Around half of the US lamps market will no longer be forced to an SSL transition with new energy policy announced by Trump’s DOE.

The US Environmental Protection Agency has added Energy Star provisions for SSL products that include USB charging ports and for emergency-oriented products with integrated batteries, and expanded luminaire coverage.

From packaged LEDs to light engines to luminaires, better light quality was the clear trend at LightFair International, reports MAURY WRIGHT, and the march toward connected lighting and numerous specialty applications remains a strong backup story.

MAURY WRIGHT visited the Hendersonville, NC facility of Current for two days of presentations on outdoor lighting and smart cities, and reports on insight gained in the company’s approach to product development, manufacturing, and logistics.

Sapphire Awards entries are now open. Consider the message you're sending to the judges with your impact statement or essay on your innovations.

The question of the day is what exactly defines innovation as we move into the realms of quality of light and experience.

German museums are trialing LED lighting based on Nichia’s Optisolis technology while Osram Opto has announced a new high-power LED for portable work lamps.

CEO Eric Rondolat says the company is reversing an outsourcing trend, bringing manufacturing more in house. He hopes the Klite acquisition improves control of costs, supply, and intellectual property.

The July/August issue of LEDs Magazine reflects some of the latest industry topics we’ve covered across the site and blog.

Not that the ex-GE company is forsaking the IoT, but there’s more back-to-the-future than ever under the new industrial-focused owners. Have a look at the revised mission statement.

The historic Temple de Lutry near Lake Geneva dates to the 11th century yet now features a state-of-the-art SSL installation with Casambi wireless technology.

Could simplified lighting offerings promote “tunable SSL for all” within the consumer base comfort zone?

Taking time to consider the event after a show closes means we concentrate more fully on what’s really significant or innovative outside of the big picture.

100w Led Corn Garden Light

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