bad! – hand-me-down from parent) 1999 Chevy Prizm, 5-speed (our first of two new car purchases; no radio or speakers initially; the only options were a/c and rear defog)

Impossible/unlikely future dream car: Re-creation of my family’s fully optioned 1967 Pontiac Executive wagon, but with modern drivetrain, brakes, and safety equipment, and possibly without the woodgrain vinyl. One of the prettiest wagons ever made. (Also, I was looking at a $5000 1995 Nissan 300ZX 5-speed convertible in the Hemmings classifieds a few weeks ago, but as our house has no garage, I think I’d better stop looking at such ads…)

2012 Honda Odyssey 2011 Nissan Maxima 2009 Ford Flex 2006 Mazdaspeed6 (6MT) 2005 Nissan Pathfinder 2003 LR Freelander 2002 Mazda Protégé 5 (5 MT) 1991 Nissan Maxima 1983 Volvo 240 Turbo Wagon (4MT with OD) 1979 Volvo 240 Sedan (4MT)

Past: ’99 Acura TL (229K); ’96 Subaru Outback; ’91 Audi 100; ’86 Audi 5000; ’89 Plymouth Acclaim (don’t ask); ’79 Volvo 244DL; ’78 Caprice; ’73 Olds 88 convertible; ’70 Peugeot 504.

1987 Chevy G20 Conversion van with 169,000 miles 1991 Buick Roadmaster Estate Wagon with 245,000 miles 1993 BMW 740iL with 140,000 miles 1994 BMW 740iL with 245,000 miles

The 1993 BMW is currently getting an entirely new front suspension, the 1994 BMW is waiting on new blower fan & control as well as an engine overhaul. The G20 needs some new paint, but serves 3rd car duty.

2008 Mazda3 2.3S 5 speed 2007 Ford Mustang GT 5 speed 1998 Dodge Dakota Sport 1995 Chrysler Cirrus LXi 1988 Chevy G-20 Sportvan 1980 Ford F150 Custom 4 speed

2002 Vw Eurovan 1999 bmw 540i/6speed 1984 Pininfarina Azzurro (fiat spider) 1966 Ford Mustang fastback

I’m currently driving a 2014 Dodge Dart SXT with the 2.4 litre engine and the 6-speed Powershift automatic.

2011 Honda Crosstour 2010 Honda Civic Si sedan 2006 Ford Mustang Coupe (4.0 V6/5-speed auto) 1993 Ford Ranger Extra-Cab (4.0 V6/auto) 1984 Chevy Camaro (305ci V8/auto) 1986 Cadillac sedan (with the ATROCIOUS cyclinder-deactivation system) 1982 Datsun 280ZX (auto) 1978 Chevy Camaro (V8/auto)

1982 Renault LeCar, stick (not the worst car I’ve owned, surprisingly) 1981 Honda Civic Wagon, stick 1977 Mercury Zephyr, inline 6, auto, no PS or PB 1986 Honda Accord hatchback, stick 1989 Dodge Colt GT, stick 1991 Saab 900s convertible, stick 1998 Volvo V70, auto 2001 Saab 9-5 Wagon, auto (worst car I’ve owned) 2003 Acura MDX, auto 2008 Acura MDX, auto 2009 Acura TSX, auto 2011 Lexus CT 200H, CVT (which thanks me for owning the 9-5)

Anyones free to correct me, but imo when Sweden quit making the Volvo 940 in 1998 they quit making reliable cars.

’14 Challenger RT with minor mods to make it more loud and obnoxious. This replaced an 09 Cobalt SS.

My car: 2009 Toyota Camry hybrid. Bought it March 2011 with 80k miles, now at 155k. I have a 30 mile drive to work, average 44mpg.

Wife’s car: 2007 Honda Civic hybrid. Bought 5 days ago with 99k miles. Also averaging 44mpg so far.

Totaled a couple weeks ago by a moron. Wife’s car: 2006 Volvo XC70 with 146k miles. Bought March 2012 with 132k miles. Didn’t expect to enjoy this car as much as I did. The fuel mileage was awful, around 20mpg. However, it was comfortable and the cargo capacity was amazing. I’ll miss it.

2008 Audi S5, for now. 45k miles, soon to be heading into maintenance danger zone. But I only drive 4k miles a year, so maybe not too soon. Decisions decisions.

Darkwing – how is the S6? That is a serious contender for my next ride. If only I could afford the RS7…. Argh.

As you can see, this is both my first luxury and performance car, so take my opinion with a grain of salt — but I love it. Great power (though the DCT could be smoother from a stop), great handling, and great gadgets. My first choice was actually the S7, but in retrospect I’m glad I ended up with the S6. (Mostly because of the extra weight and just how compromised the rear seats are.)

For an extra $1500, an APR tune will get you 560 hp and 580 ft-lbs on 93 octane. It’s no Trifecta Tune, of course, but it certainly helps bridge the gap.

Now, if they ever bring the RS6 back over here, it’s going to turn into a “shut up and take my money” type of situation…

2015 Mazda 6 Touring (2.5L 6spd manual 1.4k miles) 2013 Ford F150 Crew Cab XLT (3.7L V6 auto 10k miles) 1998 Isuzu Rodeo LS 4×4 (3.2L Auto 245k miles) 1999 Isuzu Trooper S 4×4 (3.5L Auto 190k miles)

Prior: 2005 Nissan Pathfinder XE (4.0L Auto 145k miles) 2001 Ford Taurus SE (3.0L Auto 98k miles) 1998 Ford Ranger Reg Cab Flare Side (2.5L 5spd 134k miles) 1986 Pontiac Fiero GT (3.2L 5spd 105k miles) 1986 Subaru Justy (? 5spd, 188k miles)

1993 jeep cherokee 2 door 4×4 4.0 HO 1987 dakota 3.9 2wd. I sort of took your advice sajeev, I just traded that dodge up for another vehicle…. 1998 jeep grand cherokee 4×4 4.0 My prior history is very long and very american.

We also have a 2002 Honda CRV that is the errand/grocery/dog car, a 2013 Honda Civic that my spoiled daughter drives mostly as a reward for all the things we ask her to do for us, and my wife has a 2001 MR2 Spyder, manual also, my wife loves to drive a stick.

Well technically I sold my GTI several months ago, after 3 months of trying to find the right buyer, I got $500 less than asking, so I was happy. I had wanted a Mustang since I heard about the new ones, but I planned to wait until the end of the 2015 model year to take advantage of the inevitable rebates and such, save some money, etc. But then the 1st 2015 GT I even saw in person was on the showroom floor of some dinky Ford dealer near my house that I would have never considered even shopping at. I pulled in to check it out on my way home from work, and it was the perfect color, with the perfect options I wanted, all performance, no fluff. Except it had leather seats, which are not supposed to be available on the base GT… factory oops. I still didn’t do anything but look, and went home. We had an errand to run the next morning, so I told my wife we would stop in the dealer, just so she could see one in person, had no intention of buying. She saw it, said I love it, if you want it get it. A few hours later I was driving it home. Not gonna argue with her when she is in that kind of mood!

It ate my nice long reply so I will try again… Technically I sold the GTI a few months ago, finally found the right buyer. I had planned to wait until the end of the model year to get a Mustang, for the inevitable rebates, and to save up more money. But the very first one I saw in person was the orange GT with comp pack and Recaros, it was exactly what I planned to order. I brought my wife to see it the next day and she said “I love it, if you want it then get it”. A few hours later I was driving it home, I am not going to argue with her when she is in that kind of mood!

Best part is my car is a base GT but somehow it ended up with leather Recaros, they are supposed to be cloth. Factory oops I guess.

OK I saw everyone else doing history and I got nostalgic, decided to try to list all my vehicles from my past. I probably missed one or two, I used to buy and sell cars a lot when I was in the Air Force and I know there was a few others, but this is pretty complete:

1978 Cadillac Coupe DeVille (parents spare car in HS) 1979 VW Scirocco (AT) 1984 Pontiac Trans Am (MT) 1980 Toyota Tercel (MT) 1986 VW GTI 16V (MT) 1985 Honda Civic Si (MT) 1986 Hyundai Excel (MT) 1987 Ford Escort (AT) 1984 Honda Civic (MT, no-X, not even a DX, the real base one) 1991 Ford F150 XLT reg cab (MT, 2wd, 6cyl) 1983 Toyota Corolla wagon (AT) 1993 Honda Civic EX coupe (AT) 1987 Suzuki Samarai (MT) 1991 Ford Explorer XLT (AT) 1996 Saturn SC1 (AT) 1997 Ford Ranger XLT (MT) 1998 Land Rover Discovery (AT) 1999 VW GTI (MT, the New GTI, 1999.5, non-turbo) 1997 BMW M3 sedan (MT) 1981 Mazda RX7 (MT) 2001 Toyota Celica GT (AT) 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan Sport 1991 Cadillac Sedan DeVille (inherited from grandpa) 1987 Oldsmobile Cutlass Calais (inherited from grandma) 2003 Mazda Protege5 (MT) 2005 Ford Explorer XLT (AT) 2003 Daewoo Lanos (AT, dau’s car) 2001 Toyota MR2 Spyder (MT, current) 1997 Nissan 240SX (AT, dau’s car) 2008 VW GTI (DSG) 2005 Hyundai Accent (AT, dau’s car) 2003 Honda CRV EX (current) 2013 Honda Civic LX (AT, dau #2’s car, current) 2002 Honda Civic EX coupe (AT, dau’s car, current) 2015 Mustang GT (MT, current)

1997 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 6-speed 30th Anniversary Black over charcoal leather with upgraded LS1-era Firebird Firehawk power leather seats – Bought in March with 65.5k miles – K&N intake, SLP shorty headers to cats, SLP cat-back exhaust = the sound of heavy metal and revenge when you get on it. I missed a V8, and this is sweet reunion. Long live Opti-Spark.

1998 Mazda Protege LX 1.5L 5-speed My humble and faithful beige over beige steed for 10 years including college

1988 BMW 325iS 5-speed (2011 only) Gorgeous white over Cardinal red leather – Euro bumper conversion – 200k miles and all the electronics worked(!) – an expensive lesson in (not) vetting a car but at least I sold it for more than I bought it and she was completely sorted (and what a car!)

1988 Dodge Ramcharger 360 4bbl V8 A727 3-speed auto 2WD First rig – silver/grey/silver + red pin striping and a Ram’s bust hood ornament – hot 80’s action maroon interior – Excellent condition – 10.7 MPG average

Fellow opti owner here. I didn’t include it in my list, but I also have a ’94 Caprice with the 4.3L version of the LT1. I have an LE2 headed 5.7L sitting in the shop waiting to go in when I find the time.

It’s has limited modifications. Replace the suspension with an ARB Old Man Emu setup. This gave me new (better) springs, shocks, bushes, etc and a 2″ lift.

Replace the standard alloy rims with CSA Jackal’s, very nice and 17″, 265, 75 Series, 10ply, BF Goodrich T/A AT’s. Not good for on road handling, but great for traction.

The pickup has every acronym for traction, stability, braking, towing, etc. It’s great watching the instrument cluster in the wet, it lights up. Oh, it also came with a E locker in the assend, great for when you get bogged.

And a few other changes, like a bull bar for driving over wildlife, 3.5 ton tow package, etc. It’s returning me around 30mpg. Not bad for a pickup that weighs 4800lbs empty.

I has Ford’s worst ever infotainment system! It doesn’t understand Australian English/accent. So it’s quicker to just manually adjust whatever function that requires a change.

@mkirk, The suspension is magic. I really don’t know why the manufacturers can’t provide a suspension as good as the OME. The kit cost me AUD $1 700 including our 10% GST.

When I fitted the BFG’s the pickup had a tendency to railroad under certain road conditions (sealed road only). The OME suspension fixed this and has given a better ride.

It took me around 4 hours to put in. At work I have access to a hoist, hydraulic press (coil overs) etc. I also fitted a Safari snorkel supplied by ARB.

Off road the shocks work really well and allows for “easier” articulation of the axles. This is more advantageous as like driving on any surface to more rubber in contact makes life easier.

The rear leaf spring pack from the manufacturer had less springs, but two helper springs. The OME spring pack has two additional springs and only one helper.

The OME kits are bought according to what load is in your vehicle. This doesn’t impact the vehicles GVM at all, but allow for the ride and sag when loaded.

I’ve kept the economy alive by purchasing vehicles over the years…. Current: ’99 Ford F350 7.3L SRW 2WD 6 M/T 267k miles ’11 Subaru Outback Premium A/T 67k miles ’14 Subaru Outback 2.5i 6 M/T 6k miles ’79 Volks Type-2 4 M/T under reconstruction 115k miles Former: ’60 Olds Dynamic 88 A/T ’61 Renault Dauphine 4 M/T ’66 Corvair Corsa 4 M/T ’39 Ford 2dr w/ ’57 Buick V8 and LaSalle 3 M/T ’68 Porsche 912 4 M/T ’70 VW Beetle 4 M/T ’71 El Camino A/T ’72 Volks Type-2 4 M/T ’75 Scirroco 4 M/T ’78 Volks Dasher 4 M/T ’73 VW Beetle 4 M/T ’73 Volks Type-2 4 M/T ’81 Volks Vanagon 4 M/T ’85 Dodge Colt Vista FWD 4 m/T (wife now ex) ’86 Chevy Astro Van 4.3L 5 M/T (wife now ex) ’89 Volks Fox Wgn 4 M/T (wife now ex to kid to kid) ’89 Pontiac GP A/T ’90 Chevy C1500 ex-cab 2WD 5 M/T ’92 Mitsu Expo SP 2WD A/T (wife now ex) ’87 Pontiac GP A/T (kid training vehicle X 2) ’97 Buick Special A/T (commuter) ’98 Honda Civic EX 2-dr A/T (still owned by kid) ’11 Subaru Outback Premium A/T (one of two, traded for ’14 OB)

Previous(in order): 2013 Dodge Charger SXT AWD 2013 Hyundai Elantra GT 6mt 2012 Hyundai Accent SE 6mt 2011 Hyundai Sonata SE auto 2008 Ford Fusion SEL I4 5mt 2006 Ariel Atom K20 NA 6mt 2006 Honda Element EX AWD 5mt 1992 Mazda MX-3 GS V6 5mt 2002 Acura RSX-S 6mt 1998 Ford Contour SVT 5mt 1994 Acura Integra GS-R 5mt 1989 Plymouth Colt base 4mt 1982 Mercury LN7 4mt

2010 Volvo V70, 30K miles picked up at the factory in Gothenburg. 2002 Winnebago Rialta, 20K miles, second owner since 2012. 1991 Mercedes W201 190E 2.3, 185K miles, in the family since 1996. 1985 Mercedes W123 300D, 286K miles, second owner since 1993 (my first car).

1959 Metropolitan Nash FHC , up graded suspension , BW M35 slushbox , original 1500 engine with modified MGA 1622 cylinder head , Weber 34ICH carby , slow but *really* fun once it gets up to speed .

1984 European Spec. Mercedes 300CD Turbo Diesel Coupe , well over 300,000 miles , rebuilt the engine , a good DD with AC and FM radio etc. , good rally car too .

1969 Chevrolet C/10 short bed step side pick up truck , in tiny pieces right now as the cab rusted away and the frame was bent and had cracks , up grading from the 250 i6 & TH350 slushbox to a 292 i6 & TH350C slushbox with lock up torque converter .

1961 Morris Minor 2 door sedan , still in tiny pieces do to many ‘ might as wells ‘ encountered when I yanked the engine to replace the dead tranny .

1982 Mercedes 240D stripper sedan , only option when new was four speed slushbox , now has various European spec. bits and bobs added , still dog slow and 1,000 reliable , 340,000 miles and I really need to rebuild both engine and tranny but doesn’t smoke and everything works perfectly .

1984/85 European Spec. Mercedes 300TD wagon , pretty much fully optioned unlike most European wagons , has the M Code injection pump and goes like a scalded cat . 7 passenger , 15″ wheels , multi – band Becker radio etc. , etc. she loves it , I don’t so much . beige color .

Post winter I am going to pull the trigger on a new vehicle. Ford’s Fiesta ST is what I really want but everytime I read their forums I get scared off!

previously a C5 S6 and a C5 2.7TT Stage 3 and before that an E39M5 and before that a 2nd Gen Acura TL-S

2010 RX-8 sport. 2008 Civic Si sedan. Both daily drivers and each fitted with 2 rear facing car seats.

2012 Honda Civic LX Sedan (5spd manual) 35k miles – efficient/worry free commuter, road trip car in the summer or when we’re not hauling dogs

1996 Toyota 4Runner Limited (V6, 4×4, e-locker) 112k miles – camping/canoeing rig, dog hauler, road trip car when we bring dogs along, motorcycle trailer towing rig, Polar Vortex dominator (snow tire, tow strap, comealong equipped)

1977 Yamaha XS500C – veteran of an epic cross country ride from NY-SF and back in the summer of 2008, toured on it all over the Adirondacks and Vermont. Originally rescued from a barn for $50 when I was in highschool in 2005. Has 56k miles on it, 25 of which are mine.

1998 Suzuki Bandit 1200S 20k miles – bought last spring for more effective slab riding out here in the MidWest. Comfy sport tourer with some beastly torque. Love this bike, a steal at $2200 in turn key condition with decent tires! Keeps up with my buddies on Panigales and R1s just fine.

My current fleet: 2008 Acura TL, Pearl white with tan leather and navigation, 83,000 miles and could use a set of tires. I’ve had it for three and a half years and am completely bored with it; seriously considering swapping my son for the 2001 Audi A6 Avant I just got him. 2011 Chrysler Town & Country (Wife’s car), the only car I have that was bought new (mainly on Jack’s review), gold with brown leather (the worst color combination for resale according to several Chrysler salespeople) and 78,000 miles. Every body panel except for the roof, hood and left sliding door has some kind of damage and the drivers leather seat has completely disintegrated. Drives great but looks terrible. 1996 BMW Z3, Boston Green with tan leather and black top with 130,000 miles. Not a show car by any means but still looks respectable and has been fun to drive and inexpensive to maintain and operate. It rarely has the top up. 1996 Mercedes Benz SL320, Dark Green with tan leather and 119,000 miles, original paint and hardtop. Bought it last winter; never put the top up (mainly because the power top doesn’t work). Drives like a Mercedes should and is making me seriously consider buying a 1980’s or 1990’s W124 to replace my boring Acura. 1995 Volvo 850 GLT Wagon, Silver with charcoal leather and around 140,000 miles. Runs well and the AC even blows cold but 3 years of being my son’s college car has taken a toll on the old girl. Seats are in terrible condition (they were made for Swedish winters rather than Southeast US summers) but the body is surprisingly nice and cleans up well with some effort. This is our family pickup truck.

Previous: 2008 Chrysler Town & Country 2006 Chrysler 300C 2005 Chrysler Town & Country 2001 Oldsmobile Silhouette 2001 Chrysler Concorde 1997 Dodge Caravan ES 1993 Toyota Corolla 1995 Mazda Miata 1991 Honda Accord EX Wagon 1985 BMW 318i 1987 Mercury Sable GS 1987 Alfa Romeo Spider Graduate 1984 Alfa Romeo GTV-6 1983 Peugeot 505 STi 1981 Fiat Spider 1980 Fiat Brava 1982 Fiat Spider

“Drives like a Mercedes should and is making me seriously consider buying a 1980’s or 1990’s W124 to replace my boring Acura.”

“Drives like a Mercedes should and is making me seriously consider buying a 1980’s or 1990’s W124 to replace my boring Acura.”

I live in Mexico City, right now I drive a 2011 Chevrolet Aveo (yes I know you think it’s terrible but let me tell you that it isn’t that bad).

Past: 2009 Honda Accord EX; 2006 New Beetle Sport GLX 2.5 (manual); 2006 Smart ForTwo Passion Coupé; 2002 Toyota Camry LE; 2001 VW Jetta 2.0 (manual); 1997 Chevrolet Cavalier (manual); 1992 VW Beetle (of course manual); and 1989 VW Jetta.

I am a contrarian – and it’s working…LR3 110k mi. Audi allroad 140k mi. Switched out air-suspension on allroad to coil springs a while back.

That was the best thing about owning a VW. The dealership was attached to a Porsche/Audi dealership that had 112 different Keurig flavors, a fancy self serve expresso machine with pods, and delicious pastries.

Once I’m settled after school, I want to do a 6MT Allroad with Tial 605 turbos to get to 450 awhp, maybe some pss9/10s and Rotiforms or OZs. I will still daily my nogie though :)

2010 Hyundai genesis 4.6, 65,000 miles (black) and a 2012 Lexus Ct200H 40,000 miles (Dark Red). both bought C.P.O.

Past: 1993 Geo Prism LSI (dark red) 150,000 miles and still sitting in my parents garage 1989 Mitsubishi Galant (Silver) 175,000 miles and in the junk yard due to transmission 1999 Nissan Altima GXE (Tan), 180,000 miles and sold to former roommate, she totaled it 4 days later and doubled her money. 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid (Galaxy Gray. AKA Same Tan as the Altima) 185,000 worry free miles but became the cream filling in a 4 car pileup on the 5 fwy in San Diego this year.

Current daily driver is an 07 Mini Cooper S hardtop, 6spd, w/manual locking diff in BRG over black. The garage queens are an 06 Mercedes CLS 500 and a ’12 Audi Q5. The previous DD was an ’07 Cayman S 😢.

Previous (give or take) -200 Mazda Protege -1991 Toyota mr2 -first gen Saturn Base. 4dr –Subaru Legacy –1984 Toyota celica –a couple of 1980 corollas –a very basic 1970s Datsun hatch –1971 Datsun 240Z –1970s ford galaxie –1967 Mercury Cougar xr7

2005 Mazda 3 sport GT 5mt 1994 Nissan Altima GXE auto 1993 Nissan Pickup 4 cyl 5mt 1990 Nissan Pathfinder SE 5mt 1976 Chevrolet CamperVan G20 1987 Jetta “Wolfsburg” 5mt 1986 VW GTI 5mt 1983 VW Rabbit GTI 5mt 1980 VW Scirocco “S” 5mt 1977 VW Rabbit 4mt 1976 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am 400 auto 1974 Mercury Capri V6 4mt 1973 Datsun 510 4mt

My personal cars: 2014 Jetta SportWagen TDI DSG w/leather, pano sunroof and navigation (Black Uni) 1997 Jetta GLX VR6 AT w/leather and sunroof (Sequoia Green)

Also in fleet: 2012 Hyundai Sonata Limited N/A w/leather, pano sunroof and navigation (Harbor Grey Metallic) 2014 Kia Soul Plus w/navigation (Alien II)

Now while I like my new TDI, I also yearn for something more substantial and luxurious, and am seriously thinking about getting a weekend luxury car like a Phaeton (I have a great VW specialist), or maybe even something as nice as a E63 650i.

Previous— 2003 Accord 2.4l auto 4-door 1995 Civic auto 1.6l 4 door 1990 Volkswagen Jetta auto 1.8 4-door 1986 Mazda 323 1.6 LX auto 4-door 1979 Volkswagen Rabbit 1.6 5-speed 2-door 1976 Chevrolet Malibu V8 auto. 4-door 1970 Mazda 1.8l auto. 4-door 1963 Buick LeSabre V8 auto. 4-door 1959 Ford Zephyr 6-cylinder column-shift 4-door 1954 Monarch (Canadian Mercury) V8 auto, 2-door

Present: 2014 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 6MT (wife’s) 1995 Nissan 300ZX TT daily driver – 288K, all stock, and yes I still turn around to look at it (partially to check for any large chunks of rust flaking off the rocker panel) 1987 Chevrolet Blazer – 6″ lift, 35″ tires, 14-bolt full-float, lockers, grafted on the full fiberglass top from a ’75 1967 Ford Mustang convertible – drivetrain from a ’92 Mustang GT donor

Prior: 1998 Jeep Cherokee (wife’s) 1975 Chevrolet Blazer (Rust In Pieces) 1970 Chevrolet Blazer (Rust In Pieces) about a dozen 197[0-7] Datsun 2[468]0Z models, some of them parts cars 1977 Mercedes 300D (light green) – car I learned to drive on – a chick magnet it was not

Next: Once I cross 300K in the Z, which could take another two years, I’m thinkin’ Boxster, unless something else changes my mind.

2015 Porsche Pablano 2014 Maserati Mexicano 2013 Audi Anaheim 2012 BMW Blaster 2011 Mercedes AMG GMA 2010 Ferrari Fellini 2009 Lamborghini Llama

2000 Toyota 4Runner Limited – Supercharged, e-locker, lifted and gets roughly 3mpg. It’s my camping/mountain exploring rig. Love the thing to death.

2000 Lexus LS400 – daily driver, built like a damn tank, very comfortable, and gets 22-24mpg with a 15 year old V8. Looking to upgrade to an LS460 once I settle in the new house.

1991 MAZDA MIATA SE,5 speed, Hard Top, LSD, ABS, A/C, 77,000 miles English racing Green Garage queen.

Just yesterday picked up my new ride,2015 Golf TDI treadline 6M in Tungsten Silver, waited 2 months for delivery. Summer car is a 1987 Audi coupe GT BLK 5M, Sweet! Previous car 2007 Rabbit 5M.

2014 Mazda 3i GT manual. My previous car was a 2010 Mazda 3i Sport manual. I still don’t see a ton of 2014 Mazda 3’s on the road yet around here (I live in WV), which makes having a 2014 even cooler.

2012 Ford Mustang V6, 6MT, performance package 1982 Honda Gold Wing Aspencade 2006 Yamaha FJR1300A 2014 KTM Super Duke 1290R

Thanks, mkirk. I picked up the KTM in August and only have about 1500mi on it so far. Love it. 80 mph power wheelies are fun, the suspension is very well sorted, and ABS/TCS is a nice security blanket. Traction control and wheelie control are critical on this bike.

I sold my ’07 Aprilia Tuono to help finance the purchase. The Super Duke is in another class. The engine is unreal–makes the Tuono feel like it had a plug wire pulled. Can’t wait to do a track day on the KTM in the spring.

2014 Chevrolet Malibu LTZ 2.0 Turbo – 6 speed Auto (Crystal Red) 2013 Volvo C30 Premium Plus – 6 speed Manual (Ice White)

Always like to have one rational 4 door and one MT coupe in the stable. Can only fit 2 cars in the garage/driveway otherwise lord knows how many cars I’d own!

Thanks, definitely my favorite color as well. Interesting that they discontinued it on the 2015 Malibu (replaced with Autumn Bronze).

1966 Chrysler Windsor 2-door hardtop (avatar pic) 1966 Chrysler Newport convertible 1994 Dodge RAM2500 Cummins diesel (my DD) 2006 Honda CR-V 5-speed stick (my wife’s DD)

My older bro has a 64 dodge custom 880 vert. One of like 280 made. He loves his push button torque flight!

2009 Honda Accord EX-L auto 4cyl 2011 Subaru Forester 5spd manual 2014 Honda CB500x Bought the Forester because I’m contrarian, wife snagged it and I can’t get it back. Stuck driving a beige on beige sedan :p

Past – 1993 Land Cruiser, 2006 Mazdaspeed MX5, 1990 Miata (with JR Supercharger), 1995 Saturn SW1, 1991 Chevrolet Caprice, 1988 Ford Bronco II, 2003 Saturn Ion I, 2002 Saturn Vue, 2003 S-10, 1990 Chevrolet Astro, 1995 Ford Escort, 1997 Ford Escort, 1990 BMW 318I Wagon (Euro Spec), 1987 Alfa Romeo 75, 1984 Autobianchi A112, 1987 SEAT Malaga, 1970 Olds Cutlass, 1997 Nissan Truck, 1995 Mercury Cougar XR-7, 1988 Mercury Cougar, 1968 Mercury Cougar, 1992 Saturn SL, 1988 Ford Ranger, 1993 Ford Ranger, 1985 VW Jetta GL, 2007 Kawasaki KLR 650, 2005 Kawasaki Ninja 250, Circa 2006 Husky Mine Detection Vehicle (only borrowed for 10 months, but the most “exciting” vehicle I’ve driven by far).

Current: 1997 BMW M3 4-door 5-speed (daily driver) 1970 Datsun 510 2-door (project car) 2015 Acura MDX (wife’s)

Past: 2003 Acura RSX 2003 Audi A4 Avant 1996 Infiniti G20 1989 Mazda RX-7 GTUs (seriously rare beast) 1984 Toyota 4X4 1973 Datsun 240Z 1986 Ford Mustang GT Saleen 1977 Toyota Landcruiser FJ40 w/ SBC

How was your experience with that early G20? Don’t ever hear about those, or see them really. I liked the later ones toward the end when they got their revised styling (round 99 or so).

Served me well for about 4 years. Handling was so-so (not nearly as fun as the Sentra SE-R, despite what the reviews said). Even after lowering, struts, etc., never got it where I wanted it. Throws on the 5-speed were too long, could have used a short-shift kit. Clutch take up was weak, but pretty sure the PO had abused the clutch. Motor was absolutely bulletproof and super smooth; never required any care other than routine maintenance. Leather was horrible cheap stuff that wore poorly. Was prone to leaks from strange places around door seals, sunroof. Paint quality was also crap, but so was most everything back then.

Oh, also note that the later G20s (99 on I think) used a twist beam rear suspension as opposed to the more sophisticated setup on the earlier cars. Cost cutting ahoy!

2001 Prius (got it back in the first few months that they were available in the USA, via special order directly from Toyota of America. On its second battery pack, but otherwise still virtually trouble-free, the way Toyotas used to be)

Previous: 2000 Saab 9-3 (meh) 1991 Saab 9-3 (loved it) 1975 Land Cruiser FJ40 (in Kenya, heavily modified; still owned the Subie below but it was back in USA) 1984 Subaru GL wagon (bulletproof until it suddenly had cascading problems that led to it being towed off into the sunset) 1977 Toyota Celica GT 1974 Dodge/Mitsubishi Colt

Interesting bunch of cars. I held affection for the mid-seventies Celica GTs for a long time – such a nice shape.

Congratulations on the long-term Prius. Nobody recognizes that series anymore now that the current one is so ubiquitous.

I drive a ’96 M3 (modified) and a ’95 Range Rover Classic (modified). I have a ’92 240SX track car (really modified).

I’ve owned: 1992 Mazda Miata (modified) 1994 325iS (modified) 1970 914-4 (never ran while in my possession, bought on a whim) 1990 325i (modified)

Currently have a 2011 Taurus Limited with all options except adaptive cruise and a 2008 F150 regular cab with V6.

Current: The world’s most boring Impreza—1995 4dr. sedan, 1.8L, FWD, AT. Rusting towards total beaterdom, but an okay little appliance. 2000 Toyota Sienna

Past: 1988 Mazda 626 5spd. First car. Fairly zippy little thing. 1991 Pontiac Bonneville, 3800. 1994 Toyota Tercel 4spd. manual. I loved how basic this car was. It even had manual steering, which was completely sufficient. 1980 Datsun 720 King Cab pickup. Orange, slotted mags, 5spd. I miss this one. And the best for last, a RWD manual diesel wagon in a color beginning with B (okay, it was blue). 1984 Volvo 245 GL with the VW I6 diesel and 4spd. manual with electric overdrive. (OD was engaged by pushing a button on top of the shifter while in 4th.) Metallic blue with black leather. It was everything you think it was, including slow (the gas version has got to be preferred). Circumstances forced me to sell it all too soon.

2009 VW Jetta Sportwagen TDI, 6m. Black, because brown wasn’t available. 92,000 miles. Except for the crap radio RNS510 w/ nav, this has been a remarkably trouble free car and surprisingly satisfying. Previous drives include a gen 3 Mazda MX5, 2000 Mustang GT, 2001 BMW 325i w/ sport and luxury packages. Also a 1963 Corvair Monza Spyder and a 1978 Pontiac Sunbird which was hands down the worst car I ever owned.

Past in recent order (mostly) 13 impala 72 Chevelle BB 502 05 chrysler T&C 05 jetta TDI 03 Dodge Ram cummins 5 mt cc 00 maxima 98 Jetta TDI 00 F250 power stroke 95 vette auto 87 Morgan Plus 8 03 WRX wagon mt 74 jeep j20 pick up 96 Mazda b4000 96 Infiniti i30 94 nissan pick up 78 VW rabbit 86 crown Vic wagon…go Panther 89 Isuzu pick up 83 mustang GT 85 ford EXP

1995 Ford Thunderbird LX with the 4.6 SOHC V8, currently still original non-PI specs. Planning a PI swap and a J-mod for the 4 speed auto at some point. Kind of curiously ordered in my opinion…cloth seats, no sunroof, not really any luxury options (I’ve got power front seats, that’s it), but the 4.6 V8 and 4 wheel disk brakes with ABS. Ordered more like a Mustang than a personal luxury coupe, though with a 4 speed auto instead of a 5 speed manual.

My mother had that same car. 95 T-bird with the V8 and cloth seats. I never understood why the lease was cheaper than the V6 version. Must have been the way it (not) optioned.

-1999 Silver Mustang GT 5 speed fully loaded. (first car at age 19) 191000km -2005 Yellow Cavalier 5 speed stripper except for the CD player. (winter beater). 153000km

Daily drivers in the fleet include a 2014 Subaru Forester, 2006 MINI Cooper S, and a 2005 Honda Accord. The fair weather driver is a 1974 BMW 2002 modified with dual sidedrafts, 5-speed, LSD, and a bored/stroked M10 engine.

As the picture over there shows, a 2006 Subaru Impreza 2.5i wagon (hatch, 5 door, whatever). Bought new in Sept ’05.

2010 Ford Taurus SHO – Wife’s car 2003 Hyundai Equus – My car. Yes, this car exists and I have one ;)

Current: 2009 Mitsubishi Outlander XLS (wife’s daily driver) 1999 Saab 9-5 SE 1993 Saab 900 turbo convt.

I work at an Acura dealer, and I have an ILX 2.0 as a demo. I’m very thankful for the privilege, but I hate the car.

2005 Acura RSX TypeS 6MT (only way they made ’em) 197,000 miles. Other than routine maintenance and consumables, absolutely nothing has gone wrong except an A/C compressor. And in the compressor’s defense, the car has lived its whole life in TX and FL, A/C has been on probably 90% of the time.

2014 Honda Accord EX 6MT 135 miles. Hoping for nothing less than the stellar reliability we’ve enjoyed with the Acura.

Do they still do the “lighthearted” cabin safety briefings on your airline? (Along with walk-on seating?)

Obtaining a “basic” single-engine VFR license is on my “bucket list,” if it only weren’t so expensive! Maybe I’ll still to cars! :-p

As for the Accord: good choice! My 2013 Touring’s got 14,200 miles on her, with nary a hiccup! Best Accord yet! (I have to figure out all the cars that I and immediate family have owned for a separate post, but there are over 10 Honda products among them!)

Currently: 2001 BMW Z3 3.0 roadster 2008 Honda Pilot EX-L Past (most recent first) 2002 Saab 9-5 Wagon 1994 Toyta Previa LX supercharged 1992 Taurus SHO 1991 Toytoa Previa LE 1987 Mustang GT 5.0 1984 Jeep Wagoneer 2.5 liter manual 1980 Audi 5000 Diesel 1978 Honda Accord hatchback 1973 Mazda RX2 (rotary) 1969 VW Karmann Ghia (modified engine) Future: 2015 pickup truck capable of hauling 2000 lbs. cargo and towing 7600 lb. GVW Airstream travel trailer (to diesel or not to diesel, that is the question)

2nd Generation was the FWD bustleback. I really hope that Lie2Me has one from the first few model years so it has the BIG V8 in either regular or V4-6-8 form.

2012 Infiniti G37x (oh that engine is sweet… and driving in the snow with this car is interesting) 2007 VW Passat Wagon

1989 Mazda RX-7 GXL 5mt (When alone and for fun) This car has spoiled me rotten. All other cars I have driven and realistically could own have paled in comparison. They might be objectively superior, but not subjectively. Would like to upgrade to an FD RX-7 if I’m ever able.

2014 RAM 1500 Crew Cab 4×4 Pentastar (Work) So far, amazing. Quiet, relatively efficient, spacious for work crew and plenty of power. The 8speed trans goes for the overdrive gears way too soon in most driving. I limit the truck to 6 gears until I’m cruising 60 mph.

Having spent a lot of time working on my FCs, and some friends FDs, stick with the FC unless you enjoy working on cars as your hobby.

Currently a 2005 Subaru Outback XT [IMG][/IMG] 1986 Olds Cutlass Cierra Wagon – Mom’s – totaled when I was 15 :( 1987 Jeep Cherokee 2.7L – perfect underpowered truck for a teen 1991 Chevy Blazer K5 – Beast 1991 Ford Taurus SHO*** – first car I ever did a 720 in (unplanned) 1993 Mazda RX-7 Touring*** – Best handling car I’ve driven regularly 1994 Ford Bronco – Loved this one 1996 Ford Taurus Wagon*** – in green. Not quite a chick magnet. 1971 Olds Delta 88 Convertible – never should have sold her 1997 VW Jetta – surprisingly fun little car 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee – POS 2008 Chevy Suburban – held all it’s value over two years 2005 Subaru Outback XT – still in love 2013 VW Golf (Wife’s) – too small for me, but nice little ride. 2007 Saab Aero Sportcombi – I like orphans — this is next on my list.

Current: 2008 BMW 535xi with Sport[ish] Package and folding rear seats, purchased as 28k CPO 2002 Porsche 911 with intact IMS, interesting Exclusive options, purchase from original owner with 27k 2002 Triumph Bonneville centennial edition, only new vehicle I’ve ever owned 2013 Audi “Allroad”, which she loves and is under warranty so whatever, for now.

Previous (reverse chrono) 2000 Audi A4 1995 BMW M3 in Avus blue over black. What a sweetheart 1998 Audi A6 1984 Porsche 911 1994 BMW 318i 1970 Porsche 911T 1984 VW GTI 1966 Ford Mustang 1972 Dodge Coronet V8. Wagon. Brown. Just a torqueflite away from perfection

Previously, on my garage… 1998 Volkswagen Polo Classic 2003 Fiat Palio Fire 1999 Chevrolet Corsa Wind 2004 Peugeot 206 1.0 16v 1998 Volkswagen Gol 1000

My family of 4 living in the suburbs has: Car: 1997 Saturn SL2 140,000 miles Motorcycle: 1978 BMW R100S approx 40,000 miles 10 bicycles including 1 tandem. I commute by bicycle and train so the car is mostly for grocery shopping and trips.

2004 Saab 9 3 Arc & 2003 Discovery II . The 9 3 is a blast to handle the mountain roads here as power is needed to go from 6000 ft elevation to 10500, down to 2500 and back, and the Discos go anywhere anytime is reassuring to say the least.

Current: 2001 BMW M5 with some dinan goodies 2003 Chrysler Town & Country 1999 Lexus RX300 with 235k miles. Been one of the most reliable cars I’ve ever owned. 1997 Silverado 2wd extended cab 213kmiles. Also dead reliable

Past: 2005 TL 2006 GTI dsg modded to about 300hp 1993 Jeep Cherokee 4 door 4.0 4wd manual with no options other than a/c. Unicorn. 1990 Miata

2014 Ford Focus Electric 2007 Chevy Express 1500 AWD 1978 Jeep Wagoneer 1974 Mustang II (Lemons “racecar”)

Current fleet: 2004 Mazda RX8 (toy) 2008 Chevrolet Avalanche LTZ (daily and tow vehicle) 1986 Mazda RX7 (very modified track car) 2012 Subaru WRX 5 door (Wife’s daily) 2003 MazdaSpeed Protégé (Wife’s toy) 1988 Mazda RX7 convertible turbo (Also for wife) Also a 1990 RX7 coupe and another 1988 RX7 convertible for random project use at some point.

2009 Pontiac G8 GXP A6 (Vararam CAI, SLP CatBack) 2008 Saab 9-5 Aero Wagon 2011 Lincoln Navigator L (Wife’s Truck-4 kids)

Previous (all used except as indicated): 2007 Pontiac Vibe 1999 Mazda Miata SE 1998 Nissan Maxima GLE 5 spd 1990 Subaru Legacy L 2wd 1990 Nissan Maxima SE 5 spd 1985 Toyota HiLux SR5 (new) 1978 Toyota Corolla SR5 Liftback (1st new car) 1973 Mercury Capri 4 cyl

It would be a monstrous job, but it would be interesting to compile types, years, makes and models of at least the current drivers…

Current 2009 Ford Ranger regular cab 4X2 4cylinder 5MT (my only new car purchase) 2000 Lincoln LS V6 5MT 1978 MGB (my first car, awaiting Rover engine) 1962 Austin Healey 3000 (bought in many boxes now in fewer boxes) 1979 Triumph T140E Bonneville 1996 Suzuki Bandit 1200 2008 Buell XB12xx Lightning Long

Previous 1990 Ford Mustang 5.0 5MT 1987 Merkur XR4Ti 5MT 1977 Ford E150 Club Wagon 300 IL6; 3 on the column; manual steering

FYI, my friend just restored a 77 MGB by installing a Ranger 2.3 into it. You have the basic ingredients to do the same!

Well I’m still using the Ranger engine. The Rover engine is on an engine stand and the transmission is under the work bench.

The long has a longer swing arm and the front is raked slightly for a more relaxed ride. So its not as sporty as the regular lightning. The peg to seat distance is a little longer too, so it helps those of us with longer inseams.

Thanks for the breakdown on the Lightning/Lightning Long. The closest I got to riding one was a demo on a Ulysses once.

2005 Volvo V70, 132K miles. Eats oil, driver’s seat leather worn through, burns light sockets, otherwise a fine, solid car.

1997 Malibu. A hand-me-down. Ugly green outside, ugly tan inside, but cost nothing to maintain until it something blew in the engine. Even then, it ran as long as it put some oil in every few days. 2001. Volvo S60. Beautiful blue, but back seat tight fit for child seats, etc. Also, white interior isn’t such a great idea when you have kids. 1992 Camry DX 5 speed. Barebones except for ac.Absolutely reliable, except I had to replace theclutch twice. I guess I’m tough on them. 1986 CRX 5 speed. Might be my favorite of them all. Stolen! 1980 Honda Civic DX, with automatic. Red interior to match red outside. Very tough car 1974 Honda Civic. orange, with Hondamatic. In retrospect, very cool. But rust-ridden, and half the time didn’t start in the rain. For some reason I couldn’t have a Camaro or Firebird like all my friends.

Previously: 1998.5 Audi A4 V6 Quattro 1995 Mazda Protege ES 2002 Chevy Venture LS 1991 Honda Accord EX 1988 Ford Thunderbird 5.0 LX 1998 Ford Escort LX 1984 Nissan Sentra wagon 1988 Isuzu Impulse 1984 Toyota Corolla 1987 Honda Accord LXi hatch 1978 Nissan Skyline sedan 1983 Honda Accord hatch 1974 Volvo 142 1962 VW Type 1

Mostly serial – the Escort, Venture, and Pilot are/were my wife’s drivers. All stick shift except for her cars and the 142, Thunderbird, and Skyline.

1987 AUDI 5000S QUATTRO – Every work day I drive it 110 miles round trip through the Detroit freeway system! Awesome polar vortex car.

1984 AUDI 5000S AVANT – Was the wife’s car. She hated the weak air conditioning, firm steering, and it had limited towing abiliies. We wrote about that situation right here at TTAC. We then got the Blazer. But I still love the Avant and put it into storage for the future day when the Quattro wears out or rusts.

1976 FORD MUSTANG II – Wife’s summer fun car. It is just like the 1st car she ever bought. Do you think I could sneak an older Merkur/T-bird turbo 2.3 and 5 speed in there without the wife catching on? I did buy some wheels, dropped spindles, sway bars, and rear end lowering blocks to install this summer.

Currently: 2009 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S (Well equipped, manual, less than 24k miles) 2010 BMW 128 convertible 2008 Honda Pilot (Hate it, but it’s a good dog car and it’s paid for) Debating a Porsche Boxer for my wife as a replacement to the 128 (and yes, that is her request)

Previously: 2009 BMW 335i M-sport 2002 BMW X5 2008 Acura RDX 2000 BMW M Roadster (with mods) and more……

2006 Miata Sport 6 speed manual. Figured I needed to add a convertible to my bucket list of cars and now that I’ve had it for 3 years I’ve kind of got the convertible bug out of my system and am looking for something else.

Since late July, 2012, I drive a 2012 Chevy Impala LTZ. Bought new, I love the car and it is the fastest, most powerful car I have ever owned, and is perfect for my long commute, regardless of what nay-sayers say about the last W Body.

Keep this in perspective before you trash my vehicle choice; I’m almost 64 years old, can’t afford a Buick and this is a vehicle I can see out of quite well as I have some vision impairment, plus I bought it for a deal I could hardly refuse. I like big cars, always have.

Wifey drives a 2002 CR-V, also bought new. She loves it, I don’t, but it really is the family truckster.

Nothing wrong with the w body. The last iterations have the 300hp 6 and are deceptively fast for such a bland looking car. I had a 13 for a handful of months and enjoyed it. Needed a truck more, so I swapped it.

I had a rental LTZ recently. Pretty good car. My criticism was the seat bottoms seemed flat and hard.

Haha a 2003 Toyota Camry LE 4 cylinder that’s full of rattles by now but otherwise damned reliable. Almost replaced it with an Audi A4 Avant (in Prestige S-Line trim) but the damned A4 got bought out from under me a few hours before I finalized the price with my internet sales guy. Doh.

Now the car I actually want would be a 2012 Audi A4 Avant with the Prestige Package, S-line package, and the Drive Select suspension but so far I’ve only seen ONE car with the Drive Select package and it was actually a 2012 PP. Weird.

2013 Mercedes-Benz S 550 2003 XC70 1991 Mercedes-Benz W126 420 SEL. I just can’t part with the W126…I love it so much.

2012 Chevy Volt 2006 Toyota Tacoma (5MT) 2008.5 Mazda 3 (5MT) 2006 Kawasaki Ninja 650R 2006 Mazda Miata GT (6MT) 2004 Toyota Prius 2000 Honda Insight (booger green) 2000 VW Golf (5MT) 2000 Saturn LS1 (5MT) 1998 Saturn SL2 (5MT) 1997 GM EV1 (company car) 1990 Plymouth Sundance (3A)

2006 Ford Fusion SEL 4cyl man (biggest POS IMO) 1997 Ford Escort man 1995 Dodge Shadow auto (another POS car) 1993 Nissan Sentra SE-R man 1984 Pontiac Firebird auto

I think the next one will be a WRX or, if I can swing it, and the hatch comes back, the STI. Really like the hatchback in the Impreza. Just turned a trouble free 90,000 miles.

Previous 2008 Honda Fit 2002 Porsche Carrera C4S 2004 Infiniti G35 2001 BMW X5 1993 Honda Civic 1990 Acura Integra 1987 Acura Integra 1987 Ford Ranger 1984 Chevy Blazer 1979 Mercury Capri 1975 Ford F150 a bunch of bikes

My primary ride: 2003 Subaru Legacy L SE wagon. 198,000 miles. Trying for 250,000, but car is fighting me all the way. If bank account was not equal to damn near empty, then new XV Crosstrek with stick shift and heated seats would be in driveway.

My backup ride: 1997 Volvo 850 GLT sedan. Light pressure turbo, automatic. 108,000 miles. Was my late MIL’s car, only seen two winters, if it was a manual and (or?) a wagon, it would be my primary car.

My toy: 1988 Merkur XR4Ti, 89,000 miles, only seen one winter and three snowy days since new. Needs new turbo. In storage until spring. Lemons car is an 87 XR4Ti…does that count in the fleet?

Wife’s ride: 2011 Toyota Sienna XLE AWD. 90,000 miles. Excellent kid and stuff hauler. Wish it had two things it doesn’t: 1) 1992 Lexus LS400 build quality 2) Honda Element style interior.

As noted above, our oldest car is also an ’03 Legacy (L) SE wagon; ours has 111K miles and had its timing belt replaced at 105K as specified. What do we have to look forward to, as it were, in the next 100K miles? (Head gasket was replaced free by dealer at about 57K miles, even though we’d had the car more than 5 years by then, which was nice of them.) We hope to keep all three of our Subies going indefinitely because there’s no present-day equivalent even among their own products; no high cowls for us, please.

The past is more varied (not in order): 1987 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am GTA (bought in 1999 with 5k miles) 2006 Mercury Grand Marquis 1996 Buick Roadmaster Estate Wagon 2000 Ford Econoline conversion van 1996 Volvo 960 sedan 1978 Lincoln Continental Town Car 1985 Cadillac Sedan deVille 1979 Cadillac Coupe deVille 1995 Pontiac Sunfire 2009 Toyota Sienna 2004 Toyota Corolla

my avatar: 2005 Subaru Legacy wagon GT 5 speed manual, LSD, and no sunroof. wife’s: 2004 Lexus RX 330.

Dad: 89 mustang gt 71 mustang Mach 1 351c 71 mustang Mach 1 project 71 mustang grande coupe 351c 600hp 99 f250 v10

Past: – ’99 Nissan Frontier, 4×4, extended cab, 5-sd manual (My Haiti river jumper) – ’93 BMW e30 3-series 325ci, 5-sd manual (sad one to sell) – ’04 VW R32 6-sp manual (holds a special place in my heart) – ’02 Pontiac Vibe GT, 2ZZ-GE, 6-sp manual (my first hot boxed, hot box)

Three in my “fleet” 2009 Pontiac G6 Sport Sedan. (Think G6 GT with Ecotec instead) 85,000 miles, still runs great. Official staff car of the midwest.

2004 Pontiac Aztek. 172,000 miles. Our third Aztek. Our “do it all” car, hauls everything from our prodigious amount of oak leaves in the fall, to my bicycles in dry weather and my drum kit when gigging. Plus our dogs and whatever stuff my wife buys at the mall.

1997 Chevy Cavalier. 265,000 miles. THE cockroach of the road. I commuted in it for years, my two kids took it to college and one STILL drives it. At 17 years old the body is about to fall off due to rust, but the drivetrain keeps on going.

Current: The World’s Most Boring Subaru Impreza, 1995 4dr sedan, 1.8L, AT, FWD. Way slow, and currently rusting its way to total beaterdom, but still an okay appliance. 2000 Toyota Sienna. Also boring, but it does everything it should. It’s cool to take the seats out and haul enormous amounts of stuff with it.

Past: 1988 Mazda 626, 5MT. First car. Fairly zippy. 1991 Pontiac Bonneville, 3800 V6. Not a bad car. 1994 Toyota Tercel, 4MT. I loved how basic this car was. It even had manual steering, which was completely appropriate. 1980 Datsun 720 King Cab pickup. Orange, slotted mags, 5MT. A beater with personality. 1987 Ford E350 cargo van, 351W. The RWD MT diesel wagon in a color starting with B. 1984 Volvo 245 GL with the VW I6 diesel, 4MT w/electric OD (engaged by pushing a button on top of the shifter), metallic blue with black leather. It was everything you’d think it was, including slow. Circumstances forced me to sell it way too soon.

2009 MazdaSpeed3 GT (many mods) 2007 Magnum SRT8 2006 Kia Spectra SX sedan (5-speed) 1999 Buick Park Avenue 1996 Lexus ES300 (auto) 1994 Buick Roadmaster Estate Limited (with wood grain, of course) LT1 + Impala SS rear axle (3.08, rear discs, and sway bar) and handheld tuner (primitive) 1991 Nissan Maxima SE (auto) 1990 Oldsmobile Touring Sedan 1988 Volvo 740 GLE wagon (auto) 1988 Chevrolet 1500 Cheyenne long bed (auto) 4.3 1987 Toyota Corolla FX-16 GT-S (5-speed) 1986 Toyota Tercel Wagon (front drive, auto) 1988 Buick Somerset Skylark (auto) Iron Duke 1986 Ford Taurus GL (4-speed auto) 3.0 1985 Honda Prelude DX (5-speed) dual-carb (ftmfw!) 1985 Buick Century Estate Limited (wood grain) 4-speed auto 2.8 and 3rd row seating 1983 Toyota Tercel 4 door (5-speed) 1982 Nissan Pickup (5-speed) with tasteful mod of spray paint on tail gate Nissan logo, leaving only “ss” 1979 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme 2 door (auto) 260 2V 1973 VW Super Beetle (4-speed) 1971 Pontiac Catalina Safari 400 2V (with 3rd row seating) 1971 Ford Torino Brougham 2 door (auto) 351C 2V 1965 Mercury Montclair Breezeway Special (factory 4-speed) 390 2V

1986 Alfa Spider 1.6 black on black on black with a Momo wood steering wheel, garaged and waiting for it to become 30y old

2007 Ford S-Max 2003 Merc CLK 230 convertible 1996 Suzuki Vitara soft top 1992 Opel Kadett 1991 VW Polo 3dr 1989 Alfa Spider 2.0 injection

2012 RAV4 Pyrite Mica (Brown) is my DD. 1997 F150 4×4 XLT Pacific Green with a color matched LEER canopy is my forever/old man truck.

The ST is my daily, and with a good set of winter tires I feel it’s way better in our Canadian winters than my partner’s Murano. And it stands out from the sea of compact SUVs that most of my coworkers drive – I’m 26, and they’re mostly around the same age range.

Most unique car I’ve had was a 1991 Infiniti G20. Amazing handling and gearbox, and it loved to rev but at 300k kms it had limited life left it.

1985 Nissan 300zx drift car (Jan 2013 Modified magazine) 1989 Toyota Cressida (VG30 swap, 425hp) 1987 Daihatsi Hijet T3 1969 Subaru 360 Deluxe sedan (954RR swap) 2005 Scion xB 2008 Ford Taurus X 1990 Lexus LS400

2014 Ford F-150 FX4 (5.0L V8, crew cab, short bed – my wife’s daily driver) 2008 Lincoln MKZ (My daily driver) 1995 Mercury Sable (61,000 miles, always garaged, inherited from a loved one)

If I could have any car? A bespoke Bentley Mulsanne. I watched a documentary called “Raw to Ready” on PBS that followed the building of a Mulsanne. I’ve never been more convinced a consumer good was worth every $$$ charged to buy it.

Bought the Cruiser new, the Lebaron was 18 mo ths old and had 11,000 on it. Both have less than 90,000 miles now and have been reasonable reliable, though not trouble free. One has a persistent transmission leak. I’ll let ya’ll guess which.

Two however were bought new. 1978 Monza 2 door wagon and 1986 Buick Regal. The Regal was a nice car. The Monza got a new engine when it was 2 weeks old and the ownership experience was downhill from there.

Honorable mention from the rest 1967 Mustang coupe 1954 Ford. 239, 3 on the tree and 4 doors. Crestline, I believe it was.

now, just the manual diesel wagon. Oh wait, it’s an automatic: 1985 300TD And the companion sedan, 1983 300D And the much faster crosstown rival, 1995 540i/6 And the “because Pininfarina, Lampredi, roadster, that’s why” 1974 Fiat 124 Spider And the LeMons veteran 1994 S500 But mostly I ride the 1990 BMW K75 “RS” (S model with RT fairing, what would you call it?) When not getting 110 MPG on the 1980 Honda C70 Super Cub

Current: 2003 BMW 325i M Sport 5MT 2010 BMW 550i M Sport 6MT (kiddie mobile) 2005 Mercedes SLK350 Sport 6MT

Past: 2012 VW Passat S 5MT 1996 Buick Century Wagon auto (moving house) 2007 BMW 328xiT Wagon Sport 6MT 2003 BMW 325i Sport 5MT 1988 Volvo 240 Wagon 5MT (trip to Alaska) 1998 SAAB 900S 5MT 1998 Subaru Impreza 25RS 5MT 1995 Subaru Legacy L 5MT 1986 SAAB 900S 16V 5MT 1989 Subaru Justy RS 4WD 5MT

Past cars: 2000 Integra GS-R sedan 1995 Mazda Miata R 1994 Mazda Miata M 1993 Honda Accord 1989 Subaru RX 4WD Turbo 1987 Buick Skyhawk wagon (first car)

Current: 2012 Mustang GT California convert, 6-speed V-8. 2012 Toyota FJ Cruiser Trail Teams, 6-speed. 2010 Mazda RX-8 6-spd, (OK this is mostly my wife’s.) 1991 Miata 5-speed; (OK mostly my son drives this now, but I’ve had it since new.) All red. I bet I have the broadest variety of engines here: V-8, V-6, Rotary, I4; and the greatest number of cars with suicide doors. Past: Buncha crap, mostly Mazda Proteges and 3s. I’ll drive a Mustang GT the rest of my life.

Daily driver: 2008 Cadillac STS Workhorse: 1991 Ford F-150, XLT Lariat (5.8L) 2 wheeled fun: 1) 2014 Harley Streetbob 2) 2005 Yamaha XT225

Past notable ’78 Olds Delta 88 diesel ’79 5.0 Mustang ’84 MR2 ’86 Charger turbo ’84 Bronco II ’88 CRX ’89 5.0 Notch Mustang ’90 Mustang GT conv

But interesting how some of the more outspoken and antagonistic here, refuse to divulge what they own when questioned repeatedly. Or have owned. As if we’re going to judge and mock their choices!

Currently jammed in one parking spot; ’14 Mazda2 GX 5-Spd – fun for a commuter car, if you like the idea of thrashing something constantly, decent on gas, once the faulty fuel pump it was delivered with was replaced, it’s been good ’85 Honda Rebel 250

Previously; ’04 Hyundai Accent ’10 Honda Civic ’03 Hyundai Accent ’97 Chevrolet Cavalier ’90 Ford F150 ’93 Ford Escort ’95 Chrysler Intrepid

Ok I will play. In our garage now. 2014 Subaru Forester, 2.5L Premium 6 speed manual, grey because I wanted the dark interior. It has the winter package and roof bars. 2012 Mini Cooper (not the supercharged version) 6 speed manual, beautiful burned orange, white roof, sunroof. Both cars are daily drivers and have been trouble free. All Manuals, Every last one. I had a 2012 VW GTI that I adored but we needed at least one practical car, would have kept it if it had 4 doors… Damm!!! Some cars in my past. 2005 Honda Accord 24L manual. Great, great car but unattractive light brown interior and sedans drive me nuts. Cars owned in another land before 2009: 2008 Renault Clio III 1.6L. One of the nicest cars I have ever owned. Comfortable, good power, well equipped (auto lights and wipers), reliable and economical. 2005 Renault Clio II 1.2L. One of the prettiest cars ever built. I loved it’s MAD curved back hatch window where the rear wiper did not cover the very top of the curved glass, so French. BTW I towed an 16 foot catamaran over a mountain pass with this car once and did not hold traffic up, so the little 1.2 had horns. 2001 Lada Niva 1.7L. Full time, mechanical all wheel drive, low range transfer case and center diff lock. Go anywhere old school Russian cool. 1990’s Fiat Uno 1.1L. Reliable, cheap, ultra economical and surprisingly fun to drive.

2007 Honda Civic SI 4dr sdn. I’ve never had a car this long, and still really enjoy driving it. The 6MT is a joy every day. After having a few torque monsters, I love the high revving 4.

current fleet: daily driver: 2001 Audi S4 Avant (2.7 twin turbo, 6spMT, 255K miles) sunny day ride: 1999 Mazda Miata (5spMT, 85K miles) hauler: 2006 Dodge Ram 2500 Power Wagon (5.7L Hemi, 6spMt, 52K miles)

The wife’s rides (both automatics): daily driver: 2006 Scion Xa 104K miles hauler: 2009 Mazda CX-9 71K miles (she hates minivans – CX-9 is quite sporty)

Past rides: 2003 Mini Cooper S 1991 and 1993 Nissan Sentra SE-R (1st new in 1991, 2nd used in 2000 – never should have sold either one) 1996 Chevrolet Tahoe LT – 205K miles before retiring 1994 Nissan Pathfinder SE 1980 Triumph Sptifire 1971 VW Bus 1976 VW Rabbit

@vvk – actually the original owner special ordered the car with full leather instead of the standard alcantara

2009 Caddy DTS Premium, 35,000 miles, dark red, grey gut. 2008 Forester Sport, dark red, 78,000, 5-speed, wifey’s car. 2004 Ford F150, dark blue 95,000, black gut, 5-speed, 6-cyl, reg cab, long bed. 1991 Mustang GT Convert, 30,000 5-speed, triple white, summer fun ride. 1967 Pontiac Catalina Ventura 2dr Hdtp, 63,000, Burgundy, blk vinyl top, dark red interior. This was my Dad’s last new car. It has never been out of our family.

I’m considering selling the Caddy and the Mustang in the spring and looking for a certified pre-owned A-6.

Current: 2001 Ford Focus ZX3 twin cam 5 speed Here’s a tip, ford racing offers svt shocks and struts as a set of all four with mounts for less than $200. A bolt on for any model Focus. Previous: 06 GMC Canyon 94 Ford Ranger 86 Dodge Omni best $125 I ever spent 86 Oldsmobile Calias worst $300 I ev spent 92 Camaro 87 Cherokee 87 Cavalier with a non overdrive 4 speed

In reviewing the list I suspect I might be the only one holding a full house in the current household list:

2008 Mazda RX-8 40th Anniversary 6MT My current daily driver 2006 Mazda Tribute S Wife’s daily driver 2205 Mazda RX-8 Grand Touring 4AT High school daughter DD 2004 Mazda Tribute ES college daughter 2 DD 2001 Mazda Tribute DX college daughter 1 DD

1975 Ford LTD Landau 2 door pillared hardtop. First car – bought in June ’81 after high school graduation. 1976 Mercury Bobcat Villager 1987 Mazda B2000 SE5 (First brand new car) 1988 Ford Escort GT 1985 Ford Mustang LX (girlfriend/wife) 1990 Ford Tempo GL 1993 Ford Tempo LX (to replace Tempo totaled in accident) 1993 Ford Taurus LX wagon 1993 Ford Thunderbird LX V6 1999 Ford Taurus SE wagon 2000 Mercury Sable LS wagon 1989 Ford Country Squire 1996 Ford Thunderbird LX 4.6 V8 – this is the Jacques Nasser cost-cutting era steaming pile of poo that turned a lifelong Ford guy into a Mazda guy. 1979 Mazda RX-7 GS 2007 Mazda 6i 5MT – a really great car – loved the first gen 6 1983 Mazda RX-7 GS

Current: Fun: 91 mr2 turbo w/ mods Beater: 91 crx hf 55 mpg avg! Wife: 2004 sienna Backup car 2010 camry se grounded to the ground to

Past: 93 PREVIA on Tein coilovers and SSR professors 92 camry 4 cyl driven by my sister in fl and will not die 89 mr2 na 88 Toyota Corolla stick 88 celica all trac 94 Corolla with a 20v 6 spd

I drive whatever Smart Fortwo (via car2go) happens to be parked nearby when I need it. I like the cars so much that I’m seriously thinking about buying or leasing a Smart Fortwo of my own.

2002 BMW M5 with 95K (and rising by 15K per year) 1992 Jeep Wrangler 2.5L/5-speed 2011 Honda Odyssey Touring

Reliability is decidedly not my top concern, apparently. Both purchased new, I’m not into inheriting someone elses problems.

Currently I own a 2008 Jeep JKU Wrangler Sahara and a 2014 Fiat 500 Pop. In one week I’ve already driven the 500 Pop more miles than I drove the F-150 it replaced in two months due to the fact that it’s simply fun to drive and gets between 2x and 3x the gas mileage of that old truck.

Past vehicles (in reverse chronological order): 1990 F-150 XLT Lariat 2002 Saturn Vue — Still running strong with new owner 1996 Chevy Camaro — Blown head gasket; engine seized 1985 Oldsmobile Toronado — Shredded timing gear; valves destroyed. 1986 Buick LeSabre T-type — Totaled 1973 Ford Gran Torino — died the long death. Doubt it’s still running. 1983 Mitsubishi Sport Pickup — repoed. (Lot job and couldn’t keep up payments) 1979 Dodge Aspen SE coupe — Traded for truck. Learned years later it had been confiscated after being stolen. 1975 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme — Sold when I went into military service. 1974 Ford LTD II — Grossly underpowered for having a 302W under the hood. Traded quickly. 1973 Oldsmobile Cutlass S — Turned out to be lemon. 1964 Chevy II — far as I know, still running. Flat couldn’t kill that little thing. I should know; I tried.

*2005 Saab 9-5 Arc wagon (flawlessly reliable at 250k) 1997 Saab 9000 CSE Anniversary, manual *1995 Saab 900S, manual 1995 BMW 540i/A (mint)

The 9-5 drives very well; tight as the day we bought it. Drove it from Toronto to the East Coast this summer, loaded down with four adults and packed with stuff, and it still got ~42 mpg (Imp.)

We bought the 9000 from a dealer’s clearance lot in 2011 — it was a steal, with only 100k on the clock and a little cosmetic rust to drive the price down. We’ve done a fair bit of work on it since (both cosmetic and mechanical) so it now really looks and drives like new. Great cars (we had a ’94 9000CS many years ago, which went faithfully to 395,000 km). They’re getting quite rare, sadly.

2009 Shelby GT500 with almost 86k on the clock and as with all Mustangs it has received some modification.

2001 Volvo V70 XC 104,000 2000 Durango SLT plus 4.7 143,000 wifes DD 1988 Dodge Ramcharger Royal SE 160,000 2″ lift 32″ mud terrains waiting for time and money to redo as an overlabder style offroader.

A couple of Volvos (2015 V60 and 2014 S60) both with automatics A Chevy Camaro SS (2014) with 6 speed manual

Mazda Miata MX-5 With power retractable hard top with 6 speed manual A few Volvos including C30 R-Design with 6 speed manual Jeep Grand Cherokee with Hemi Various Fords Various Chevys Subaru Outback 2010 Limited Honda Odyssey Touring Saab 9000 CSE 1993 A couple of Pontiacs Buick Electra T-Type 1985 Mercedes 380 SEL

Favorite, but least reliable of the lot, is the Saab 9000 CSE (left stranded twice). 380 SEL timing chain broke at about 120k miles resulting in a major expense. Buick T-type was fantastic until about 75k miles when the transmission and engine had to be replaced (thankfully, replaced under extended warranty). Subaru had many trips to the shop (which were covered by warranty). All other vehicle ownership experiences were relativlely uneventful. All of the Volvos performed as promised (thus the reason for owning so many of them).

Discounting the fact that Wiki says that the Electra name lasted until 1990, I don’t remember ever seeing the Electra name on any of the 1980s Buicks, especially the Park Avenue or LeSabre models and I owned an ’86 T-type LeSabre.

That doesn’t mean they didn’t exist. You thought you drove a 1965 Buick with a 455 engine, 5 years before they were introduced

Ok, I’ll accept that. You and the others have presented enough evidence to convince me; after all, I certainly wasn’t looking at sedans back then with any interest towards buying them. I have to say I really enjoyed the 2-door T-type LeSabre, though. At the time I really did think it was a separate model, since NONE of the paperwork with it called it an “Electra LeSabre”.

You see, I am willing to admit I’m in the wrong when I am–but don’t expect me to just take someone’s word as gospel without evidence. I need proof before I will accept data as truth and word of mouth alone is not proof.

As for the engine discussion farther below, I will also accept that data since enough evidence has been provided to convince me, though I still have questions about the markings on the air cleaner seemingly overstating the engine’s true size. My memory of that car isn’t good enough to state absolutely that it said “Wildcat 455 c.i.d.” Nor can I find any images in a cursory glance that proves the question either way. (BTW, the springs in the seat of that monster were broken, so driving more than an hour in it was a literal pain in the rear because it had no support where you needed it most.)

Past: 91 Isuzu Impulse XS 91 Isuzu Impulse RS, turbo, AWD, yada yada… Iran Khodro Samand, with TU5 engine (gladly).

The Isuzus are dearly missed. The XS was my first car and was revived, literally, using the guts from a Cavalier transmission. Thanks to a reduced FDR, it could do 110 mph @ 4.5-5K RPM all day long. I wish I had slapped a turbo to it.

The Commodore taught me the meaning of the word torque. Also that GM’s A & B bodies could have had a glorious future. That story, of course, ends in tears in 2017.

Previous, all MT 2004 Accord Coupe – traded in at 100k due to a growing family 2000 Golf GTi – my father drives it now, going strong at 160k Europe- side 1989 Golf – started its life as a 1.0 L for tax reasons with 45hp and modded with a 8v GTi engine. Sent to the crusher at 150k after it developed an appetite for fuel pumps and interior fell apart. 1969 NSU 1200 – my first car, my father’s old race car and handed down to me. Learnt to drive and work on it. Fun times with a rear engine, RWD car. Sold it after it needed a week’s worth of work to be driven for one day, and spare parts were getting hard to come by.

Currently own a 1995 Ford Thunderbird LX 4.6 V8 in black with 122k. It sits in my garage most of the week since I reside in a city with good mass transit and walk to the subway every AM.

Previous vehicles: 1987 Ford Thunderbird 3.8 V6 TBI-Light Blue 1982 Honda Prelude 5 speed-Dark Blue 1981 Chevrolet Monte Carlo 229 V6-Copper 1980 Olds Toronado Diesel-Charcoal Grey 1975 Mercury Cougar 351 V8-Silver W/Maroon Landau Vinyl 1973 Chevrolet Impala Custom Coupe 350 V8-Tan W/Brown Vinyl Roof 1970 Ford Mustang Coupe 302 V8-Mustard W/Optional Brown “Western” Vinyl roof 1966 Pontiac Tempest 2 dr hardtop 230 OHC-6-Midnight Blue Notice how they all have real names, not some number/letter combination like the latest OS. Most of these cars were quite reliable with normal maintenance. The only one that became a problem was to no surprise, the Olds Diesel.

85 300zx turbo 89 Cressida w/VG30 swap 69 subaru 360 deluxe sedan w/954RR swap 05 Scion xB 08 TaurusX Eddie 90 LS400 87 Daihatsu Hijet T3 pickup

Technically, nothing. I am assigned overseas in Saudi Arabia where I am not allowed my own vehicle. So, I drive (actually share…I don’t even have my own assigned vehicle) one of several 2009 Tahoe/Yukons we fleet. My wife drives a 2011 Scion tC when we are Stateside.

1991 Mercedes E230 2000 Mitsubishi Galant 2003 Mitsubishi Magna VRX 2004 Mitsubishi Magna VRX 2007 Dodge Charger V6 w/Mopar Catback & K&N CAI

Previous: 58 Chevrolet Biscayne (first car) 67 VW Bug 71 Datsun 240Z 67 Lincoln Continental 71 Porsche 911 72 Citroen DS 21 Pallas (my favorite) 76 Buick Riviera 78 VW Golf 65 Mercedes Benz 220SE sedan 83 Toyota Camry 74 Chevrolet Malibu Station Wagon (Baby on board) 83 Chevrolet Impala Station Wagon 77 Cadillac De-ville 90 Saab 900 92 Oldsmobile Silhouette (first and only mini-van) 92 Buick Roadmaster 89 Ford Crown Victoria 00 VW Passat 00 Toyota Avalon 03 Honda Accord 05 Lincoln Town Car

I am half-way through my lease, and very happy with my 2014 Kia Sorento SX AWD. Snow White Pearl exterior, black interior. Of all vehicles I have had, this is the most livable and useful. The outward visibility, sight lines, driving position, cushy armrests fit me perfecto-like. Ventilated seats are a regularly-used feature, and blind-spot detection is an added comfort on the daily drive. The car feels compact and friendly for parking in garages, tight spaces. The V6 cruises comfortably on the open road, and provides a satisfying kick when merging with the chaos around Houston. I use the heck out of the cargo area (as evidenced by scuffs and wear marks), and third-row seat has been handy, though it lives mostly folded flat. Everything just feels right and fits right for my family. At lease-end, I may want to keep this one.

1995 Mazda MX-6 LS, made it to 297,000 miles (240,000 on original clutch!) 1992 Ford Probe, 2.2 L automatic, bought new. 1980 Chevrolet Camaro Berlinetta, 229 V-6 automatic–meaning the stock radio had more power than the engine. 1975 Ford (Torino) Elite, taught me all I wanted to know about rust repair.

1986 Mazda RX-7 GXL 5MT red with black (later model aluminum) hood. 2002 Subaru Forester S 5MT blue. 2006 Kawasaki Ninja 250R 6MT white (plastidipped, originally red).

In the US: ’15 WRX and ’14 Cherokee. In PI: ’08 Mitsubishi Adventure, but soon to be a ’15 Ford Everest.

2009 Saab 9-3 Sportcombi currently with 29K miles (I will keep this one forever) 2010 Volvo XC60 3.0T AWD 2013 Lexus CT200h (commuter car) 2014 Factory Five Mk4 roadster (under construction)

Interesting…what do you like about the 9-3 SC so much? I like them too (as an idea, at least), but I have some significant reservations about them.

I worked for Saab for a while so I have an emotional connection to the company. Most likely the brand will never come back so this is probably my last shot at a well preserved exemplar.

The new 9-3s had lots of problems on the early years 2003-2004 but I would say that after MY 2007 they had all been worked out and those cars are very reliable and fun to drive. I also like that it is a somewhat unique car and very few people own them (the B&B here are not a good sample of the general population).

This particular one was bought new to be the wife’s car and has a Hirsh tune making it a blast to drive. We now keep it in the garage as a spare car so it is not driven very often. It is in showroom condition and I intend to keep it that way so when I am old and retired I can look at it and remember the good days at Saab.

1977 Toyota Corolla auto 1986 Honda CRX 5 spd 1986 Mazda 323 LX 5 spd 1987 Mazda 626 5 spd 1980 Toyota Corolla 5 spd 1991 Geo Prizm Lsi 5 spd 1986 Mazda 2600 truck 5 spd 1986 Toyota truck 5 spd 1987 Subaru wagon auto 1986 Saab 9000 turbo 5 spd 1993 Ford Escort wagon 5 spd 1990 Dodge Caravan auto 1995 Dodge Neon 5 spd 1999 Ford Ranger 5 spd 1997 Ford Explorer auto 2001 Saturn sl2 5 spd 2000 Saab 9-5 wagon 5 spd 2005 Toyota Tacoma Prerunner auto 2005 Saturn Vue 5 spd (still own this one) 2003 Saturn Ion 5 spd 1998 Ford Mustang GT 5 spd 2003 Ford Focus 5 spd 2005 Dodge SRT-4 5 speed (still have this one) 2008 Acura MDX auto (company car) 2011 Kia Optima SX auto (company car) 2013 Ford Fusion Titanium auto ( still have this one)

Current car is a 2010 Infiniti G37x sedan dark grey with light “stone” interior. Picked it up last year with about 25K miles on it. Great combo of a reliable, comfortable, and practical vehicle that’s still fun to drive. Don’t have space for more than one car/person, so have to get it all in one package. Also considered picking up a new Mazda6, new Accord, or used Acura TSX or TL, but the Infiniti blew them away.

In the past, I have owned a 1993 Saturn SL2 sedan (I actually really liked that car) and a 2004 Subaru Legacy sedan. I miss the Subaru’s excellent AWD system, but the Infiniti is a much classier car. If the new Subarus were more fun to drive, I probably would have stuck with a Legacy.

The wife drives a 2003 Hyundai Elantra sedan. We are hoping to get a few more years out of it and then will likely replace it with a lightly used Lexus RX350, Acura MDX, or a Subaru wagon (if I can talk her into it) in anticipation of kids.

Learned to drive when I was 7. Spent summers at my grandma’s farm driving my 1969 Chevrolet C10 pickup from 7 to 14yrs old

86′ Jetta Carat 92′ Buick Regal (mom’s old car I got first year of college) 95′ Chev Montecarlo 10′ Chev Cobalt (demo) 01′ Nissan Maxima 97′ Nissan Hardbody 98′ Toyota 4Runner

1. 1996 Saab 9000 Aero 5sp man. running on E85, over 400k km needs a clutch that can take the torque and a lsd.. 2. 2000 Saab 9-5 Aero wagon 4sp auto, runs on E85, gasoline or any mixture the two. almost 400k km and just needs more.. 3. 2007 Kia Carens (Rondo in North America i think) 2,0CRDI 4sp auto, 350k km, I don’t like it, the wife hates it, we have it because it has 7 seats and was supposed to be cheap to run. Unfortunately it also has a cruise control that is nearly impossible to get on and when it does work it’s the crappiest cruise control i’ve ever seen, but fortunately the koreans have paired it with the dumbest automatic gearbox ever so neither will be lonely. Needs to be sold to someone else..

Current car is a 2010 Infiniti G37x sedan, dark grey on light “stone” interior. I picked it up last year with about 25K miles on it. A great combo of a reliable and practical vehicle that is still fun to drive. Don’t have room for more than one car/person, so I have to get it all in one package. I also looked at getting a new Mazda6 or Accord or a used Acura TSX or TL, but the Infiniti blew them all away.

In the past, I have owned a 1993 Saturn SL2 sedan (I actually really liked that car) and a 2004 Subaru Legacy sedan. I really miss the Subaru’s excellent AWD system, but the Infiniti is a much classier car. If the new Subarus were more fun to drive, I probably would have stuck with a Legacy.

The wife drives a 2003 Hyundai Elantra. We are hoping to get a couple of more years out of it and then will probably replace it with a lightly used Lexus RX350 or Acura MDX in anticipation of having some kids. I might try and talk her into a Subaru Forrester or Outback for old times sake!

Me: 2013 Mustang GT Premium 6MT. Surprisingly good daily driver with a backseat big enough for my emboostered children and a larger trunk than I ever use. Got it new a year ago when the 2015 had just been revealed and dealers were giving away the old ones in cereal boxes (especially mine, almost a full model year old).

Wife: 2010 Subaru Outback 6MT. When we bought it it was one of three manual Outbacks in dealer inventory within 75 miles of us and the only one in Premium trim. My wife isn’t even a particularly enthusiastic driver, just way cooler than I deserve.

Current: 2014 Honda Accord V6 Touring – Silver over Black, bought and paid for in May; 6K miles. Mine. 2015 BMW X3 xDrive35i M-Sport – Carbon Black over Ivory White, bought in Oct; 2.5K miles. My partner’s.

Previous: 1993 Toyota Camry V6 XLE – Green over Taupe, 323K miles when retired. My first car and hand-me-down from my mother @ 16 in 1998. Passed to my younger brother. The car just would.not.die. 1998 BMW 540iA – Jet Black over Black, 206K miles when totaled by deer in 2005. My dad’s former daily driver and hand-me-down. 2005 Volvo S40 T5 AWD – Ice White over Off-Black, 137K miles when traded in 2008. The car was a graduation present from my parents; lots of highway miles from NYC to law school in Chicago. 2007 Honda Accord EX-L V6 6 speed sedan – Taffeta White over Ivory, 180K miles when traded for the 2014 Accord. The first car I bought out of law school; complete sleeper and the start of my love affair with Honda’s J-series V6s.

A 2013 Ford Flex; a 1996 Buick Roadmaster; a 1973 Steyr Haflinger 703AP; a 1976 Steyr Pinzgauer 710K.

I’m not counting the Pacer yet, as it’s incomplete. The powertrain (crate LS2, 5L50E transmission, Ford 8.8″ rear) is in place and looks like a factory fit, but the interior needs to be finished, then removed and the final paint work applied. Fortunately the door jambs have all been sprayed, so the only way anyone will know the paint isn’t original is by looking at the factory code tag.

I’ll be using Ford’s Blaze Yellow, Green Gem and Tuxedo Black in either a Pacer X stripe style or taking a risk on duplicating the modern crinkle-coat finish as seen on Worden’s Flatfish frog pattern.

2000 Honda Accord EX V6 Sedan 2005 Honda CR-V EX AWD 1989 Ford Mustang LX 5.0 Convertible 5-Speed 1967 Chevrolet C10 Stepside 1985 Kawasaki Ninja 900 1994 Polaris Indy Trail

2009 Honda Civic Si – “The Accursed Car” 2008 VW R32 – AWD, DSG, glorious exhaust note 2004? Lexus IS300 ? Chevette Diesel 1969 Pontiac Gran Prix HO400, automatic ? VW Rabibit Diesel 1967 Pontiac Gran Prix 428, automatic, highway package “The Enterprise”

Rental car dujour – ’15 BMW 228i courtesy of Sixt at ATL – best rental car EVER! I am soooo buying one of these next year.

Past: 2012 Acura TL SH-AWD 6MT 2008 Infiniti G37s 6MT coupe 2006 Honda Odyssey (wife) 2002 Camry (wife) 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse 6MT 1995(?) Toyota Celica 6MT 1989(?) Mazda 323

By far the most fun to drive car out of the bunch is Infiniti G37s 6MT coupe. TL is second and the stick shift is the smoothest of the bunch. I would had kept that car had it not burn oil since day 1. After dealing with Acura for almost 2 years I got fed up and traded it in.

Past: 2013 Chevy Volt 2007 Saab 9-3 2.0T 6 speed 1996 Corvette LT1 auto 1996 Corvette LT4 6 speed 2001 Camaro Z28 6 speed 2005 Cadillac STS V8 2003 Cadillac Seville STS 2001 Camaro Z28 convertible 2005 Pontiac GTO auto 1997 Mercedes Benz E320 2000 Cadillac Seville SLS 1993 Pontiac Trans Am auto 1993 Camaro Z28 auto 1993 Ford Taurus SHO 1993 Chrysler Concorde 1991 Ford Thunderbird V8 1989 Pontac 6000 LE

Current: 2001 Honda CRV (5MT, EX) – winter car 2000 Honda Civic SiR (or SI to you Americans) – summer car

Previous, first car at the top, last at the bottom: Å¡koda octavia 1959 ford cortina 1975 ford granada 1979 ford sierra 1984 ford capri 1979 Simca 1301 1969 ford taunus 1974 fiat 600D 1969 chevrolet caprice 1988 mercury monarch 1975 oldsmobile omega 1981 bmw 525e 1985 ford capri 1981 buick century 1987 austin maestro 1986 dodge coronet 1968 renault rapid 1985 ford granada 1985 ford tempo 1986 mercedes 300d 1981 mercedes 280e 1981 jaguar xj6 1979 dodge coronet 1967 ford galaxie 1968 ford torino gt 1969 opel diplomat 1965 ford mondeo 2003 Å¡koda favorit 1991 dodge tradesman 1980 ford aerostar 1990 mercedes 220ce 1987 mercedes 200d 1976

I remember your blog post. Linked to it somewhere else and people were very impressed with your mpg-figure.

curious what you made of the Maestro. They were seen as dogs of a car in the UK when I was growing in 90s despite being quite well liked earlier

2005.5 Audi A4 3.2 6AT silver/grey with aluminum inserts with sports package, light package, premium package, sound package, just broke 100k and runs like it has 20k miles on it.

Past: 2000 Jetta two liter stick shift with no options whatsoever. Sold at 132k in tip top shape (yes the coil pack did fail… turns out i didn’t have to sell the house to have it fixed).

2001 Hyundai Accent GL with no options whatsoever. The awesomest go kart I have ever driven, incredible easy to park.

We are fast approaching the moment of becoming a two-car couple. Either a brand new VW (Jetta, Golf, JWS, certainly stick, maaaaybe TDI) or Mazda 3 sedan with the two liter. Or something used and interesting from the specialty european dealership in town which has great owners.

Current: 2005 Chevy Silverado 1500 LT (helps having a truck when you have motorcycles and a house) 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 650 1983 Honda CB500

Past from recent to first: Kawasaki Ninja 500 2004 Lexus LS430 2012 Nissan Frontier 4×4 (V6/6MT) 2004 Audi A6 2.7T 2005 Dodge Neon SRT4 6MT (probably the crappiest car I have owned) 1994 Honda Prelude 5MT (loved this car, still miss it) 1990 Nissan Sentra 4MT (first car, took all the abuse I gave it)

But, blog patrons, how many readers do you estimate you have per week? Pretty surprised by this Jalopnesque number.

If we had the ability to use the visual props that they can on Jalopnik it would be a whole different story

Currently driving a 2014 Accord Sport CVT and a 2004 Forester XT that I’ve had since new. In the past I’ve had a few cars as well:

1984 Renault Alliance – I actually loved the way this car drove for the two months or so it actually ran.

80 something Plymouth Horizon – decent enough little hatchback and I think my first manual transmission car.

80 something Ford Escort four door hatchback. I kind of despised this car and was almost happy when the engine seized.

1979 Mustang – Not a particularly “cool” Mustang, but I loved this car. It only had a six, but it had a four speed and I redid the suspension and put good tires on it and it handled really well.

1988 Chevy Blazer – I was early on the SUV craze, actually just got a really good deal on a fleet car.

1973 BMW Bavaria – This was a six with dual carbs and a four speed. Cool car that I used for about five years. I lived in Manhattan at the time so it was mostly used for weekend trips to upstate NY.

1994 Saab 9000 Aero – The repair bills swore me off of euro cars but it had the best seats of any car I’ve ever been in and it was a stealth monster on the highway. I really enjoyed this car and would love a modern version.

Now: 12 accord 05 pilot 98 cherokee 92 miata Past worthy of mention: 00 civic hx – best commuter 96 impala ss – all around great 91 lumina z34 – just gm being gm 79 camaro berlinetta 305 – right car at the right time 71 buick lesabre – first car always makes the list

Poncho Indian: Moving from Iowa to the KC area so will have to sell the Silver Arrow. Asking 10K will probably settle for 9K.

Past (of note): ’85 944, ’05 Element, ’04 RSX, ’01 Odyssey(No joke), ’94 Trooper, ’69 Karmann Ghia, ’66 Beetle

2012 Dodge Charger: For performance, features, and fun. Glorious red leather interior always brightens my day 2006 Lincoln Town Car Designer Series: For a smooth, silent, comfortable, cushioned commute. All the old school virtues of size, strength, substance, and bulletproof reliability, coupled by this time in its life cycle with modern upgrades like sat/nav and sharper suspension. Panther love, need I say more? 1995 Buick Roadmaster Estate Wagon: Keep this around for fun, too. Last of the dinosaurs, but LT-1 power, full-boat luxury equipment, and ability to carry 4×8 plywood flat in the cargo compartment make it my SUV of choice.

1985 Nissan 300zx turbo (Jan 2013 issue of Modified) 1989 Toyota Cressida (Nissan V6 turbo swapped, 425hp) 1987 Daihatsui Hijet T3 truck 1969 Subaru 360 sedan Deluxe (Honda 954RR swapped) 2005 Scion xB 2008 Ford Taurus X Eddie 1990 Lexus LS400

1983 Mercedes 300D for a daily driver. At 230,000 miles, it’s barely broken in by W123 standards. I jump in and take eight-hundred-mile road trips to visit family every holiday season and it performs with utter reliability.

I also own a 1989 Chevy G20 conversion van I bought to haul larger stuff when I was moving a while back. I waited for some time to find a low mileage example, but even at 57,000 miles that thing is a worn-out, poorly-built, shabby piece of crap. Despite all the work I’ve done on it, I still feel nervous driving it into town and would never consider an interstate trip with it.

Decided a little while ago to ditch the junker van and pick up a Volvo 240 Classic Edition wagon instead. These days I’m lurking around waiting for just the right one to come along.

2014 Black Chevy SS. Recent trip from Texas to Alabama and back garnered 5 unsolicited positive comments, including one from a Mississippi trooper during a gas stop. Owned the car since April and have seen only one other on the road.

Well, obviously I’m not the oldest person visiting this site, but I’m not far from it. As you’ve already seen, the majority of my cars have been American brands with only two noted exceptions, my ’83 Mitsu pickup and my ’14 Fiat. The Mitsu pickup was almost the ideal size for me, but even then I wanted the extended-cab version when it came out. Unfortunately, that was also about the time the American mid-sizers stole the market with their larger size and better comfort and I still wouldn’t have complained, but today’s trucks–even the mid-size trucks–are too big or lack certain necessities (like ample legroom in the Tacoma). Driving this Fiat 500 says you don’t have to be BIG to be comfortable.

I’ll admit I hated my first car; it was a sedan picked out for me by my parents and they’d already spent MY money on it when I first saw it. Not one week later I had to drop a new engine into it because a cylinder wall was cracked (had been drinking three quarts of oil a day from the day they brought it home). After that, I simply couldn’t kill it–even when the distributor points slipped and welded together. Engine actually ran in reverse for over a mile before I could find a place to pull over and re-gap them (had to replace the entire distributor, but those were cheap in the day.) The two Cutlasses, the Buick and the Toronado were all 2-door cars and I loved them all. The two early Fords were sedans which again I hated–for more reasons than just the fact they were sedans; they were also far too big for my comfort. But you’ll also notice that GM was my primary brand for many, many years. No longer.

2008 MDX, driven in the faux manual mode because that thing hurries up hills in 3rd while the rest of traffic cries “Ack! A hill! More gas, 5th gear, more gas!” That, and it’s paid off with 110k miles and should go for many more.

Cars with which I have lived: 2011 535i GT auto. Tell me about it. The turbo lag was like trying to motivate a battleship to flank speed. Nevermind the German electronics failed to work in Germany when it was cold. I don’t miss it.

2006 350Z convertible 6MT which on an impulse buy replaced a 2004 350Z hard top 6MT. I think I understand what visibility must have felt like from a Normandy pillbox. Felt most bumps in the road and it felt heavy, but it could move with a sense of purpose. Bought the 2006 from a dealer who wanted to sell “as-is” and I insisted on CPO. It had the oil burning problem and got a new engine free at 50k miles within a few weeks of ownership. I miss the ragtop.

2006 Prius. The nerd in me liked trying to hypermile it, but never afraid to mash the pedal and listen to the little combustion engine work. I miss the mileage.

1990 Accord EX 5MT. That was a fun car with great visibility, light compared to the portly Z, so four cylinders felt fast enough, I found the car, gifted by my parents whilst in college as a well kept used car, sold for the Z. I miss that car.

Learned on…wait for it…a poop brown 1980something 4MT Toyota Corolla station wagon with power nothing. My dad went gray when I learned on that car.

1980something Vanagon 4MT that went through 2 engines, drove friends to the high school prom after the hired van didn’t work. A Vanagon with 6 adults behaves much differently than with 1 adult. No crashes, but I quickly learned the importance of proper stopping distances.

Currently I commute in style – 2006 Chevy Monte Carlo. 171,000 miles on it, never been late for work.

Current vehicle: 1995 Ford Thunderbird LX 4.6 V8 in black with red (firethorne)interior. 122k A few options such as sunroof but does not have, and I wish it did 4 wheel discs and traction control. The only mods are K&N filter and suspension upgrades. It sits most of the week since I reside in a city that has fine mass transit. Previously owned: 1987 Ford Thunderbird 3.8 V6 light blue 1982 Honda Prelude 5 speed navy blue 1981 Chevrolet Monte Carlo 229 V6 TH200 copper w/brown landau 1980 Oldsmobile Toronado Diesel charcoal grey 1975 Mercury Cougar 351W silver w/maroon landau 1973 Chevrolet Impala Custom Coupe 350 V8 tan with brown vinyl roof 1970 Ford Mustang Coupe 302 V8 C4 mustard gold with gold “Western” vinyl roof 1966 Pontiac Tempest 2 door hardtop 230 OHC midnight blue Learned to drive on 68 Valiant 4 door 225-6 w/3 on tree in yellow and 72 Dodge Dart Swinger 225-6 auto in Richard Petty Blue with a white vinyl top-moms car.

Note how all of these cars have real names, not some alpha-numeric phrase that sounds like the latest OS. All of these vehicles were reliable with normal maintenance except the Olds Diesel which became a beast of burden.

’77 VW Scirocco ’83 Accord hatchback ’87 Accord LXi ’94 BMW 325i ’01 A6 2.7T (85 days in the shop in 4 years) ’04 Accord V6 6 speed coupe ’07 Infiniti G35 (My first automatic) ’14 Tesla Model S 85

Previous: ’84 Trans Am (first car) ’70 Charger SE ’95 Saturn SC1 (got me through the Marine Corps and college) ’00 Camaro SS

’11 BMW 335i, Sport, but sadly with 6AT (couldn’t find MT used). The 6AT is pretty darn good though.

Prev: ’97 Lexus ES300 ’01 Jetta GLX /w 5MT <- my fav car besides the Bimmer, totaled by red light runner '90 Mazda Protege '97 Toyota Paseo <- second gen, very rare '82 Toyota Celica

No American cars in there (I grew up in the Malaise Era), just 2 German and 4 Japanese, and the 2 Germans are my favorite.

Ask a substantive and evocative question and you get your readership involved to talk about themselves.

(BTW I read every single comment in this topic. Loved it! Almost as good as love in the hot afternoon, or afternoon delight.)

With minor mods (like weber side draft and some motor/exhaust work) I’ve driven it from Texas to California and back doing 70mph with the A/C on full blast and a full load of crap (stuff tied to the roof too!) It’s dead reliable, and so easy to work on. Not the car most people would expect a 22 y/o college student to pick, but I love it to death!

1959 Beetle – 4 mt of course, didn’t have a gas gauge, no radio, had the sound of heat, no heat 1960 Bug eyed Sprite 4 mt(first wife made me give it back) 1968 Renault R-10 4 mt 1966 Austin Healey Sprite – 4 mt,blew the teeth off the lay shaft. Learned what a gudeon pin is. Did you know that if you hooked the battery up backwards (they were positive earth) that you could run the engine backwards and have one speed forward and four speeds in reverse? 1970 Beetle 4 mt 1967 Beetle (first wife’s car) 4 mt, managed to slide driver’s seat backwards off the track trying to get in the thing 1972 Beetle (mum’s car) 4mt 1970ish BMW 1600 w/1800ti motor – 2 big ass weber carbs, thing went like hell 1972 Renault R-12 – the definition of rattling interior plastic 1976 Rabbit – 4 mt white, until I backed it into a lamp post in a snow storm 1981 Honda Accord – 5 mt, what a great car at the time 1980 Oldsmobile- Big ass car with a 350 1983 Honda Accord – great car with lousy carb/emission controls 1978 Chrysler Cordoba -auto, no Corinthian leather, holy shit that thing was big 1989 Honda Accord – 5 mt, best car I ever owned And some other Honda Accords: 1997 V6 auto, 2001 5mt, 2005 5mt, 2008 V6 auto- POS crap seats, ate brakes. Current: 2013 Honda Accord EXL cvt – a bit boring but smooth as hell.

My current car is just like Derek’s, a 2015 Mazda 3 hatch with 6MT in the same Mica color. I have the optioned up s Grand Touring version however. It is an impressive car. The chassis feels like a BMW 3 series to me, and I am getting over 35 mpg. It replaced a Volvo C30 which I loved, but I needed 4 doors. My other “car” is a 2007 Moto Guzzi Griso.

Previous cars of interest; ’69 and ’70 Saab 96’s with 4MT on the tree ’83 Renault Fuego ’72 Honda 500 ’85 VW Westfalia camper ’62 Studebaker Lark – purchased from the proverbial little old lady who only drove it…. ’90 Mitsubishi Expo

MY87 Dodge Shadow (grey/grey) – Dad’s beater MY92 Subaru Loyale (white/blue) – Grandma’s car MY00 Ford Taurus (blue/grey) – Then g/fs car she lent me during hard times.

Bought by/titled to me and kept over a long period of time: (1999-2005) – all gone now MY92 Chevrolet Cavalier coupe (black/black cloth) MY02 Pontiac Grand Am SE1 (black/black cloth) MY85 Cadillac Coupe de Ville (white/black leather) MY89 Cadillac Sedan de ville (burgandy/tan leather)

(2005-present) MY98 Saturn SL2 (white/tan cloth) – gone MY90 Audi 100 (teal green/grey cloth) – gone MY90 Lincoln Town Car Signature (cream/brown two tone/tan carriage roof/cream leather) – gone MY08 Pontiac Grand Prix GT (black/black leather) – current MY93 Volvo 240 (white/blue cloth) – current MY02 Saturn SL2 (gold/tan cloth) – current

MY86 Toyota Cressida (faded burgandy) MY92 Lexus LS400 (black) MY02 Lexus ES300 (black/silver two tone) MY88 Cadillac Eldorado (burgandy) MY89 Cadillac Deville (white/grey two tone) MY91 Cadillac Deville (white/blue carriage roof) MY91 Cadillac Coupe de Ville (silver/grey half roof/opera lamp) – exquisite car MY89 Lincoln Town Car Cartier (silver/grey half roof) – gorgeous MY95 Buick Riviera (teal green) MY93 Chrysler LeBaron Convertible (green/beige roof) MY95 Oldsmobile Eighty Eight Royale (off dark green) MY97 Buick Lesabre (white/black leather) – blew a rod! MY00 BMW Z3 Convertible (silver/black roof) MY81 Chevrolet Corvette (fire engine red) MY97 Honda Civic (white) MY95 Jeep Grand Cherokee V8 (burgandy) MY94 Jeep Grand Cherokee I6 (white) MY94 Ford Explorer V6 (purple) MY02 Chevrolet Trailblazer (dark blue)

Additional: Jay gave me a MY97 LHS (all black) to drive over a weekend once. Pretty car I really liked the look of it, but it was high miles (140+), the motor felt weak, and its suspension was shot. I also remembered I had a low mile’d MY00 Concorde (gold/tan) over a weekend as well, and it was one quick big ass ride. There were also some N-body Chevys and Buicks I forgot about because they were me’h.

Additional 2: There were some other trucks I ran around more than once but they all run together in my head because they were all so forgettable. 80s/90s Blazers, C/Ks, S10s, Rangers, almost always beat, I never kept these ones as personal drivers.

I have a friend whose list is longer although in his case they were all titled to him (and he was not a dealer).

I drive a 1986 Volvo 240 GL wagon, 4 speed manual w/OD. It’s just about to hit 240k miles. It has some dents and bruises but it starts up every time. My back-up is a 1998 Subaru Impreza, 5-speed, which I’m currently lending to a friend.

2012 Ford Focus SEL. 40+ mpg at a steady-state 80mph on level ground, 37 mpg on my last trip to Phoenix and back home to Salt Lake City. Handles great, it’s quiet, and has enough get-up-and-go to be entertaining.

2000 Pontiac Grand Am GT. Lotsa torque, handled well, excellent brakes, plenty comfortable for 12-hour drives.

1997 Acura Integra LS. Surprisingly quick for a glorified Civic. Looked great, handled great, could do 90+ going up Parley’s Canyon.

1987 Chevy Nova CL. Gutless, but was still lots of fun. The engine heated up quickly enough on winter nights that one could get warm air out of the heater after only a couple blocks of driving.

Previously: 2009 Infiniti G37 Convertible 2005 Acura TL 2003 Infiniti G35 1999 BMW 328 2000 Porsche 911 1997 Infiniti I30 1991 Infiniti G20 1986 Mazda RX-7

2014 Mercedes-Benz GLK350 2008 S2000,31,000 miles,easily the most fun car I have ever owned. 1968 Mustang Coupe, 138,000 miles, 302 V8, in family since new, looks and runs great!

Weekend: 1998 355 F1, 20k mi. It has seemingly blown both radiator fans at this moment, so it overheats if it’s not going fast enough. It’s the perfect story to tell my friends…….you’ll kill the car if you’re too slow!

Dearly departed: 2008 Cayman with the wrong transmission, 63k mi. I credit that car with bringing me back to my childhood dream of owning sports cars.

I’d love to learn more about your experiences going from a relatively reliable/practical sports car (Cayman) to an exotic (355). Any regrets?

Currently a 2012 Audi TT-RS in mid life crisis red and a 2014 Kia Sportage. The Sportage replaced a 15 yr old 4RUNNER and the Audi replaces a 2008 Mazda6 GT hatchback.

Current: 2014 Honda Accord EX Sedan 6MT 2002 Nissan Pathfinder SE 5MT 140K miles 2011 Subaru Outback 2.5 Premium (wife’s car)

Past: 1992 Acura Legend L 5MT 1994 Honda Accord EX-L 5MT 1986 Honda Accord Lxi HB 5MT 1981 Dodge Colt RS twin stick 1973 Dodge Dart slant six/auto

1966 Corvair daily driver 1979 Honda Civic cvcc 1990 Miata 2001 Camaro Z28 convertible Big Dodge truck My spouse drives some sort of “me too”, grey, 4 door Audi thing. I’m gonna replace that anonymous thing (she gets so mad at me when in a crowded car park I walk up to the first newish 4 door I come to and ask “is this it?”) with a Cadillac CTS coupe at Christmas time.

2010 Ford F150 SuperCrew XLT with STX package (In Cananda a package add on to XLT, in USA a separate trim level)4×4 6.5 ft box 5.4 V8, 3.55 limited slip diff, 2 tone – grey/silver

I do carpool to the bus stop in my wife’s 07 Mazda3 that we drove across the country and does a greatjob accommodating our family of 4. It might be nice to get a sports car someday, but for now I get much more mileage out of GT4 with a Logitech G27 wheel. Maybe someday I’ll splurge on a used PS3 so I can toy with GT6

Currently: 2001 Acura Integra GS-R hatchback, black, 5-speed manual. 1991 Honda CRX HF with Si transmission, wheels, and steering wheel, red, 5-speed manual.

Previously: 2005 Honda Civic Hybrid, blue, 5-speed manual. 1998 Subaru Forester, black, 4-speed automatic.

2005 Toyota Echo 5MT (my daily driver) 2004 Toyota Sienna CE 5AT (wife’s daily driver) 2006 Ford Ranger 5AT (for heavy/dirty jobs) 1984 Toyota Supra 5MT (summer fun) 1981 Toyota Tercel 3AT (project car under tarp)

1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.9 Limited- this is my pride and joy; 132,000 miles and still runs like a top; never gets old ripping mustang owners a new one stoplight to stoplight 1995 Nissan Altima-drive this gas sipper to work and back 1995 Ford F-350 Diesel- practically stole this from the previous owner; had no clue what he had on his hands 2000 Chevy 1500 z71- hunting, hauling, pulling, and everything else inbetween

2004 Chevy 1500 z71- the one that got away; dumb sell on my part 2001 Nissan Frontier-worst car ever 1991 Jeep Cherokee Briarwood-more rust than fake wood grain 1991 Jeep Cherokee Laredo- rolled it out wheeling 1988 Ford Bronco II- its last breath was at 451,000 miles

Previous: 2006 Toyota RAV 4 Limited 2003 Ford Explorer SportTrac 2003 Toyota MR2 2012 Ford Focus 2009 Ford Focus 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee 2003 Ford Focus 1999 Kia Sephia 1988 Pontiac Grand Am 1996 Jeep Cherokee

1997 Lexus ES300 – 201K km just keeps going, comfy, smooth, decent power, pity heated seats have failed! 2006 MX-5 – ’nuff said, fair weather driver. 2002 Nissan Sentra – stalwart companion and necessary ‘sensible’ car with 2 new teenage drivers.

Pt ii Many in the past but my 2 faves, for different reasons although both afflicted by rust were a Alfasud and a Toyota Celica. The former had holes in the floor and accumulated puddles of rain water but the flat 4 was a joy. The Celica was underpowered but a blast if spooled up and launched into corners. Hope someone is going to tabulate these responses to figure out overall TTAC reader preferences!

The Focus replaced my 2000 Grand Am GT that I bought used with 25k miles, then I put another 150k miles on before the transmission started to slip in second gear. I sometimes miss the torque of the Grand Am’s big V6, but the Focus drives like a go kart and just loves bendy roads. The Focus has only needed routine maintenance so far, where the Grand Am had a huge list of repairs by the time it reached 100k miles.

The Frontier is my wife’s daily and replaced her ’91 GMC K1500 since 12mpg from the 350 V8 wasn’t really compatible with her 70 mile daily commute. Don’t know how much longer we’ll have the Nissan though; she’s getting tired of the rough ride and wants some kind of crossover wagon or small SUV.

2010 Dodge Challenger R/T. Hemi Orange with black stripes. Solo catback exhaust, Afe ProDryS drop in air filter, and SRT air intake. Just turned 4 years old, 42,000 miles.

Previously: 2009 Mini Clubman John Cooper Works 2004 Audi allroad 4.2 1999 Lexus RX300 1995 Pontiac Trans Am

Remarkably reliable trucks – I keep threatening to replace them but they haven’t broken yet. I loves me some V-10s!

Wife drives an 03 Lexus GS300, now starting to develop small but annoying problems at only 160K. Why can’t Lexus make a reliable electric door lock?

2014 Ford Fusion Titanium with 2.0L Turbo, solid, fast, comfy and quite. But last two month always get white Nissan Altimas 2.5S as a rental, clones, for what ever reason better cars are never available. Right now I am in Hawaii driving as you can guess white Altima and already tried to get into someone else Altima couple of times since there are lot of them on the parking lots in Hawaii. Crude but drivable, no fun but at least not Avenger.

Fits very my well my little employ – minimal budget usage. Not that nervous for a 1.9l on a small car… Still looks very good. Zero trouble. (okay, one light bulb.)

…and the garage queen : 1978 Renault 5. Automatic (!), nice dark blue with black plastics all ’round (the European trim, not the horrendous “Le Car” buffalo-whipers add-ons), beige interiors (1978 was the last of the original oh-so-70’s design), and, the bourgois features !, exclusive for the automatic : ‘bit more power (…), vinyl black roof, teinted windows, ‘capitons’ inside (roof), de-frost rear window, reverse light and even head rests ! But no, no clock. (that would be too much wouldn’t it, the ‘Five’ is no capitalist barge “non plus”.)

Needs a change of “culasses’ (i.e upper part of the engine), and the vinyl roof is a total loss. Renault 5 is among the cutest French car ever built.

Interesting to see all of these new names, but curious that some of the regulars haven’t chimed in yet. Unless I missed their names in the scroll.

I’m guessing that some are reluctant to reward such shameless, kindergarden-level click bait with a response.

Seems like the ones having the strongest opinions on what others drive, refuse to share/admit what they drive themselves.

Fits very my well my little employ – minimal budget usage. Not that nervous for a 1.9l on a small car… Still looks very good. Zero trouble. (okay, one light bulb.)

[I’ll post the rest of my comment little by little because the robot guarding the camp here at TTAC seems to have smthng against one word I just ignore.]

[part one] …and the garage queen : 1978 Renault 5. Automatic (!), nice dark blue with black plastics all ’round (the European trim, not the horrendous “Le Car” buffalo-whipers add-ons), beige interiors (1978 was the last of the original oh-so-70’s design), and, the bourgeois features !, exclusive for the automatic :

Needs a change of “culasses’ (i.e upper part of the engine), and the vinyl roof is a total loss. Renault 5 is among the cutest French car ever built.

‘bit more power (…), vinyl black roof, teinted windows, ‘capitons’ inside (roof), de-frost at rear window, reverse light and even head rests !

But no, no clock. (that would be too much wouldn’t it, the ‘Five’ is no capitalist’s barge “non plus”.)

Needs a change of “culasses” (i.e upper part of the engine), and the vinyl roof is a total loss. Renault 5 is among the cutest French car ever built.

‘bit more power (…), vinyl black roof, teinted windows, ‘capitons’ inside (roof), de-frost rear window, reverse light and even head rests ! But no, no clock. (that would be too much wouldn’t it, the ‘Five’ is no capitalist’s barge “non plus”.)

Current: 1994 Cadillac Seville SLS (I don’t even know why I bought this) 2014 Dodge Charger R/T (My first new car and by far the most I’ve ever spent) 1989 Buick Electra

Previous (I’ve owned lots of Buick V6s): 1989 Cadillac Allante (4.5) 1992 Pontiac Bonneville SSEi (3800 SI Supercharged) 2007 Buick Lucerne CXL (3800 SIII) 1989 Pontiac Bonneville SE (3800 LN3) 1990 Pontiac Bonneville LE (3800 LN3) 1989 Pontiac Bonneville LE (3800 LN3) 1987 Buick Lesabre Custom(3.8 LG3) 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP (3800 SII Supercharged) 1996 Buick Century wagon (3.1) 1999 Pontiac Firebird Formula (5.7L LS1) 1991 Pontiac Grand Prix SE coupe (3.1) 1998 Buick Park Avenue (3800 SII) 1992 Pontiac Grand AM GT (3.3) 1987 Pontiac Grand AM (3.0) 1991 Pontiac Grand AM (Quad4) 1993 Buick Regal (3800 SI) 1998 Jeep Wrangler (4.0) 1986 Dodge Diplomat SE (318) 1980(?) Triumph TR7 Drophead (project car that I never completed and my only non-US nameplate)

They made an Electra in ’89? I thought the Electra died out in the early ’70s. I never saw one in the showrooms after ’73 that I can remember. I learned to drive in a ’65 with that huge Wildcat 455 under the hood. (Thing tended to split steel wheels on an annual basis. It was HEAVY metal!) I mean, I see that Wikipedia says the name lasted until 1990, but I don’t ever remember seeing a Park Avenue marked as an “Electra Park Avenue” or “Electra Regal” or Electra T-type.” I owned an ’86 LeSabre T-type and loved it, but the next higher model was simply labeled Regal, without the Electra name attached.

“The Buick Electra was a full-size premium automobile built by the Buick division of General Motors. The Electra name was used in numerous designations by Buick from 1959 to 1990.” – Wikipedia

And the next higher model was of course the widely advertised Electra, with the Regal being a midsized rental car in the ’80s.

Um…. Ok then, what was the engine they CALLED the Wildcat 455 back in ’65? I was the one who did oil changes and other minor maintenance on that car; my Dad was too busy and my mother didn’t know and didn’t care. The model name itself was Electra 225.

Now, maybe you are right that they didn’t put a 455 under the hood in ’65, I don’t know. My dad bought the car used in ’68 and the air cleaner cover clearly stated “Wildcat 455” on the label. Maybe he bought it not knowing it was modified; maybe someone just stuck a replacement air cleaner housing onto it. All I know is what it said. We drove that car until ’73 when my dad got tired of replacing wheels under it and decided to trade for a brand new ’73 Gran Torino (the same one I drove 15 years later.

When I wrecked my own ’73 Oldsmobile in ’74, he bought me an LTD he thought would be the better car because of the ’73. I’d managed to get a Union job and traded that thing off as quickly as I could because it rode like a barge and looked like a supertanker. But that’s another story.

Vulpine, I have to agree with your memory. I learned to drive in my grandparents 1966 Electra 225, I also learned to check the oil, the water level in the radiator and the battery, and to change the air filter under the cover that said it was a Wildcat 455.

All the shared faulty memories in the world can’t make the Buick 455 a 1965 or 1966 engine offering. It is possible that the earlier engines were labeled by a slight exaggeration of their already exaggerated gross torque rating, as was the case with Edsels a half dozen years earlier.

I have to admit to being caught short here by a combination imperfect memory and some GM marketing hoopla, ala putting the torque rating instead of the cubic inches on the air cleaner.

I said it before, I’ll say it again: Show me proof. I’ve accepted that I can’t show you proof of what was on that specific car’s engine, but if you’re so adamant that I misread it, then show me, don’t tell me.

Accepted, Lies. But that is NOT the label I remember. The one I’m remembering wasn’t a full red circle but rather the ring-shaped ones as seen on most other cars of the day.

But again, I can’t prove it since I don’t have any photos of my own. (Everything was print film in my family and I simply don’t have access to that library of photos yet as my 90-year-old mother doesn’t want to let go of them. I’m going to have one heck of a scanning job ahead of me once she passes.

Meanwhile, I feel happy to know that somewhere over there in America some sturdy grany is keeping all those pics safe, of a once great lifestyle we know must “se perpétuer”.

If TTAC will let me post a link, here is an example of the FWD Electra T-type and ’89 Electra Limited wearing the “Electra” badges. If these won’t post just Google “Electra T-type” emblem.

They used saturation advertising for the ’85 Electra. It was everywhere. They showed filthy prototypes with aftermarket driving lights for months before it reached the market. It was one of the biggest product launches of the year.

Electra was a C-body with “Park Avenue” being a trim package for it. The Park Avenue became its own model for MY91 on C-body but with radical new styling.

2008 BMW M3 E92 with a stick for the nice days. 1994 Honda Accord LX sedan auto for the not as nice days.

2005 Pontiac Vibe original manual transmission, 181,000+ miles 2001 Oldsmobile Alero GLS original auto transmission, 150,000+ miles

Great combo: Toyota 4 cylinder engine with manual transmission and GM V6 engine with auto transmission

1984 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera, 160,000+ miles, auto transmission failed 1994 Toyota Corolla, 200,000+ miles, auto transmission failed

2004 Nissan Titan 130K great truck 2009 BMW 335d 70K best road trip car Ive ever owned. At 100 mph still gets 30 mpg 2012 VW Sportwagon 40K perfect so far

Current: 2002 Fiat Stilo 1.2 6mt Active 3dr. Very happy with it. One of the most handsome cars of its time in its class (still is). It also has a Pontiac G6-like multi-panel panoramic roof, which is very cool!

Former: 1993 VW Golf 1.6 5mt CL 5dr Was not so happy with it. It didn’t look like a 17 yo car when I bought it, but the engine was rubbish. Eventually got rid of it, because I was fed up with stranding all the time.

2008 Acura TL (base, automatic) with ~95K. Comfortable, reliable, great powertrain, but not that engaging to drive.

Current: 2007 Acura TL – Originally bought for my wife, now I drive it everyday thanks to a 44 mile round-trip commute. 2003 Chevrolet Suburban 2500 8.1 – No better vehicle for child seats, weekend projects, and camping trips. 1994 Lincoln Town Car – This is my Granddad’s old car. I love it but it’s currently parked because it badly needs new tires I’m waiting to make sure it will pass emissions next month before I spend the money. Previous: 2001 Jeep Cherokee 1995 Ford Thunderbird 1998 Pontiac Sunfire

2009 Honda Civic (My daily driver. Currently it has hail damage but I couldn’t justify spending insurance money on it to fix it as it sits outside most of the time, is rarely washed and is just a heavy traffic commuter car. Still, it’s a fun car to drive, and cheap to maintain.) 2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ (Favorite vehicle ever. My wife plans to sell it when I’m dead… but not until then.) 2004 Jeep Liberty KJ (Wife’s ride. She wants a Grand Cherokee but I don’t want to get rid of it as it’s long paid off and it’s an awesome all-around family 4WD.) 1998 Honda Civic (On loan to my mom. It’s got 155k on it and the motor runs like new with NO major breakdowns yet. It’s a very well built car.)

2014 WRX, one of the last wagons made. Manual, daily driver, bone stock. Turned my Porsche into a garage queen.

2000 Tundra Limited 4×4. Bought for $17k with 12K miles. It sits 360 days a year but nothing comparable is available now for twice the price.

1994 Honda Civic EX coupe turbo 1994 Honda Civic EX sedan – hers 1993 GMC Jimmy 4×4 1998 Jeep Wrangler sport 4.0 2003 Acura RSX-S – hers 1990 Dodge Shadow turbo 1995 Honda Del Sol VTEC – hers 1994 Honda Civic DX coupe 1998 Honda Prelude Si – hers 1985 Honda Civic sedan – hers 1980 Toyota Corolla wagon

Current: 2014 Toyota Prius Five liftback 2004 Toyota Camry LE 4-cylinder, 4-speed automatic 1998 Nissan Frontier XE regular cab, short bed, 2wd, 4-cylinder, 5-speed manual

Prior, in order of acquisition (all with gasoline engines, no diesels): 1975 VW Rabbit 2-door 4-speed manual 1979 VW Rabbit 2-door 4-speed manual 1980 Volvo 242DL 2-door, 4-cylinder, 4-speed manual (without overdrive) 1977 Chevy Impala 4-door, 305 cu. in. V8, 3-speed automatic 1980 Volvo 245DL wagon, 4-cylinder, 4-speed manual (plus overdrive) 1990 Mercury Sable GS 4-door, Vulcan V6, 4-speed automatic 1997 Toyota Camry LE 4-door 4-cylinder, 4-speed automatic 2005 Toyota Camry XLE 4-door 4-cylinder, 5-speed automatic

Now, it would be interesting if Tim Cain could tabulate all of these results, at least for currently owned cars.

I’m late to this string but I’m driving a 2010 Subaru Impreza Outback Sport with manual transmission. Fun and trouble-free so far. The new Crosstrek’s are interesting but not with that weak 2-liter engine. A torquey diesel or a 1.6-liter turbocharged gasoline engine with direct injection and, say,185 hp and 200 ft-lb of torque might get me back in the showroom.

Past: 2004, 2002 and 1997 Corolla. 2001 Prius, 2002 Hyundai Elantra GT. 89 Maxima, 89 Pontiac Bonneville, 95 Tercel and a 77 Buick Regal. My first car I learned to drive on (in 1993) was a 74 Buick Lesabre with a 7.5L engine. That car was amazingly quiet. A car I will never forget.

Mine: 2005 Mazda3 S hatch, 5 speed Hers: 2007 Toyota Prius Touring Oldest Daughter’s: 1998 Ford Escort SE, 5 speed Middle Daughter’s: 2003 Mazda Protege LX, Auto Toy: 1960 Thunderbird Convertible, 352 cid V8, Cruise-O-Matic Auto.

Past (most recent first) 2010 Saturn Outlook XR-L, FWD 1999 Honda Odyssey EX 1988 Dodge Grand Caravan, 3.0 V6, Auto 1988 Subaru Loyale Wagon, 5 speed (free newspaper delivery car) 1988 Chevy Celebrity, 2 door, 4 cyl. auto (beater) 1993 Ford Escort LX, 5 speed 1992 Saturn SL2, Auto 1988 Nissan Pulsar NX, SE, 5 speed 1988 Chevy Nova, 5 speed 1980 Chevy Monza, 2.5 Iron Duke, 4 speed 1976 Chevy Camaro, 250 ci straight 6, auto

A7, V70 R-Design, and 9-3 convertible are current trio, the rest are here, which should explain the screen name…

AUDI: ’86 5000S ’89 90 ‘90 200 Quattro ’90 V8 ’96 A4 2.8 Quattro ’00 A6 4.2 ’96 Cabriolet ’11 A5 ’12 A7

VOLKSWAGEN: ’78 Rabbit ’82 Jetta ’85 Jetta GLI ’90 Corrado ’91 GTI ’93 Corrado SLC ’98 New Beetle ’00 Jetta ’06 GLI ’09 Passat CC

Current: 2002 BMW 530i (5MT, Sport package, 61,000 miles). Great size, amazing ride/handling balance, easy on the eyes. Perfect.

2005 BMW X5 (5AT, 102,000 miles). Slow and thirsty, but good for New England winters. Built like a tank, and weighs about as much as one too.

Previous: 2009 Mazda RX-8. Razor-sharp handling, serious drinking problem, fragile. Surprisingly practical interior.

Current : 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan, Wife’s car and road tripper 124k miles. 1988 Chev Silverado stepside DD with 240k miles, bought new in Nov ’87

Some previous: ’54 Chev Bel Air, first car, power steering, power seats ’62 Chevy II convertible, powerglide ’64 Impala 283 with powerglide ’67 VW Fastback ’64 Buick Riviera ’65 Buick Skylark GS 401 cu. in. nail valve, 4 speed ’71 Buick Electra 225 455 cu. in. ’71 GMC 1/2 ton stepside, 3 speed on column ’78 Chevette 1.6 HO engine. all time worst car I’ve owned ’79 Ford Fairmont, 2.3 liter 4 cyl. with auto. 4 door with bucket seats, actually a pretty good car. Drove it 145k miles with no real problems. ’94 Dodge Caravan SportWagon 3.0 LITER V6 with tow pkg, handling pkg and Goodyear Eagles. Hands down, the most reliable and capable car I’ve owned. 232k miles and other than routine wear parts only replaced 1 rear wheel brake cylinder, starter motor and windshield wiper motor. That’s it. Great road car.

Regarding the earlier discussion on “455” on ’60’s era nail valves, I think the designation referred to torque. My GS had a “425” on the air cleaner and the Riv had a “445”. Pretty sure the biggest cu. in. size on the nail valves was 401 and 425.

I proudly drive a 2005 Mercury Grand Marquis. Bought it with 64,000 miles on it, and had to replace the transmission (mechanic tells me it was already on its second), intake manifold, cracked cylinder head, heater core, all sorts of other stuff. Now at 69,000, still doesn’t quite run right. I’ll give up on it if this tranny goes out, barring that this car should be stable.

That sounds like it saw some serious abuse. The 2005 does not have the all plastic manifold and fail safe cooling so it would take really trying to crack a head. Heater core going is also incredibly unusual as it needing a trans that soon. Many will go 3-400K without a problem though they fact that it was supposed replaced once doesn’t surprise me that it didn’t last since they are a lot of crappy transmission shops out there.

At 38, I’ve now owned (not counting those primarily driven by either of my beautiful wives) 15 trucks and 11 cars, 16 manuals to 10 autos, 10 V8s, 6 6cyls, 10 4cyls

Current: 1999 Accord LX 4cyl, 5-speed, 142K 1997 Silverado Z-71 xcab, 242K 1977 F250 2wd, 400, (1?)27K

Faves from the past: Any of the 4 Tacomas Either of the 2 Land Cruisers 2004 GTO 6-speed, only gone for a couple months now

2009 Toyota Tacoma. Just hit 70k worry-free miles and expect many, many more. 2014 Ford Mustang GT500. Hit 2k miles before Winter arrived. Smiles per gallon.

Previous: 2004 Miata (6MT) 2003 Jetta GLI (6MT-VR6) 1999 Jetta GLX (5MT-VR6) 1990 Jetta GL 1985 Chevy Nova (5MT)

Mileage on the highway is right on the nose with EPA ratings, while city ratings are a bit behind but might have to do with my impatience with the turbo lag. Approx. 40,000 kms (25,000 miles) with 0 issues. Love the looks inside and out, UConnect 8.4N, that exhaust note, and the balance of comfort/sportiness (although it is not fast in any way).

The chief complaint of the odd drivetrain is valid, however once you get used to it and understand how to make it work for you, it really is pleasing and dare I say fun!

Current: 2010 VW Sportwagen S 2.5L 5MT. I bought it CPO from a VW dealer and have owned it for 1.5 years and counting. It’s not as fast as the VR6 but it’s so solid, quiet, smooth and useful!

Previous: 1998 VW Jetta GLX VR6 5MT. Bought from a friend of a friend. I owned it for 8 years and had a good time making basic mods and reading the vortex. I added intake, chip, exhaust and suspension. It was always fun to drive and had a great sound! Unfortunately it was hit while parked and totaled.

1988 Subaru GL Wagon 5MT. Bought it from my grandparents. Owned it for 3 years. I loved the engageable AWD but I’m pretty sure the 1.8L engine only had 88hp. I gave it to my brother when I got my Jetta.

Current: DD – 2005 Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V 6-speed (purchased 2012) Project – 1988 Nissan 200SX SE V6 5-speed (DD 2001-2009)

Previous: 1996 Nissan 200SX SE-R 5-speed (owned 2009-2012) 1994 Dodge Dakota Sport V6 5-speed (owned 1999-2001) 1988 Honda Accord DX hatchback 5-speed (owned 1995-1999) 1982 Datsun 200SX hatchback 5-speed (owned 1993-1995)

gone: 2009 Subaru LegacyGT (meh…) 2003 Hyundai Elantra (wife) 2000 Suzuki DL1000 2000 Toyota Tacoma TRD 2000 Honda VFR800 2000 Nissan Maxima (4spd auto-tragic, sad face) 1996 Suzuki GSXR-750 1996 Kawasaki ZX-7R 1994 Honda CBR600 1990 Toyota Corolla (LE baby!!) 1990 Honda CBR600 1986? Suzuki DR250 1975? Honda CB125 (shoulda never sold it, ugh…)

I love driving this car. The gas mileage is disapointing because its geared low – making it even more fun to drive.

Past starting with first at 17 1978 Honda CB400 Hawk 1984 Honda CB700 NightHawk 1965 Plymouth Fury wagon – made convertible by a weekend sawzall rental 1986 Ford ranger – 5 speed – New 1992 Mazda MX3, 5 speed V6 – New 1976 Cadillac Coup DeVille 1979 KZ 400 1986 Jeep Cherokee 1998 Ducati Monster 750 – New 1994 Toyota Corrola Wagon, 5 speed 2002 PT Cruiser, 5 speed – New 1992 Saturn SC – 5 speed 1994 Pontiac Bonneville 1965 Dodge Dart wagon, 4 speed

That is not counting cars bought with/for wife (we have been together for 25 years now) We have had 5 minivans so far and a few econo boxes.

2014 Honda Odyssey EX (Nicknamed the Lear Jet as trying to figure out the dual touch screen functions is dangerous at speed without a copilot) 2001 Honda CR-V LX (My 70k mile daily driver)

What has brought me to such boring/sensible transportation? I won’t bore everyone with the list this late in the game, but suffice to say there were some cars which only functioned as transporation occasionally.

“Regular” cars: 2001 Saab 9-3 – Daily commuter 2015 Nissan Leaf – Wife’s daily commuter 2000 Chrysler Grand Voyager – family truckster 2001 Volkswagen New Beetle Turbo – nice day cruiser 2003 Subaru Baja – Wife’s sloppy weather ride

Previously owned: Several Subaru convertibles, a few more Metros, a Subaru Justy, a Sterling, two Daihatsus and a couple of Merkurs.

My wife has a 2007 Versa SL. It is hands down the most boring car I’ve ever driven in my life. Great little car – reliable, efficient, roomy, quiet as long as you’re not full throttle, comfortable. But the driving experience makes a Camry feel like a Carrera! It’s so uninvolving that it’s more exciting from the back seat.

My wife has less interest in cars than Elton John has in the SI Swimsuit edition, so it’s the perfect car for her.

’08 Corolla with 5-speed stick, which I ordinarily drive. It’s as much car as I need and no more. It’s being given a trailer hitch for Christmas, as I just sold off our minivan and need more utility. I did get the Christmas tree home in it, though, flipping the rear seat down and sliding it through the trunk. But a light trailer will make chores like that easier.

’12 Prius, which my wife ordinarily drives but I drive it on all trips. I love the tech in the drivetrain. It’s boring to drive but so what? Anything is boring to drive after 1000 miles of interstate. Cheap to operate, very good utility, exceptional cruising range and comfy for tall people.

For those keeping score at home… I’ve included my wife’s cars too because technically I “owed” them, sort of. I tend to buy used and keep my vehicles around for awhile.

Past:  1983 Ford Mustang GLX – my first car stolen within 8 months, didn’t miss it at all, inline 6 = not fast, boring. 1985 Honda Civic S (1500) Hatchback – loved it, drove to over 160K miles, wish I still had it! 1988 Chevy Caviler – wife’s first car (only dating at the time), major POS, wrecked 1993 Honda Civic EX Sedan – wife’s second car, never a problem, good mileage and handling, just weak torque, 1989 Honda Prelude Si – best handling car I ever owned, awesome dash and seats, low on torque and weak brakes however 1996 Iszuz Rodeo – big mistake, sold within 9 months, lesson learned: SUVs suck! bad mileage and ill handling, not much room behind the seats either 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS-T – leased this one, very quick turbo, loved the woosh from the boosted engine, leather was 2nd rate stuff, started blowing blue smoke glad the lease ran out 1996 Ford Ranger Splash Extra Cab – bought to tow my boat but the V6 couldn’t hack it, kept breaking down 2000 VW Passat 1.8T – wife’s third car, nice when new then fell apart… literally, pieces of the interior & exterior just dropped off! Window regulators, nuff said.

Current: 2002 Dodge Dakota Quad Cab V8 – my current truck, pushing 100K miles and runs (and looks) like new, no complaints 2008 Volvo C30 – wife’s daily driver, sexy and sporty but very European, perfect grocery getter 2003 Nissan 350Z – my current car, throaty engine, tons of grip (unless its raining), modern remake of the classic Z car… just a touch heavy, very weak brakes, roughish ride, already ate one transmission due to lack of decent synchros. Sees track time but also daily driver.

2014 Audi S4 with the DSG 2013 Nissan Juke NISMO FWD with the manual 2003 GMC Yukon Denali… For Tahoe trips. It’s the dog’s car

Past: 2006 VW GTI with the DSG 2005 Mitsubishi Lancer ES with the manual (a reliable but very dated penalty box) 1994 Saturn SW2 (say what you will… The utility and miles and years I got out of that wagon were amazing, especially for a mid-90s GM vehicle)

2002 Honda Accord SE- Also an auto wifes ride (though i also drove it while the saab was in the shop) multiple transmission issues, currently sitting in Norway (where my wife lives for the time being) Will soon be sold to a Polish man who will ship to Poland

2007 Mitsubishi Lancer Wagon – My wifes DD in Norway, inherited from her father, a real POS, its boring as hell and proves that the Japanese cant make anything good anymore

2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid CVT – Just got it, its pretty Nice for a domestic, i love the way it drives

1995 Saab 900 S – my wifes runabout, auto, drove it until it broke down on the highway at 190000 miles

1997 Saab 900 SE – Great car i LOVED it,kids loved it when they were younger, unfortuately hit a light pole and wrote it off

2001 Honda Odyssey – Auto, Family truckster, first POS Honda that ive owned, transmission replaced 3 times, lasted only to 195000 miles before engine failure

2001 Saab 9-3 – Died recently at 230000 miles, POS in terms of repairs, i swore already in 2007 never to buy another saab again because it never worked and always needed some fix

2002 Honda Accord EXL – Auto, bought New by my mother but inherited not long afterward, turned into wifes ride at one point. Sold not long before wife moved to Norway in 2011 its still going strong in the hand of my friends

Current: 2008 BMW M5 6 spd 2007 Lotus Elise Supercharged 2008 Subaru STi 2004 BMW 325i 5 spd (wife’s DD)

Past: 2004 Mazda RX-8 6 spd 1995 Dodge Neon 5 spd 1984 Ford Bronco 1993 Plymouth Laser 1.8L 1991 Eagle Talon 2.0T FWD 1990 Eagle Talon 2.0T AWD

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