David Cameron’s son Ivan, who died aged six, was born with a neurological disorder that left him in need of round-the-clock care. In an exclusive extract from his new book, the former prime minister writes about its devastating impact

You’re the first, the last, my everything . . .” The lyrics of the Barry White song boomed across the operating theatre from a radio. I’d always been a fan of his music, but I was concerned that it was too loud, and the team of doctors and nurses hovering over Samantha wouldn’t be able to concentrate.

I needn’t have worried. Everything went smoothly. And within minutes I was holding our first-born son, Ivan.

It was April 8, 2002, and we were in Queen Charlotte’s Hospital in west London. Samantha was having an emergency caesarean, because when her contractions started it turned out that Ivan was “feet first”. In other words, he was the wrong way round in the womb, or what they call an…

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